Great Discovery: The Edible Gold Dust That Will Change Your Appetite & Lifestyle

edible gold dust

Edible gold dust or flake or sprinkle is a food product that contains real gold. It can be used as an ingredient in cooking or baking and has been approved by the FDA for use in foods. The amount of actual gold contained in each serving varies depending on the type of edible gold. Its use in gastronomy is allowed in almost the whole world.

Edible gold is generally used for making beverages, desserts, and chocolates. It is a food product that contains real gold leaf. The origin of its use dates back to ancient Egypt, where gold particles were added to dishes, as it was considered that eating gold was good for health. In short, it’s a delicious and easy way to brighten up your life.

Some edible gold dust and other gold products on Amazon

These edible flakes are ideal for decorating cakes, cupcakes, macaroons, chocolates, desserts, baked goods, and much more.

It can also be used for crafts and is popular in interior design and artwork. In addition, to the surprise of the most incredulous, it has applications in the beauty sector, such as facial masks and skin spas. It can accelerate the skin’s absorption of essence.

Editorial evaluation:

It is a multipurpose product that can be used to decorate cakes, cupcakes, macaroons, chocolates, desserts, baked goods, or any arts and crafts. It also has decorative and skincare use. Please use it in a windless environment, and do not touch the gold leaf directly with your hands.

Goldz: 24K Genuine Edible Gold Leaf – Real Gold Leaf

It is made up of 12 sheets of 24K real gold in 3.93 by 3.93 inches. It can be used for crafts on glass, metal, and wood; not count its application as wall art. This is an ideal product to embellish food. This edible gold dust gives a gold finish to cakes, cupcakes, macaroons, chocolates, desserts, baking products, and many more.

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Also,  it will add a touch of luxury to your dining table. The result of its application is a glamorous and brilliant golden color that will add greater visuality to all your decorative projects, including your hands since it can be part of the golden design you give to your nails. This product has good quality and can also be used for skin care.

Editorial evaluation:

The product is not available as edible gold dust but comes in sheet format. It consists of 12 sheets of real 24-carat gold. It has multiple decorative uses: in gastronomy, confectionery, cosmetics, the decoration of spaces, and the restoration of various household objects.

BeePoint 24K Edible Gold Foil Flakes – 100mg Gold Flakes

This edible gold dust product is packaged in a bottle of gold foil flakes. It is very suitable for making resin ornaments, paintings, nail art, home decorations and crafts, and even your own greeting cards. This product can produce bright texture effects and turn furniture into a beautiful new home.

It can be used at will. Made of high-quality gold foil materials, it is safe and non-toxic, ideal for personalizing everything from your favorite candy to your home. It is widely used in confectionery and gastronomy, perfect for decorations on cakes, cupcakes, confectionery, chocolate, desserts, and cocktails.

Editorial evaluation:

It is the ideal product to dream and create, giving free rein to your imagination. It allows you to customize different textures, surfaces, and materials and gives sweets the gold color they deserve so much.

Edible Gold Dust: Buying Guide and FAQs

A good edible gold is one that has a high level of purity. The higher the purity, the better its consumption and enjoyment. Edible golds are made with 99% pure 24 karat gold, which means they have very few impurities. This makes them safe to consume, as well as delicious. It is a safe food for the body, chemically inert, biocompatible, and anti-allergic.

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What is edible gold?

Edible gold dust is one of the most exotic and modern trends in world gastronomy. For several years, it has become the maximum representative of gourmet cuisine. Since ancient Egypt, it was used as a symbol of health and well-being of life, being added by the inhabitants of this place as an ingredient in different dishes. It is distributed in powder, sheet format, bottles, or as sprinkles to sprinkle, spray and spread.

How is edible gold obtained?

Throughout human history, gold has been one of the most coveted precious metals. It has always been valued for its brightness, value, purity, and symbolism for food. It has extraordinary resistance to oxidation and corrosion and is considered one of the “noble metals”. 

To obtain edible gold dust and produce it properly for human consumption, it must pass a selective process of small nuggets between 22 and 24 carats.

These nuggets are subjected to a temperature of 1,200 degrees to completely melt them until they take the form of an ingot. Next, a specialized machine and other reduction processes are in charge of working the ingot until achieving a sheet thinner than a human hair and reaching 0.00015 millimeters in thickness so that later experts are in charge of separating each one manually and with great care. Edible Gold dust is also obtained from this process.

Is it advisable to use edible gold dust in food?

Edible gold dust is great for those with food allergies or sensitivities because it is gluten-, dairy-, and soy-free. It’s a great way to add shine and health to your food. It can be used in many different ways in cooking and baking, from sprinkling it on desserts and drinks to adding it to cake and cookie dough.

Edible gold dust or leaf can also be used as an ingredient in sweets, such as chocolate-covered strawberries or truffles dipped in gold. It is a practical food decoration ingredient that makes food more attractive and delicious. 

It has multiple uses beyond gastronomy and confectionery; This is the case for cosmetics, furniture decoration, and household items. In short, it is the most delicious way to brighten life.

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