Dimmable Arc Floor Lamp: The Ultimate Guide

What is a dimmable floor lamp

Is there a better feeling than coming home after a long day at work? Probably not. The comfort we experience when we are at home is unique; In large part, is due to the way we decorate and furnish the spaces to make them welcoming. In matters of interior design, lighting is essential. Thus, an adjustable or dimmable arc floor lamp can always come in handy.

With this simple object we can give the final touch to any space in the house. A dimmable floor lamp can perfectly complement the dining room, bedrooms or study. This ensures that we always have the perfect lighting. Each one can regulate to meet their needs and also avoid eye fatigue.

What is a dimmable arc floor lamp and how does it work?

Over the years and the advancement of technology, even the simplest inventions have improved. Floor lamps are elements that are often used to complement an environment in a home or office. However, many of them now also allow us to adjust the intensity of the light we want in that environment.

They work in the same way as a traditional lamp with the plus that by means of a button, remote control or touch screen you can control the intensity of the light according to your needs.

If you like to personalize each space in your home, you are looking to save on electricity consumption or you would like to have a reading lamp, then you will be surprised to learn about the different designs and benefits that dimmable arc floor lamps can have on a day-to-day basis.


  • An adjustable floor lamp allows us to adjust the level of lighting we need for each activity. Helping us avoid eye fatigue.
  • Depending on their level of energy efficiency, dimmable LED light lamps save up to 80% on electricity consumption.
  • Going from warm to cold light is very easy with a dimmable arc floor lamp. For this reason, they are ideal both for use at work and when reading a book or relaxing.

The best dimmable arc floor lamps on the market

There are countless dimmable floor lamps on the market. For this reason, we have given ourselves the task of investigating and selecting the best ones for you. Whether you need it for a small space or with colored lights, below you will find the one that perfectly suits your needs.

Tomons Floor Lamp Dimmer, LED Double Light Floor Lamp with Remote Control

tomons  LED Standing Lamps

This dimmable arc floor lamp is made from a combination of metal and PVC. The sturdy base and pole give it good stability. In turn, said base measures 250 mm wide and the height of the lamp reaches 1815 mm. It is a lamp that combines a good height with a slim design. So it adapts easily as a decorative or reading light in bedrooms, living rooms, and offices.

The illumination can be personalized, alternating between the main light (30 W and 2000 lumens) and the reading light (5 W and 350 lumens). In addition, it has three color temperatures. The angle of the main light can be adjusted by 350° horizontally and 85° vertically. In turn, the side light can be adjusted freely.

Editorial evaluation:  This is a tall lamp with a very stable base. Its light settings can be adjusted and it has three color temperatures. In turn, it allows you to adjust its angle at will.

Smart RGB Floor Lamp Works with Alexa Google Home, WiFi Remote Modern Tall Standing Light, Super Bright

Smart RGB dimmable Floor Lamp Works with Alexa Google Home

This dimmable arc floor lamp stands out for its modern and slim design. Its structure is made of black metal and it is 1.75 meters high. It is ideal for lighting living rooms and studies with good ambient light and can be managed by remote control.

Working with Alexa, and Google Home to help you adjust brightness, hands-free! App and 28 Key Remote control which is more convenient to control your light.

The lamp can vary its brightness between 5 and 100% discretionally. The color of the light can be adjusted in 3 tones. The lamp head is flexible and can be tilted as desired. In addition, the lamp’s memory function allows the lamp to retain the selected brightness level and light color when it is turned on again.

The floor lamp is easy to assemble within 5 mins. No additional tools are required, just follow the instruction video to screw down all the parts.

Editorial evaluation: This dimmable arc floor lamp stands out with its modern design. It is perfectly adapted to living rooms and studies; since it offers Alexa, Google Home, a good ambient light adjustable in brightness and color.

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Vintage Dimmable Floor Lamp

SUNMORY Arc  with Remote Control
SUNMORY Arc Floor Lamp, Modern Floor Lamp with Remote Control

See the Offer on Amazon for the SUNMORY Arc Floor Lamp.

This floor lamp is made with a metal structure and a linen shade that gives it a vintage style. Its simple design is combined with soft and charming light to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere in the office, study, bedroom, or living room.

It is a floor lamp with a 9 W bulb and an adjustable temperature between 3000K and 6000K. The brightness of the lamp can be set between 10% and 100% and it has 4 fixed modes: work, reading, night light, and nursing. It can be managed by the switch located on the foot or the remote control switch. In addition, it includes an hour timer function and can be used before bed to fall asleep.

