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Rick and Morty Bong: Although marijuana trafficking is illegal, planting it for personal consumption is not in some cities. But to enjoy an unrepeatable experience, it is not enough to have access to the best grass in the world. The bong is a key element to consider.

As with any other product, it’s not enough to just buy the first cheap bong you come across. Absolutely. Smoking is an art, and if you’re going to do it with a bong, make sure it’s a quality one. If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, because that’s why you’re reading these lines. Next, we take you into the world of the best bongs on the market, with a focus on Rick and Morty Bong.


  • Bongs for smoking marijuana, tobacco, or other substances are great for those just starting out, as they filter the smoke, which softens the flavor. In addition, they allow much better management of the amount consumed.
  • Although there are many types of bongs (ceramic, bamboo, silicone, and plastic, among others), the most used are acrylic bongs and glass bongsWe compare their features for you.
  • The shape and volume offered by the bong are essential to achieve one or another consumption experience. We review these aspects, as well as other important purchase criteria, at the end of the content.

Rick and Morty Bong: our favorites

Rick and Morty 25cm Glass Bong

While you may have thought about quitting more than once, which is not a bad thing, just know that smoking from time to time offers countless benefits. Not surprisingly, it is used as a therapeutic tool in several countries, just as it is already legal for recreational use in economic powers such as Canada. But which bongs to smoke it with? This becomes a necessary question.

The Rick & Morty Bong features some awesome hand-painted designs from the popular Adult Cartoon “Rick & Morty”.

What designs are available?

You’ll be delighted to know, that you can purchase the entire family. These would look great on the shelf

  • Rick
  • Morty
  • Summer
  • Gerry
  • Beth

Find your favorite Rick and Morty gear all in one place!

Buying guide: what you should know about Rick and Morty bong and other bongs

How to smoke with a bong? What benefits can the experience bring me? These and other questions may overwhelm you if you are beginning to explore the benefits of marijuana and hookahs. But don’t worry, Below, we collect the most frequently asked questions about bongs for smoking marijuana, tobacco, and other substances.

Parts of a bong

Diagram of a bong in operation
Diagram of a bong

Just as with Rick and Morty Bong, the main function of the bong is to filter the smoke of the inhaled substance. Before reaching you, it passes through water (in some cases ice). This makes the experience fresher. It is an ideal method for those who are starting. But what are the parts of a bong? Next, we review each of the parts of a bong so that you understand it better:

  • Bowl: In a bong, the bowl is the part where what you are going to smoke is located. In some cases, this element can be made of a special material (usually steel or copper).
  • Stem: How does the bowl connect to the bong? Well, with the stem. It is a tube that joins the bowl and base of the bong. The stem is largely submerged at the base, thus coming into contact with the water.
  • Base: Logically, this is the inside of the bong that serves as the pillar of the contraption. It is usually wide because it is where the water is deposited. A typical image of a bong base is bubbling smoke.
  • Camera: This element does not hide too much mystery. This is the conduit that carries the smoke from the base to the mouthpiece and then to your mouth.
  • Mouthpiece: Before reaching your mouth, the smoke passes through the mouthpiece. We speak of a mouthpiece when we refer to the top opening of the bong. In this, you have to put your mouth to enjoy the substance by inhaling the smoke.
  • Carburetor: Some bongs include a carb, mainly the glass ones. It is usually removable. These are small holes above the level of the water. They serve to manage the smoke in the chamber.
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Types of bongs: Acrylic bongs and glass bongs

Although today bongs can be made from almost any material ( bamboo bongs are available ), the most common options are acrylic bongs and glass bongs. A priori, there is no better bong than another. It all depends on the quality of the product and, above all, on your needs. The Rick and Morty bong product is one that comes in handy.

Advantages of smoking with Rick and Morty bong

girls taking bongs

What are all those pipes and those quirky designs with marijuana motifs, Rastafarians everywhere? Obviously, it’s marketing. But other than that, the product works great and provides a superior experience. Do you want to know its advantages? We present them below:


  • Potential reduction of long-term effects
  • Water-filtered smoke helps remove toxic components
  • Flavor textures are increased
  • Very easy to use and clean
  • Economical and durable
  • Allows better control of the amount smoked
  • The experience is purer

How to prepare a bong to smoke with it

Using a bong to smoke can be an enjoyable experience, but you have to know how to do it. Obviously, no one is born learned and, as much as we explain to you, only time and regular use of the bong will make you a true master. But for starters, it’s not a bad idea to talk about how to prepare a bong for smoking with it. Take note!

