Santa Cruz Shredder: How Well do You Know It?

santa cruz shredder

The Santa Cruz Shredder arose with the need to chop tobacco or hemp leaves. They are made up of two hollow parts, which when fitted together, leave a cavity inside where we put the tobacco, spices, or marijuana and chop it up.

The best tool to crush marijuana buds and thus prevent the resin from getting impregnated in our hands, scissors or graters that we use to chop marijuana, is the grinder since in this way we would lose a lot of THC. There are many different varieties of good quality grinders, of which we will discuss mostly the Santa Cruz Shredder, which many claims is the best.


  • The grinder, chopper, or shredder is the device used to chop or grind marijuana leaves and flowers evenly. It is mainly made up of two hollow parts with spikes, which when fitted together, leave a cavity inside where we put the marijuana.
  • There are many types of grinders. They are distinguished by the material from which they are made, size and the number of chambers that will later facilitate the extraction of pollen, and the mechanisms used to chop the weed.

Is the Santa Cruz Shredder the best grinders on the market?

In this section, I will tell you which are the best grinders that you can find on the market. In addition to the Santa Cruz shredder, I will also mention some other products worthy of note. I want the choice you make to be the most beneficial for you. 

In addition, you can choose between products with different chambers, materials, and chopper mechanisms depending on your preferences.

Santa Cruz Shredder Metal Herb Grinder 2-piece medium

Special and unique design for perfect grinding. This bluish Santa Cruz shredder is a small grinder ideal for our shredding needs. The Santa Cruz shredder or grinders are proudly made in the state of California. Its unique tooth pattern delivers fluffy and even grind.

Being an ultrasonically cleansed anodized aluminum the grinder will last a long period of time. This is a 2 Piece Large grinder, that is a combination of two top and bottom pierces. No storage or collecting chamber

Editorial evaluation: It Grinds fine. The grinder is made of very good material and precision. In addition, the second phase is where the first chopped falls and the dust is filtered through a grid to the final phase. Orders confirmed from Santa Cruz Official Store are covered under a lifetime manufacture defect warranty.

Santa Cruz Shredder Herb Grinder 3 Piece Medium

This is a 3-piece medium tool. The multilayer design of the grinder shifter allows you to grind and store your herbs. Being a medical-grade, ultrasonically cleansed anodized aluminum, it is great for medical patients.

This amazing spice and tobacco grinder features improved hand and finger grip. Its material, design, and resistance make this product the best value for money.

The quality and finish of this Santa Cruz Shredder is surprising. I have had several similar styles and they were much more expensive. None seems to me to have the quality of this product. Good touch, the paint is Rastafarian. It has fallen on the floor several times and it does not spoil.

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Manual Crank Grinder

Dcou Hand Crank Premium Mill Unbreakable CNC Aluminium Metal Grinder
Dcou Hand Crank Premium Mill Unbreakable CNC Aluminium Metal Grinder

Grind your herbs and spices effortlessly. This grinder is made from a full piece of premium aluminum cut with lasers, ensuring an ultra-fine and perfect grind. The crank will save you time due to its ease of use. Just rotate the lid a couple of times and you’re good to go.

Editorial evaluation: Works perfectly and with very little effort. There are hardly any leftovers in the grinder after cutting.

What you should know about the Santa Cruz Shredder

By shredding the marijuana we get it to spread evenly. Now… a joint shredded by hand and another with a good quality grinder, you will see that this one has much more flavor and is better distributed. However, the other will be heterogeneous and we will have lost resin on our hands.

The world of hemp grinding is growing. We have bongs, puff bars, and vapes. It started from the first of two 2 parts to the latest developments such as electric grinders that break up the grass by pressing a button or that you press a button and empty what is left between the spikes so that you do not have to tap your grass out.

take advantage of the weed with smaller pieces

What is a grinder?

It is a small tool (usually pocket-sized) with which we grind our marijuana. It is made up of a minimum of two separable parts made up of teeth of different shapes, and each of them gives us a different grind. And although their best-known function is to crush buds, they are also used for spices and aromatic herbs in the kitchen.

