Which Factor is Important While Brainstorming?

Which Factor is Important While Brainstorming

This article will aim to give insight and answer which factor is important while brainstorming. Brainstorming is a creative technique devised in 1939. It is about generating content ideas from the interaction between the members of a work team. 

Here’s a guide to brainstorming effectively. And, also, the best tips to carry it forward. 

Brainstorming: definition

Brainstorming has been a method widely used in the advertising sector for years. It is defined as a group creative technique. Its main objective is the generation of ideas about a specific problem.

According to statistics, the interaction between the members of a group generates ideas that could not be achieved individually. This is because brainstorming combines a relaxed approach with lateral thinking.

Brainstorming works as an incentive to encourage people to generate thoughts that might seem absurd at first. Some of these ideas may become creative solutions. Or, also, lead to other ideas. 

So, Which Factor is Important While Brainstorming?

The teamwork technique is a great solution for overcoming creative blocks. It is a relaxed environment where there is no room for judgment or error. For this reason, the team members feel confident enough to express themselves and give free rein to their imagination.

How to brainstorm effectively!

Why is brainstorming important

Brainstorming is not a rigid method. It is a technique that adapts to the characteristics and needs of each work team. Similarly, you need to identify Which Factor is Important While Brainstorming for your team and set ground rules for a successful session. 

In principle, it is essential that the space be free of criticism and judgment. This rule is one of the most difficult to carry out since we generally tend to be analytical and practical. However, this technique aims at free thinking, without evaluation. 

Second, it is important to understand that the more ideas there are, the better. We are generally used to doing more with less. However, this work technique is based on producing as many ideas as possible. In this way, they can then be combined, filtered, and given depth. 

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At this stage, it is important to understand that no idea is final or closed. Ideas are generated from the multiplier effect that happens between the members of a team. In this way, participants can suggest improvements or combine their ideas with those of other members. 

Is it convenient to brainstorm?

In campaign marketing strategies, creativity is always being sought after. Therefore, the brainstorming technique is ideal for this type of creative search. This is so because it encourages the generation of unusual ideas.

Brainstorming is confirmation that anyone can be creative. It’s about getting out of your comfort zone. And, also, to find Which Factor is Important While Brainstorming and the type of brainstorming that fits with the particular characteristics of your work team. 

Understanding how to brainstorm makes it easy to: 

  • Consider all the possibilities. 
  • Foster collaboration.
  • Avoid creative burnout. 
  • Gather outside perspectives. 
  • Build many ideas in a short amount of time.
  • Drive creativity and innovation.

Brainstorming rules as written by Lucidchart

1. Focus on quantity

You’ve likely heard the phrase “quality over quantity,” but when it comes to brainstorming, the exact opposite is true. The more ideas, the merrier.

Rather than trying to think of one grand idea, work toward quantity to come up with as many ideas as possible. This method will give you more options to choose from and can inspire others to think of new ideas. Not every idea is going to be great, but one bad idea may lead to several good ones. 

In the end, the more ideas shared, the more likely it is that there will be more useful ideas to work from. 

2. Withhold criticism

Negativity has no place in a brainstorming session. No one idea is better than another and criticizing ideas limits how many ideas are shared directly contesting Osborn’s first rule of quantity over quality. 

Removing criticism from the equation creates an environment to freely share thoughts and ideas without fear of judgment for it being considered “wrong” or “stupid.” 

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When people no longer fear criticism, they are more likely to not only share more ideas but share fun and ridiculous ideas. Unusual ideas are key to brainstorming and need to be heard. 

3. Welcome unusual ideas

Encourage every idea to be expressed, no matter how bizarre. Unique, unusual, and even eccentric ideas, while not always feasible, can spark innovative solutions that you haven’t thought of previously. 

Welcoming unconventionality to a brainstorming session promotes an open space for creativity, and adds to the number of ideas shared. 

“It is easier to tone down a wild idea than to think up a new one.” —Alex Osborn 

4. Combine and improve ideas

Build on ideas. Obviously, your team won’t be able to accomplish every idea, but you can use those for inspiration.

Combine concepts to create new solutions. Evaluate each idea to determine which are feasible, innovative, and best suited to accomplish your goal. Piggyback on those ideas, and suggest improvements or similar alternatives. No one idea is infallible. Even if it isn’t your original idea, that doesn’t mean that you can’t help make it better. 

Say you and your team are brainstorming ways to help users onboard with your product more efficiently. One idea shared is to add tips and tools to the product dashboard. That idea gives someone else the idea to create a conversational wizard that walks users through the product. 

Building on the ideas shared will help find the best solution to the goal or problem.


All companies need to stimulate the creativity and innovation of their work teams. Brainstorming can work as a technique to start any creative process. Both in the case of a large company as well as a small business. 

Brainstorming also favors personal relationships between members of a work team. Being in a comfortable place where neither judgment nor shame takes place, the participants feel more relaxed and motivated to establish personal relationships outside the strictly work environment. 

So far we have tried to answer which factor is important while brainstorming. We hope you found it useful. From Thegrandly, we want to give you the best Digital Marketing tools to favor the generation of original content. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you. 

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