How to dress the bed with a warm and harmonious result

Bed linen and other textiles play a fundamental role when it comes to recreating a serene and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom. In addition to hitting the textures and color ranges, it is important to know how to combine blankets, quilts or duvet covers, pillows, and cushions with the rest of the elements present in the room to achieve a balanced and harmonious environment. 

You should also appreciate that the fabrics will help you reinforce the decorative style of your bedroom.

Let’s start

The beds are not only dressed on the outside, but also on the inside. The interior of the beds is as important or more to ensure the necessary rest and hygiene. Start at the beginning and study well how you protect your mattress. 

An alternative to traditional mattress covers is the “topper”, an article that, in addition to protecting and extending the life of the mattress, provides a softer and more comfortable surface, gives a sensation of stability, and achieves a perfect adaptation of the curvature of the mattress. the back. For this reason, it helps to avoid back pain and injuries due to bad postures and achieves a really pleasant rest.

provide a softer and more comfortable surface

Dress the bed in solid colors

For those who prefer not to take risks, the easiest formula is to start with a solid color base and then add accessories in darker tones from the same range. If you like upholstered headboards, remember that this piece is, in most cases, the focal point of the decoration. Therefore, to achieve a harmonious environment, it is advisable to choose cushions and pillows in the same color as the upholstery.

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Subtle brushstrokes of color

An idea to provide dynamism in decorations in which light wood furniture and white color predominate is to decorate the bed with cushions of two or three different colors and textures. In feminine environments, opt for the range of pastel tones –pink and green will help you recreate a fresh and natural atmosphere–; instead, if you are looking for a masculine look, try the classic gray and black or bold blue and green blocks.

Subtle brushstrokes of color for your bed

Bedding to match the accessories

This bedroom is an example of how it is possible to achieve a balanced decoration with textiles of different colors and patterns. Remember that it is convenient not to mix more than three different colors, although it is advisable to play with the shades that each one offers. 

In this case, the crib bedding –blanket and cushions–, the decorative accessories, and the front where the bed rests share the same color ranges: pink, gray, and yellow tones stand out, even more, thanks to the white color of the duvet cover and from the other walls in the room. Wooden furniture provides the necessary touch of warmth.

How many cushions do I put?

To enhance the cozy air of the decoration, fill the bed with pillows and quadrants. One idea is to support two large decorative quadrants on the pillows, on which two more rest. In front, place rectangular cushions, followed by two decorative rollers and, finally, two other coordinated quadrants, for example, with the duvet cover.

Modern and bold duvet cover for your bed

Light and solid tones are very good, but there are also those who prefer large patterns and colors. If this is your case, do not give up putting a cover with prints in bright tones, but better choose the rest of the textiles in white to lighten up. This was done in this bedroom, where the white color present not only on the walls but also on the curtains and headboard, helps to enhance the bedding.

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Mix textures and patterns

When choosing the cushions and pillows that you are going to place on the bed, decide on a range of similar colors in all the patterns. Mix without fear fabrics of different patterns and textures. Better if they are of different sizes and you place them in no apparent order. The effect will be visually richer and more dynamic.

For more on how to dress and style your bed, this youtube video might be of help.

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