Blue Led Strip Lights: 2022 Best Guide

blue led strip lights

Blue LED strip lights are made from a special type of plastic that emits blue light when electricity passes through it. In addition, you can regulate the amount of brightness you want and you can even make them go from one mode to another.

They are the perfect option to illuminate and decorate different spaces, both indoors and outdoors in a unique way.

Buying guide: Everything you need to know about blue led strip lights

What makes a good blue led strip light?

The best blue LED strip lights are made with high-quality chips that offer high brightness and a good driver that makes them easy to use.

In addition, they must be waterproof, flexible, durable and have an adhesive backing strong enough to hold the strip in place.

What types of blue led strip lights are there?

There are two types of blue LED strips that are classified by their package: SMD and COB. SMD LEDs do not take up as much space and are highly resistant to extreme conditions, making them ideal for homes.

On the other hand, a COB LED has a higher light intensity that dissipates heat well, ensuring maximum performance without consuming as much energy.

When do you need blue led strip lights?

Blue led strip lights are ideal for use anywhere you want to add a splash of color as they can be used as accent lighting, or even under cabinets and desks.

Since these strips allow you to give a unique and special style to these environments depending on the use you are going to give them.

What are the advantages of a blue led strip?

Blue LED strip lights are the brightest of all the colors due to their higher color rendering index.

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Which means they can more accurately reproduce the natural tones and shades of color. This makes them ideal for use in any space.

The best blue LED strip lights on the market: our recommendations

yumbo blue led light

YUNBO LED Strip Light Blue 460-465nm, 16.4ft/5m 300 Units Cuttable SMD 5050 Black PCB Board 12V Non-Waterproof Flexible LED Tape Light for Indoor Home, Hotel, Bar, Festival Decoration Lighting

Price: $9.99

ALITOVE 16.4ft 5050 Blue LED Flexible Strip Ribbon Light Black PCB DC 12V 5M 300 LEDs Waterproof IP65 for Home Garden Commercial Area Lighting, Without Power Supply

Price: $13.39

Blue LED Strip Light, iNextStation 16ft/5m SMD5050 300 LEDs 12V Flexible Cuttable Non-Waterproof LED Tape (No 12V Power Plug/Adapter)

Price: $12.99

The best blue led strip lights with plug

FAVOLCANO 110V Blue LED Strip Light Kit, SMD 5050 300LEDs 16.4ft/5M IP67 Waterproof Flat LED Light Strip with US Plug for Indoor Outdoor Use


This blue led strip lights connects directly to the electrical network thanks to its built-in plug. In addition, it has over 16 feet of LED strip that can be cut into sections.

This type of strip is covered with a rubber tube that prevents contact between them, guaranteeing perfect operation indoors and outdoors.

Best blue led strip easy to install

Water-Resistance IP65, 12V Waterproof Flexible LED Strip Light, 16.4ft/5m Cuttable LED Light Strips, 300 Units 2835 LEDs Lighting String, LED Tape (Blue, No Power Adapter/Plug)

Price: $11.99

This led strip comes with a self-adhesive tape so you can easily place it anywhere inside your home.

It can be cut and connected to each other, according to your preferences. Likewise, it has a long useful life of up to 3 years approximately.

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This blue led strip is made of high quality silicone, so it has a stronger and more flexible structure than conventional strips, as well as being waterproof.

Thanks to its bright color it can be used to decorate different spaces in the home both inside and outside.

Best bright blue led strip

Best bright blue led strip
Blue LED Strip Light, iNextStation 16ft/5m SMD5050 300 LEDs 12V Flexible Cuttable Non-Waterproof LED Tape (No 12V Power Plug/Adapter)

Price: $12.99

This led strip has a very bright effect thanks to its 300 built-in lights. Also, it is easy to install and safe to use due to its low heat voltage.

It can be quickly cut and joined so you can create various forms of lighting. In addition, it does not contain lead or mercury.

This blue led strip has an adhesive tape that allows you to easily secure it to any surface. In addition, it is very bright and has low electricity power consumption.

You can use it in various spaces of the home such as rooms, halls, gardens, ceiling walls or to illuminate any piece of furniture according to your tastes.

Purchase criteria


The intensity of the voltage of the blue led strip lights will define the amount of light that it is capable of emitting. It also defines the length of the strips.

Regarding the safety aspect, low voltage LED strips are quite safe, unlike those with a higher voltage.

Degree of protection

There are different levels of protection that are determined by the acronym IP ( Ingress Protection ) followed by two numbers that correspond to the resistance it has against solid objects and humidity.

Therefore, it is essential to consider the use that you will give to the blue LED strip lights that you are looking for, so that you can make them last longer and are not damaged.

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