  1. Fill your bong with water: In order to use the bong to smoke marijuana or tobacco, you need to fill it with water first. It is very simple. The stem should be partially submerged in it (approximately between 3 and 7 cm of it, it also depends on the size of the bong ). You can use other liquids such as tea or fruit juices to give a different flavor to the puffs.
  2. Fill the bowl: You can have the stem already placed in the bong or not, you choose. It is advisable to crumble the bud. You can also use a filter. In case you have loaded the bowl without the stem in place, do not forget to put it in before you start smoking.
  3. Start by lighting the bud: When you have done this, take the bong and place your mouth on the mouthpiece. Prepare to inhale. Be careful when lighting the herb, you should not burn the bowl more than necessary.
  4. Generate smoke and fill the bong: While you’re doing the previous section, inhale so that the chamber accumulates smoke. If your bong has a carb, like seen in the Rick and Morty bong, cap it while you do this. When you have generated the smoke you want, the hit will be imminent. Be prepared.
  5. Empty the bong: Do you already have the smoke you want? Empty the chamber by inhaling and releasing the carburetor. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to remove the stem. If there is still smoke in the chamber after your first puff, don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world, take another shot!

Purchase Criteria

Now that you know better about the Rick and Morty bong, surely you are already convinced to buy it or another. Logically, as with any other product, the purchase must be intelligent. What do we mean by smart shopping? To opt for a product that really suits you. To do this, you can equip yourself with the following purchase criteria:


Broadly speaking, we can talk about three types of bongs in terms of shape: with a hole or carburetor, with a straight tube, and bongs with a round base. The carburetor is more of an additional issue than a form issue. Although it is usually present in ceramic or glass bongs, it can also be included in others. But let’s look at these three features in a little more detail:

  • Carburetor: We have already mentioned it before. These are holes that allow smoke to be accumulated or released depending on whether or not you cover them with, for example, your thumb. Apart from releasing smoke, they serve to hurry it up as much as possible by mixing it with fresh air.
  • Straight tube: Long as a spike, they have a simple design. They are like a conical tube. Some smokers like bongs with straight tubes, but very long ones. The reason? They defend that the smoke takes longer to inhale, so it reaches the smoker’s cooler.
  • Round base: Although they look like laboratory utensils, they are not. The operation is the same as that of the straight tube bong. The only difference is stability because having a wide base they hold is better supported and without the need to be held.
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Size is closely linked to capacity. As with the Rick and Morty bong and round bottom bongs, they generally offer a high capacity due to their type of bottom. However, they can be more difficult to manage, especially if you are only going to smoke. Many smokers look at the chamber tube. Some prefer it long (fresher smoke) and others short (more intense puffs).

The quantum of volume:

  • Below 500 ml, we are talking about a small bong intended for people who smoke alone or who are just starting out.
  • The standard size is between 500 and 1000 ml (with an average of 750 ml).
  • For experienced users or those who are going to smoke in a group, bongs of more than 1000 or 2000 ml are recommended.

Number of chambers

Although for someone starting out one chamber is more than enough, there are bongs with two or more chambers. Just like with the Rick and Morty bong and other good bongs that we have collected in our list are generally single-chambered. 

  • Multiple filtering translates into fewer toxic agents.
  • Much smoother taste. The more chambers the smoke has to go through, the weaker it will reach the smoker, so the puffs will be less harsh.
  • If ice or very cold water is used in the puff bar, the result is superior freshness.


Logically, you will look for a bong that is easy to maintain. They are generally easy to clean. However, be aware of the material. For example, plastic ones are porous. The ceramic ones, not so much, but they are more fragile. The glass ones are also fragile, but it is true that they are not so porous. Cleaning the Rick and Morty bong is easy, but value the time you have:

  • When you’re done smoking, prevent mold from appearing by removing the water. For dirt, rinse the bong with hot water and dry it well. You can use kitchen paper or a clean, dry cloth.
  • For areas where dirt or resin accumulates, if you cannot remove them with a routine pass, try some alcohol. Alcohol wipes are very helpful. Of course, after eliminating the problem, rinse the bong again with hot water and dry it thoroughly.
  • Obviously, it is good to disassemble the parts to wash them one by one. It won’t take you too long, so it’s best not to be vague. Please note that it is a smoking device. Doing this while dirty isn’t very smart, as the dirt will be inhaled by you. Nasty, right?


Smoking marijuana is becoming more and more socially accepted. Like any other substance, it should be consumed in moderation. If you are responsible, you will know how to get its multiple benefits. 

In this sense, the smoking bong can help you enjoy a better experience. Especially if you are a beginner since it makes the puffs something smoother and more controllable.

But to buy a cheap high-end bong, as well as to learn how to use it, you have to fully understand the different possibilities that are offered. You need to explore sizes and shapes, but also the elements that make up the bongs, such as the chambers, the carb, and the base. If you review this content, you can safely enter the world of cannabinoids.

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