Swig Backpack Cooler: Read Before Getting One

swig backpack coolers

Surely on more than one occasion, you have gone to spend the day in the countryside or on the beach with your friends and you have had to drink a bottle of water that looked like your grandmother’s soup. The Swig backpack cooler is salvation. Thanks to its unique features, you can enjoy a cold drink at 30º.

Whether you want to have a picnic or if you are one of those who take long trips, having a cooler has become essential. In this article, we give you all the clues and answers to the most recurring questions from users of the swig backpack cooler. You will know what best suits your needs. Keep reading!


  • To guarantee the good performance of a backpack cooler, it should not be opened and closed constantly. This seriously affects the cooling system.
  • When buying a backpack cooler, it is recommended to take into account a series of purchase criteria. Among them are the storage capacity, type of cooling technology or mechanism, and dimensions.

The best backpack cooler on the market

If you are reading this article, it is because you have a vital need: to buy a portable backpack cooler. Of course, it is not an easy task, since there are many models on the market. If you have doubts about which one to choose, below we will discuss the Swig backpack cooler, which is seen as the best portable backpack cooler on the market when measured across various metrics.

Life Packi Swig Backpack Cooler, Portable, Lightweight, Waterproofed with New & Improved Heavy Duty Zipper

Swig Life Packi Backpack Cooler, Portable, Lightweight

This portable backpack cooler from the Swig Life store is, without a doubt, the most classic model. With a capacity of 16 liters and dimensions of 11.5 inches wide, 15.5 inches high, and 6.5 inches in depth. It is ideal for spending a day at the beach with the family. In addition, it has a zip and an integrated handle/strap that makes it very easy to transport.

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Swig backpack cooler Tri Cool technology features triple-layer construction including PVC-coated, polyester exterior, extra-think, closed-cell foam insulation, and AquaSeal heat-welded seems. It is available in over 15 colorful designs.

swig backpack cooler colors and designs

Inside can fit up to 24 SKINNY CANS OR 6 WINE BOTTLES. On the other hand, the price is more than cheap. For all these reasons, this portable backpack cooler can be classified as the best option in terms of quality and price.

EASY TO CARRY, CUSHIONED SHOULDER STRAPS are adjustable and curved for comfort, and the top handles allow for quick, grab-and-go lifting. It also has a SECURE, WATERPROOF ZIPPER POCKET that is ideal for storing your phone, keys, and other valuables. The Packi Swig backpack cooler is the perfect portable, soft cooler bag for the beach, pool, boat, camping, and more.

Luxy Leopard
Pink Bamboo Trellis
Pink Bamboo Trellis

Additional Tips you should know about Swig Backpack cooler

Portable coolers are one of the most useful general-purpose equipment or objects for people who love the outdoors (exercises, picnics, or beach days). The fact of being able to enjoy a cold meal or drink after having done an 8-kilometer route is one of the best sensations in the world. 

What are the advantages of coolers?

Portable coolers are an item whose main use is to keep food or drinks cold. Depending on the model and its characteristics. Food can be kept fresh for a long time without the need to include ice. The packi swig life backpack cooler is a product whose use has many benefits. Below, you can see a list of the advantages and disadvantages it has:


  • easy to transport
  • Keeps food and drinks fresh
  • They usually have a lot of capacity.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Diversity of formats


  • They can get heavy

Why use a backpack cooler?

Many times we have found ourselves in the situation of spending a picnic in the scorching sun and having to drink hot soda. Portable backpacks arise so that this type of situation does not repeat itself. Having a good lunch box like the Nike lunchbox, and an accompanying cooler has become essential, especially in the summer.

The Portable Swig backpack cooler has immense utility, especially for people who like to spend the day outdoors. In this sense, it can be very useful for the following situations:

  • On a day at the beach or field
  • On long car journeys
  • For a picnic or a camping trip
  • In caravans, motorhomes, or trucks
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How do packi swig backpack cooler work?

packi backpack
The packi swig life backpack cooler

Portable coolers do not use a fixed operating system. Depending on the type of cooler, model, capacity, or power, you will use a different cooling system. In the case of a swig backpack cooler, it is only necessary to put ice cubes inside them in order to keep their contents cold.

In addition, there are the famous cold accumulators that are also very practical. Depending on whether it is thermoelectric, compressor, or absorption. In general, all coolers operating systems are usually very simple.

Purchase criteria

It is possible that when buying a backpack cooler, you do not know exactly what you have to look for.


Today, there are portable backpack coolers with various types of cooling systems. Some even have a cooling and heating system. Therefore, it is important that you assess which is the best cooler cooling system that best suits your needs.

Although portable coolers like the swig backpack cooler, have good thermal insulation, you should consider that they reach a temperature range between -30º C to 20º with respect to room temperature. In addition, it is preferable that it has the option of a regulator so that you can adapt the temperature to the needs of the moment.


Finally, another of the criteria that generate the most headaches is knowing how much the cooler is going to occupy. Not only because you have to find a place to store it, but because it has to be carried on your back or to fit in the car. In this sense, the greater the capacity of our cooler, the larger its dimensions.

There are many models of large and small portable backpack coolers. For this reason, it is important that you value the space available for your method of transport. In this way, you will make a purchase designed so that it is not a hulk. At the same time, the dimensions of your portable cooler will be influenced by the content you are going to pour into it.


Coolers are the most commonly used items for keeping food and drinks cold. Thanks to them we can enjoy a day in the field and have a cold drink. For this reason, choosing a cooler like the swig backpack cooler with a good cooling system is key. Also, remember that if we go with a group of people it is important that it is of great capacity.

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