Editorial evaluation:  This lamp stands out for its vintage style, based on its metal structure and the linen shade that offers a soft light. In addition, it allows you to configure the color of the light and its brightness.

What you should know about the dimmable arc floor lamp

There are many advantages to purchasing a dimmable floor lamp. However, before doing so, it is important to solve all the doubts that we may have about its operation, its bulbs, and even the types that exist. 

In our shopping guide, it will be easy for you to find exactly the information you need to answer all your questions.

What types of dimmable floor lamps are there?

There are different types of lamps depending on the style of lampshade they have. From Japanese style to compliant screens, we tell you all about them below.

  • Drum-type screen: these lamps have an open screen both at the top and at the bottom. They are perfect for creating warm environments and for the light to be evenly distributed in the space.
  • Japanese-style lampshade: these lampshades cover the entire length of the lamp and we can recognize them because they are those that look like a kind of lantern. They are very decorative and give a soft and dim light.
  • Flexible head: these lamps have one or more flexible heads integrated with bulbs that allow the light to be directed to any specific point within its reach. They are ideal to place in a library or bedroom.
  • Conical lampshades: as the name suggests, they are lampshades that, thanks to their conical shape, direct the light downwards very well. Like those with a flexible head, they allow us to have a more direct light when doing a craft or reading.

What bulbs does a dimmable arc floor lamp use?

To achieve the lighting we want, knowing the types of bulbs that we can use in our adjustable floor lamp is essential. In the following table, we explain the three types of light bulbs that you can find on the market.

Light bulbAdvantageDisadvantages
HalogenIt is derived from the incandescent lamps that were used in ancient times. However, it considerably improves its performance compared to these.Because they are composed of tungsten, they are not the most recommended for homes. In addition, this element makes them retain a lot of heat and spend more energy.
Low consumption or FluocompactThey have a useful life of between six thousand and ten thousand hours, surpassing halogens by more than double. They consume between 70% and 80% less than traditional light bulbs.When turned on they usually take a few seconds to reach their highest light output.
LED (light emitting diode)They are currently considered the most efficient both in their lighting performance and in terms of saving energy. They save up to 80% in electricity consumption and have a useful life of fifty thousand hours. In addition, they are not composed of mercury, tungsten, or other harmful substances.LED lamps usually have a higher price compared to traditional bulbs.

What are the advantages of having a dimmable arc floor lamp?

the dimmable arc floor lamp

A dimmable arc floor lamp is a simple product. However, it is not far behind with all the advantages of having one at home. Know the true benefits that this article could add to your daily life.

  • Energy savings: although it is true that purchasing this lamp may cost us some money at first, we must think that in the long term we will be saving. Now it will not be necessary to turn on our main light, the one that has more power and spends more when carrying out activities that do not require it. To do crafts, read or even watch television without being in the dark, this option is the most ideal.
  • Environmental preservation: thanks to their low energy consumption and long lifespan, these lamps have a positive effect on the environment.
  • Directed and adjustable lighting: each activity requires a specific level of lighting in the area where it is carried out. These lamps are designed with light regulation systems that allow us to adjust the lighting to meet our needs and at the same time avoid eye fatigue.

Why are dimmable floor lamps beneficial for reading?

When choosing the most suitable type of light for reading, it is important to bear in mind that being subjected to an inadequate level of lighting is related to the risk of eye fatigue. In this matter, a dimmable arc floor lamp is undoubtedly our best bet.

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These lamps work very well to cast light in a certain direction, in this case, our book. Thanks to their dimming system, they are perfect for us to choose a yellow light tone that provides us with soft lighting, ideal for reading and relaxing.

What alternatives are there to a dimmable arc floor lamp?

Many regular lamps have the ability to work with dimmable LED bulbs. So, in the same way, that an adjustable floor lamp allows us to adjust the light to our liking, these bulbs do it too.

But not so fast! Installing a dimmable LED bulb is not as easy as it seems. It is important to take into account two essential aspects. To achieve this, it is necessary that the current that reaches our bulb is continuous and that our intensity regulator is designed to support products with LED technology.

