Earmuffs: UGG Earmuffs & The Brands You Should be Using


Today we need earmuffs for different times of the day and different circumstances. Mainly, ear muffs are a product that helps people protect their ears, both from cold and noise. Although we can also put ear muffs on our pets, be it our dogs or horses.

Ear muffs help you prevent different medical issues such as lack of sleep, hypertension, and headaches, among others. All caused by noise. On the other hand, it avoids ear infections due to the cold or insects in the case of our pets. If you want to know more about the different types and what to consider about earmuffs to meet your needs, keep reading!


  • Ear muffs are a product whose purpose is to protect the user from cold and/or strong external noise.
  • The use of this product is recommended for both purposes (against cold and noise), although it is not recommended to use them in crochet, since their material diminishes the function of the earmuffs.
  • Taking into account criteria such as protection, functionality, and design quality can help us make a correct selection of the ear muffs that best suit our needs.

Best earmuffs on the market: Our recommendations

Below, you will find a list that we have prepared with the best earmuffs on the market. This will help you find the ear muffs that best suit you and your needs. In addition, it will be easier for you to select, since they vary according to their functionality and the needs of each one.

UGG Earmuffs

These warmer earmuffs are100% Polyester sherpa and provide the perfect warmth for cold weather. They are very soft and comfortable and protect the ears from low temperatures and wind.

The ugg earmuffs are ideal ear muffs for outdoor activities. From a simple shopping trip to tours in the snow. They fit most women and are very lightweight. In addition, they are breathable, durable, and easy to wash.

Editorial evaluation:  The ugg earmuffs stand out for being comfortable, warm, and soft. They are very versatile and fit all kinds of activities. In addition, they are breathable and suitable for men and women. You can see more on their official site.

Best earmuffs for kids and girls

hello kitty earmuffs
Hello Kitty cartoon girl ear muffs children cute winter thickened little girl baby warm adjusting ear muffs

These hello kitty earmuffs for girls and kids are made of imitation leather made of 100% polyester. They feature sequin fringes and add a fun touch of glamor for little ones.

The ear muffs stay securely and comfortably in place. They adapt to different head sizes and are recommended for kids 3+ years old. Being padded, they keep your ears warm and comfortable. They are ideal for daily use, playing in the snow, skiing, traveling, or going to school.

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Editorial evaluation:  These are very cute and flirty earmuffs for girls to wear. Its attractive design is combined with its secure fit on the head. In addition, they are padded and warm.

Chanel Earmuffs

These black earmuffs are made from a combination of cashmere (80%) and polyester (20%). They feature a fine, comfortable, and very soft fabric, which provides long-lasting warmth and good heat retention. They are ideal for running, walking in cold weather, and outdoor activities.

It is skin-friendly and has elastic ear muffs. They feature a lightweight, easily foldable design for easy storage in a jacket, coat, or jean pocket. They also incorporate high-elastic steel to make them durable and adjustable for men and women of any age. On the other hand, they do not affect the use of headphones and can be worn with glasses, helmets, or hats.

Editorial evaluation:  These Chanel earmuffs stand out for their construction in cashmere and polyester, a combination that results in a fine, comfortable, and soft fabric. In addition, they are elastic, light, and foldable.

What you should know about earmuffs

If you are thinking of buying ear muffs, whether they are for the cold or to avoid noise, it is recommended that you take into account the different aspects and characteristics that this product has. We also provide answers to the most common questions consumers have about earmuffs.

Avoid cold ear infections with earmuffs

What are earmuffs?

Earmuffs are objects manufactured for hearing protection, that is, to protect from strong external sounds, which can bother or harm those who are exposed to them. And they also serve to protect the ears and ears from cold and adverse climates.

Its design and composition are simple, it consists of a headband that can be placed both on top and on the back and a cushion or pad at the ends to protect the ears. This keeps our ears covered and insulated from cold weather. And on the other hand, isolate our ears from loud sounds.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of earmuffs?

The main function of ear muffs is to protect our ears, either from cold or noise. Therefore, when choosing good ear muffs, we will have to make sure that their function is performed correctly.

In the event that the earmuffs do not perform their function correctly, we could suffer different damages. Regarding thermal ear muffs, which are used to prevent colds, their poor functionality could create ear infections. And in the case of acoustic ear muffs, which are used to isolate noise, their poor functionality could create sleep problems, anxiety, headaches, and hypertension, among others.

In the case of anti-noise earmuffs used by workers, these advantages and disadvantages can be distinguished:


  • They are adjustable to any head size
  • They are easy to see from a distance, which helps control their use
  • not easily lost
  • Can be used with minor ear infections


  • You tend to be a bit heavy
  • Difficult combination with other protection objects
  • Uncomfortable in hot and humid work areas
  • May interfere with the use of glasses, both protective and sight
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What types of earmuffs are there?

There are currently two types of ear muffs:

thermal ear muffsacoustic ear muffs
They are responsible for insulating our ears from the cold. Their pads are usually made of cloth or leather.They can also be called noise protectors, as their name suggests, they protect people from external noise. Its protection is thanks to the use of acoustic foam, which absorbs sound waves through air resistance

Are crochet earmuffs recommended?

They are not recommended, since the main fabric is cotton and this has several cons.

First of all, if the earmuffs come into contact with water, the material is not prepared and can start to get heavy.

Secondly, it takes a long time to dry, so its main function, which would be to protect us from the cold, would not be fulfilled. When wet and cold, it generates the opposite of its function. Thirdly, it could shrink when it comes into contact with water.

And last, but not least, being a non-elastic material, it does not fit, so it could generate holes through which the cold could enter our ears.

Do earmuffs guarantee hearing protection?

They can be guaranteed if their functionality is sound protection. That is why there are two types of earmuffs for acoustic/hearing protection.

  • Passive protection is based on the materials used for protection. Noise is reduced thanks to materials such as foam that has thick and moisturizing properties and the hard plastic that surrounds it.
  • Active protection uses electronic components and microphones to attenuate the flow of outside noise. Since the person using them may need to hear outside noise, they even have a volume adapter.

Can I put earmuffs on my pet (dog or horse)?

Of course! There are different types and models of ear muffs for both our dogs and horse.

Protect your dog's ears

Ear muffs exist for both of these animals, in common with both animals is that they are used to minimize loud outside noise. Although on the other hand, those for dogs are also used to avoid strong blows, and on the other hand those for horses to prevent insects from penetrating their ears.

Why buy earmuffs?

They prevent ear infections, dizziness, headaches, and hypertension, among others. Whether you live in a cold place or want to go on a trip or work in places with a loud noise, earmuffs will be your best friend.

They really are good for your health. With good earmuffs and with correct use you can avoid any of the symptoms mentioned above and you will also have your ears very warm.

What are the alternatives?

As an alternative to acoustic earmuffs, we find earplugs. They are small cones made of foam that are inserted inside the ear.

But if you’re looking for an alternative to thermal earmuffs, beanies will do the trick. This piece of clothing will protect and keep your ears warm, as well as your head, but they are not as effective as ear muffs. Alternatively, the cat headphone can substitute ear muffs for noise.


In conclusion, earmuffs are a product that helps protect the ears of people or pets from cold or strong external noise. This is thanks to its cold-insulating materials or the foam that covers the ears to prevent noise waves. Together, earmuffs help prevent damage to our person that varies between infections and diseases that are harmful to health.

We note that earmuffs bring benefits to us, our pets, and our health and that many people use them for their sports routine or at bedtime. And you, don’t you dare to try them?

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