In addition, there are all kinds of grinders: with different materials, shapes, colors, parts… Therefore, it is normal that you find it difficult to decide on the most appropriate one for you. That is why we have discussed the Santa Cruz shredder. We will tell you what you have to take into account when looking for your perfect marijuana grinder.

Grinder, chopper, polisher, or shredder?

We find grinders in countless countries and in each of them they end up giving it a different name. Hence there are these and more names that we are surely overlooking.

However, a polisher or a shredder are tools or machines used in the service sector and in factories, respectively, to cut or grind. Therefore, calling our grinder by these names will lead to confusion.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the shredder?

Hands, scissors, knives, mortar, cheese grater, etc. They are ways to chop the weed when we don’t have our chopper. These methods are effective because they fulfill the most basic function, which is to have the spice chopped. But… What about this?

We must bear in mind that a flower is somewhat delicate, we have also left it to dry and cure, composed of trichomes. Trichomes are the plant’s source of resin and cannabinoids. The greater the presence of trichomes, the greater the quality of our marijuana. Therefore, we do not want to waste any of our buds.


  • Easier to consume
  • More fluid and homogeneous consumption
  • more hygienic
  • Prevents trichome damage
  • resistant
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  • It takes out a little chunk from our savings to buy
  • It occupies space in our pocket

How is the Santa Cruz Shredder used?

  1. Open the shredder. You will access the grinder chamber where you can put the buds. With your fingers, chop the bud and put it on the tines. Make sure there is nothing in the center of the magnet that is usually used. If not, not everything poured will be crushed.
  2. Close the lid and crumble the bud. Place our bud and close the lid. Press making sure the two halves are well together. Twist the cap about 8-12 times in one direction applying a little pressure. The number of turns you want to give it will depend on how much you want to shred. This is something more personal. Give it a few taps on the sides and top of the grinder a couple of times, during and after turns, to make sure all the material is ground up well.
  3. Uncover and enjoy your weed. Once everything has been chopped, uncover your chopper and tap it on the sides and top to make sure that all the material is well ground. Drop it on a piece of paper or on a flat table to be able to handle it well and it’s time to roll a joint and enjoy.

What types of grinders are there?

As we said before, there are many types. According to the parts, the material, the pollinator, its mechanism, or its form. They all have something in common. Chop the weed respecting the product as much as possible. What does change is the way you want to smoke it.

The grinder, or chopper, is the device used to chop or grind the marijuana

Now, the type of grinder is something more personal. They can be cylindrical, square, spherical, personalized, made of different materials, etc. So not only carry it functionally, but we can also show off our fantastic grinder for its design.

How to clean the grinder?

One of the most important things when using the Santa Cruz shredder for marijuana is to take into account its hygiene. Keeping it clean by avoiding crushing stems and seeds is a way of conserving and avoiding small combustions that are bad for our health.

Another important point is cleanliness. The cannabis resin is very sticky and adheres when squeezed. Then, we accumulate resin in the chopper’s tines and chambers. This makes its operation begin to suffer, costing more to turn or close properly.

For this, there are several techniques that can help you clean your grinder :

  • Freezing the grinder before cleaning can help loosen some of those tougher resin spots.
  • Use a small, fine toothbrush.
  • Soak the grinder in rubbing alcohol, salt, and warm water for a few minutes before wiping to soften it up. This measure is usually very effective if the previous one has not worked for us.

What are the alternatives to the Santa Cruz Shredder?

Our recommendation, preserving the quality of the bud and without waste, is to use grinding cards. The grinding cards are used in the same way as a bread grater, achieving a comfortable chopping, easy to clean and transport. It is a cheaper product than a traditional grinder.


If you have come this far, I am sure that you have understood how a Santa Cruz Shredder works. To use this chopper, we just have to turn the grinder to grind our bud. It’s easy, for the laziest but more expensive. 

Its mechanism is like the spice grinder in our house. We turn the crank at the top and we will completely undo the buds. It is an essential accessory for the consumption of marijuana.

Among its benefits, they produce a smoother smoke, marijuana is easier to transport, and is more hygienic.

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