CO2 Flow Meter: Best model & Why is it Important

co2 meter

CO2 flow meter can be very important in our daily lives. Sometimes there can be too much Co2 (carbon dioxide) level, due to the stuffy air in closed rooms. Then it’s hard to get an idea of ​​what the quality of that air is like. Also becomes hard to know how well the room needs to be ventilated. These are not minor issues, since they end up directly affecting the quality of life.

On many occasions, the quality of indoor air is not the most adequate. Resulting in problems with temperature and humidity. It is not the type that air conditioners can easily fix.

Why is this Co2 flow meter so important now?

As indicated by the CSIC (Higher Council for Scientific Research) it is essential that this year we keep ventilation and air quality at the best.

The coronavirus can spread through air, so being in a closed room with several people can lead to contagion between them. And even more so at the moment, with variants like the Delta lurking.

To prevent this from happening, scientists and health experts recommend taking all protective measures, such as the use of masks .

At the same time, they advise having a detailed control of the quality of the air that you breathed. Especially in common areas such as schools, offices, centers, restaurants, bars, cafes, etc.

A good indicator of air quality is the level of carbon dioxide (Co2).

co2 flow meter

In fact, in some regions of the world, such as Madrid, it has been proposed that the use of co2 flow meter be mandatory for restaurant and hotel establishments.

In this way, customers will be able to verify at all times that the air quality is adequate. That is why it is so important to have an environmental pollution meter like the co2 meter described in this article.

All of them are quite intuitive and easy to use, and their price is not very expensive, which makes it affordable for any business or home that requires it.

To have a reference of C02 measurement, the maximum recommended value for interiors is between 1,000 and 1,500 ppm (parts per million).

The best CO2 meters

Netatmo Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor (Temperature, Humidity, Noise and CO2 sensors)

This state-of-the-art Netatmo co2 flow meter with an elegant design helps improve the environment. It is regularly measuring temperature, Co2, ambient humidity, and also noise level.

As it does? Very easy: it only issues a warning when one of the parameters exceeds the recommended values. In this way, measures can be taken to correct these inadequate indices.

All the measurements are analyzed from the mobile application, which is the most complete and intuitive. In it you can also access the data history.

The app has real-time notifications and works with iOS 9 or higher and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod. It is also valid for Android 4.2 or higher. Compatible with Apple HomeKit too.

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It has three personalized measurement profiles:

  • general, 
  • baby and
  • asthmatic. 

In addition, the device provides advice on how to create a healthier environment at home. It is a most complete product and the one most recommended by experts. Its price is well matched with its benefits.

GZAIR Indoor CO2 Meter, Data Logger, Dual-Channel NDIR Sensor, Tabletop Carbon Dioxide Detector, Air Quality Monitor, Temperature and Relative Humidity

This co2 flow meter measures the level of Co2, the level of humidity and the ambient temperature.

And all this in real time, thanks to its high-precision sensor. It is designed to issue an alert when the Co2 level exceeds the value that has been set.

It has a full color screen that measures 3.2 inches. hows the date, time, Co2 level, humidity level and room temperature (switchable in ℃ and ℉ ). Ideal for use in public places, schools, offices, factories or farms.

Its size is compact and it has portable storage. It is mobile and easy to operate due to its light weight. Includes a rechargeable lithium battery, but can also be charged via a 5-volt USB cable.

It also stands out for its data export function, since it allows you to connect to the computer. Then it can export the file in PDF to verify and analyze the data more comfortably. 

Also has a new function that shows the maximum and minimum values.

The GZAIR Indoor CO2 flow Meter comes with Flexible 3.5 inches large colorful TFT Capacitive Touch Screen, with compact and elegant appearance. There is also PIN Code Access Feature with which you can set up a screen lock to help secure your device.

It has a storage capacity of up to 999 groups of data and presents a trend graph of historical data for review and comparison.

 Tackly CO2 monitor – co2 flow meter, alarm detector and air quality monitor indoor – Room thermometer and humidity meter – Carbon dioxide monitor

In a moment, this meter accurately captures the levels of Co2 and PM2.5, as well as the temperature and humidity of the air. It is the most complete.

It has a laser particle sensor, a humidity and temperature sensor, and an infrared Co2 sensor. In addition, it has an intelligent chip that amplifies the digital signal to obtain more precise data.

One of the biggest positive points is that it is very visual, with large numerical values ​​in white and on a blue background, ideal for use by people of all ages. Even the older ones.

Its dimensions are small, which makes it easy to transport and it has a large LCD screen that is very easy to operate. Its own design allows the monitor to be placed on a table or other surface without the need for additional support. It is valid for any type of environment.

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The only bad thing is its somewhat high price, which exceeds 90 euros, which is somewhat expensive, but not so much for a device with these characteristics.

Elikliv CO2 Meter, Smart Air Quality Detector for CO2 Concentration Content, Temperature and Humidity Air Quality Analyzer

Elikliv CO2 Meter

This co2 flow meter is a good tool to use when doing property inspections or when using household tools, to see if there is an abnormal amount of toxin release.

It features intelligent detection of various types of gas such as Co2, as well as TVOC, HCHO, AQI. All measurements are displayed on a large screen with acceptable definition. It has a small and lightweight design for easy portability.

Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery and has a power saving mode. It can be used anywhere intuitively, and it measures the gases or air quality in each room.

InLoveArts Air Quality Monitor Rechargeable PM2.5 PM10 CO2 Formaldehyde(HCHO) TVOC AQI Detector Multifunctional Air Quality Detector 

The most remarkable thing about this co2 flow meter is that it measures carbon dioxide (Co2) and also carbon monoxide (CO), in addition to the rest of gases such as HCHO, TVOC and AQI. And all at the same time, making it a most useful tool.

The operation is of the most primary. Holding the power button for three seconds boots it up. Then you have to wait for the measurement for 120 seconds and you can already see the values ​​of the gas measurement.

It has a black LED screen, which allows the clear display of numbers in red. It incorporates a rechargeable polymer battery with a capacity of 1000 mAh that lasts 240 minutes and has an energy saving mode.

As an added value, this co2 flow meter uses high-performance chips and natural airflow detection technology to ensure more accurate detection of air quality.

The bad thing is that, after a while, the measurements shoot up for no reason until it is recalibrated and it works normally again. That makes it a somewhat unstable meter.

CO2 Flow Meter: Location /Placement Tips

Before seeing the different Co2 meters, it is convenient to review some tips to know where to put this home accessory:

  • It should not be placed in closed compartments such as drawers or shelves. The highly charged environment of these rooms could affect subsequent measurements.
  • Should also not be placed too close to doors or windows. In this way the measurement of the room in question would not be adjusted to reality.
  • It is advisable to place it in a central and strategic point of the house.
  • The best thing is that the place where it is located has a temperature that does not drop below -10°C and does not exceed 40°C.
  • It must be in a dry place, and never on a damp or wet surface.
  • Also has to be a clean and clear place. Otherwise dirt could affect the operation and reading of the co2 flow meter.
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