Renovating and Decorating your space is renewing yourself: 5 Ideas to Help

Renovating and decorating your space

Believe it or not, cleaning, decorating, and renovating each of the rooms in our house also allows us to change our mood and state of mind. Thus, many say that their level of productivity changes as their home environment improves and is renewed.

Although it seems like a simple task, renovation ideas can spontaneously float into our heads and then get lost. A good idea is to write down all those ideas to have them on hand when needed.

There are many ways to decorate the home. However, many people do not have access to them because they claim “they have no imagination for them”. Nowadays, inspiration for home renovation can be found easily. They are on different social networks such as Pinterest, Instagram, & TikTok user who generates home content.

So, if you still don’t know where to start to give your home decor a new look, here are some ideas to inspire you and recreate the style you’ve always dreamed of.

The first step to renovating & decorating: recognize your style

It is most important to be able to carry out a successful decoration. But, although it seems like a great starting point, it is difficult to recognize and pigeonhole oneself with a certain decoration style.

It is true that we can all decorate with what we like the most. However, the mixture of different styles can create spaces with a lot of visual noise. That is, if we are within the field of minimalist decoration, where the predominant colors are black and white, the appearance of a striking colored rug will make a lot of noise.

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If the so-called “visual noise” really doesn’t bother you. Of course, you can mix all the elements, shapes, and colors that you like the most. Now, if you are looking for a homogeneous style? it is best to bet on an aesthetic and stay within it.

There are many objects that can fit into one style and the other. It is not fair to pigeonhole decorative elements without first testing them in the environment. For example, plants are crucial for all types of decoration. Of course, they are more seen in minimalist and ecological environments, but they go wonderfully in any other. 

Below, we detail some of the styles that are trending today.

minimalist home decor
minimalist home decorating style


It consists of keeping as few objects as possible in our environment. The predominant colors are white, black, grey, and neutrals, and it gives a sense of order and neat space.

Some outstanding elements of this decoration are the plants, the small plastic arts sculptures, the paintings, the large and bright windows, the “few objects”, and any element that matches the colors.

Soft Girl

This style stands out for its “childish” colors, such as pink, light blue, lilac, and green. But all in its pastel range.

Some fundamental decorations here are wall decorations with elements such as butterfly decorations on the wall, photos, or lights. Also, large and fluffy stuffed animals prevail on the bed. The plants here also come in wonderfully, but the elements most associated with childhood predominate. 

Trendy Aesthetic

Trendy Aesthetic decorating style
Trendy Aesthetic for decorating a room

This style is characterized by mixing minimalism with a more striking touch, as is the case with LED lights. LED lights perfectly define the aesthetic style.

Confidential sofas, poufs, and candles take care of the space in a truly harmonic and incredible way. During the day you are dazzled by the minimalist style, and at night the lights do all their magic.

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Industrial style

The industrial style is characterized by being neutral, versatile, and simple. Brown, gray, white, and black colors predominate (the latter in less quantity).

This style wants to represent the most neutral aspect of the construction. Showing off the naturally decorated brick walls, the wood of the ceiling and the stairs, and the gray of the unpainted material walls, among other characteristics.

This is considered one of the styles where plants play a fundamental role when decorating. As is the case with the minimalist aspect. Here we are talking about a space without colors, or very particular colors such as wood, bricks, or construction materials. 

It is thus a style that seeks to represent construction in its maximum expression and vividness. That is why it is the most successful of all the bars in the world. Its rusticity allows us to feel in a much more welcoming place. Including a co2 meter to monitor the quality of air makes it a classic setup.

Closing Thought on decorating your space

Although all the styles seem very different, it is worth noting that the elements between them can be interchanged without any problem if the classic pattern is followed. That is to say, some large pattern of maximalism can enter minimalism if the colors are consistent with those needed by the style.

The number of elements that we can play with to decorate rooms is really enormous if we take into account everything that exists today to put our house in harmony.

Simplicity is sometimes our best friend, but if you like spaces full of art and expressionism, maximalism can be your best ally.

Now, balances are always great, so we recommend you find your style, and play with all the variations until you find the one that makes you feel most comfortable.

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