Sleeping with Rings: 3 Bits of Advice You Should Follow

wearing rings to bed

Let’s be honest: we’ve all gone to bed with jewelry, quite often. Sometimes it just happens, and you don’t even think about taking the jewelry off, often because the jewelry feels so comfortable and feels like a part of you.

But is wearing jewelry in bed safe? What about your wedding or engagement ring that fits in tight like a glove?

Can you wear rings or jewelry to bed?

Think about it: you’re human and your senses are always on high alert, which means that if the jewelry you’re wearing causes any kind of painful reaction, you’ll stop wearing it in a second.

So the only reason you don’t hesitate to go to bed with your jewelry on is because of the comfort it provides and its non-responsiveness, right? Yes, going to bed with your rings, necklace, earcuffs or earring on is fine, as long as you keep them clean and the jewelry material doesn’t cause irritation. To answer your question, yes you can wear rings to bed.

Note, however, that the main reason why it is not recommended to wear jewelry in bed is that wearing this ring all day and night can damage the jewelry.

Your health may not suffer, but after a while, that expensive rings may look old and dull all too soon after you buy them. In most cases, sleeping and showering with jewelry affect the appearance and, in some cases, the structural integrity of the ring.

Is it wrong to sleep with a ring on?

No, it’s not dangerous. The only time you should avoid wearing jewelry in bed is when the jewelry causes allergies. In this case, prolonged exposure would exacerbate the symptoms of the reaction, and you will begin to itch, and the irritated skin will appear scaly, dry, or even scaly. In the worst case, you may struggle with blisters or rashes.

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To find out if the ring is something you can comfortably wear at all times, even in bed, ask yourself what it is made of.

You also need to think about tarnishing. One of the reasons it would be a great idea to invest in tarnish-free rings is that if it tarnishes and turns black or green, you will see the green or black tarnish on your skin. And no one wants that.

Sweating is the other issue you need to consider when it comes to wearing and sleeping with your jewelry on. Sweating causes a reaction between your skin and the jewelry, and it can also interact with medications. 

So if you sweat a lot, especially at night, and you are worried that there is some irritation. Therefore, sleeping with your rings, earrings, or necklace on might not be the best idea.

How to avoid adverse skin reactions or tarnishing of the ring?

But why go to so much trouble when you can know right away if the ring you’re wearing will irritate you or not? All you have to do is perform a patch test which will let you know if you react to copper, nickel, or any other metal.

For your engagement ring, you can wear it all the time and even sleep with it, as long as you keep it clean. Regular cleaning is important as the buildup of oils, dirt and bacteria will affect your skin, as well as the ring.

Is it bad to sleep with your engagement ring on?

If your engagement ring has one of the most significant stones imaginable, you shouldn’t sleep with it. Plus, your engagement ring is probably one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry you’ll ever own, and it’s worth taking care of – take it off before bed. One of the main issues is that the ring can get caught in your hair or your sheets and this can loosen the setting of the ring.

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Is it bad to sleep with your wedding ring on?

Again, it’s not a bad thing to sleep with your wedding ring on, but there are times when the best thing to do is not to sleep with the wedding ring on. And this applies especially to women.

We are talking about the fact that most wedding rings for women come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. If your ring is simple and unadorned, you can sleep with it. However, if the ring looks large and is embellished with stones or cut in different shapes, then you really shouldn’t think of sleeping in it. 

The associated risk is too high – a ring that gets caught in the hair is not our idea of ​​rest; this is not your case either. And if the ring feels tight or too tight when you wear it, it might be a good idea to take it off because your fingers may swell up overnight.

Similarly, an engagement ring with a large stone may damage your sheets or sting/scratch your partner.

Tips and advice to protect your rings while you sleep

Keep it clean and take it off before jumping in the shower.
Remove the ring if it is adorned with gemstones to prevent claw wear.
Regularly check the crimp and prongs.


Whether you sleep with your ring on or not is a personal choice, some people are more attached to their ring than others.

However, in many cases, it is advisable to remove the ring before going to bed – if you are allergic to metal, if it has precious stones set on the prongs, and if you want to have an intimate experience with your partner, and you are worried that the ring will scratch it.

Also, remove it if it is uncomfortable due to swelling. But if the ring doesn’t bother you and it’s comfortable, you don’t need to take it off. But keep it clean.


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