Purchase criteria

If our goal is to buy an adjustable floor lamp and get the most out of it, we must attend to several important criteria before purchasing it. Characteristics such as energy efficiency, the style of the switch, and the power will support us when purchasing our lamp. Take them into account to make the best decision based on them.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency has become a fundamental value when buying a lighting product. Acquiring lamps with a high degree of energy efficiency not only helps save money on the electricity bill at the end of the month. It is also a way of contributing a grain of sand to the preservation of nature and the planet.

Next, we explain what each of the letters on the energy efficiency label of the products means.

LabelEnergy consumption
A++65% savings in energy consumption
A+55% savings in energy consumption
A45% savings in energy consumption
BSavings of 45%-25% in energy consumption
CSavings of 10%-25% in energy consumption
Dtypical power consumption
ESpending 0%-10% on energy consumption
FSpending 10%-25% on energy consumption
GExpenditure of more than 25% in energy consumption

The letters A, B, and C represent lighting products that result in savings in electricity consumption. The letter D represents normal energy consumption, without saving or spending more. And finally, the labels E, F, and G refer to lighting products that translate into higher energy consumption costs.

Switch style

It is important to pay attention to the style of switch that is installed in the Dimmable Floor lamp that we want to acquire. We do not want to make a mistake and buy a lamp that only turns on with a button when we would like to have one that turns on remotely.

  • Push button: these are the switches of a lifetime. The push-button adjustable floor lamps work through an electrical switch that allows the circulation of the electrical current to be interrupted to turn the light on or off according to our preference.
  • Touch: This style of the switch is very modern and convenient to use. It works similarly to the manual switch with the difference that it has a sensor and an integrated circuit. When you touch the touch screen, the sensor informs the integrated circuit and it sends the current to turn on, adjust or turn off the light.
  • Remote: many dimmable floor lamps come with remote control included or with an App that you install on your cell phone. In this way, you can change the color of the light, adjust the intensity and turn the device on and off completely remotely.

Also, it is important to take into account the different arms of our lamp (in case of having more than one arm) to have independent switches or to be controlled with the same switch.


When we talk about the power of a lamp, we refer to the result obtained by dividing the energy consumed by a device by the time it took to consume it. In this way, when choosing a light bulb it is important to take this factor into account. The higher the power, the higher the light consumption of this bulb can also be, without this effectively ensuring better lighting.

An efficient way to guess the power of the light bulbs when we buy them is to first look at the type of socket that fits in our lamp. For example, for a lamp with two bulbs that resists a power of 240 watts, we would have to install two bulbs of 140 watts each.

Intensity levels

Another fundamental aspect when buying a Dimmable arc Floor lamp is knowing how many levels of light intensity it has. Most of these lamps come with around three different light levels that allow you to further dim or intensify the lighting you give the space according to your needs.

The use of efficient lighting is very important, by means of high-performance luminaires, which incorporate low consumption equipment and high luminous efficacy lamps. For this reason, one of the great benefits of this type of lamp is the freedom it gives us to choose the perfect level of light for us.

light color

Selecting the best color of light to use in our homes or offices is very important when buying a lamp. It is this color that will allow us to relax in some places or be totally alert in others. The following table explains in a very simple way the characteristics and benefits of the different colors of light.

light colorFeatures
Warm lightThe warm light is soft and subdued, ideal for spaces where we want to relax, watch television or rest our eyes.
neutral whiteIt is one of the most popular colors to use in spaces such as the kitchen because it simulates natural light that illuminates the entire area without tiring the eyes.
Cold lightThis is the color of light usually used in offices and shops. It has a high level of luminosity, making it ideal for staying active.
Colored lightsThere is also Dimmable arc Floor lamps that provides colored lights such as blue, yellow, purple, red, and green. Perfect for parties or decorations.

Design and dimensions

The design of our lamp is always a factor to take into account. Is it modern or vintage? Does it match the theme of our space? And it is that leaving aside the technical aspects, we would love for this new acquisition to bring harmony and aesthetics wherever we place it.

The dimensions of our dimmable floor lamp are just as important. Always remember to look at the size and weight of this product to make sure it is the ideal one. These details ensure that when our new lamp arrives we receive exactly what we were expecting.


Whether to complement an environment or to have a more pleasant light when reading or watching television, having an adjustable floor lamp is a good solution. This product can simplify our lives for little money and even save us on electricity consumption at the end of the month.

Now you know everything you need to purchase the perfect dimmable arc floor lamp. When reviewing our selection of the best, remember the purchase criteria, and voila. Soon you will be enjoying the benefits of adjustable lighting.

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