Daisy Chain Friendship Bracelet: 10 Brilliant Ways To Master its Knotting

Summer daisy chain friendship bracelets

True friendship is something precious that we must always take care of with all our sincerity and love. So today we want to give you some ideas to give your best friends a bracelet that will serve as the symbol and promise that you will always be there for them. The Daisy Chain Friendship Bracelet will do the trick. You can also find the pandora bracelet interesting.

Daisy Chain Friendship Bracelet
Daisy Chain Friendship Bracelet

The tutorials are not that complex, but remember that the best advice I can give you is always to have a lot of patience and dedicate time to achieve a perfect result.

Instead of a ring, you could give Daisy Chain Friendship Bracelet, especially among the female folks.

How to make “Daisy Chain friendship bracelet”

So, the other day I saw a video in which they showed how to make them. In addition, there were patterns and photos to inspire you. You will need embroidery threads -it can also be waxed thread, etc-, scissors, and accessories, in case you want to decorate it with beads. 

You can also search for patterns on Pinterest, save the image, and print it. If you can’t, draw the pattern on graph paper. If you have good Daisy chain friendship bracelet making skills, you can even sell a few! Start by learning the basic technique, and then rock out with some simple braids, charms, and beads.

Friendship bracelets are a classic token of appreciation and are made by hand with threads in the colors of your choice. You can give them to a dear friend or you can keep them to spice up your jewelry collection. 

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Choose several strands of embroidery floss in different colors. 

In this case, you are the artist, so choose as many strands as you want, as long as you use 3 or more. Combine the colors that you think will make a beautiful design. Use your creativity! If you use only one color of thread, you will not be able to create a design.

If you take 4-6 strands, you will create a thin bracelet. To create a thicker one, you need to take 8-10 strands. The more you sand, the wider the bracelet will be.

Tips Concerning the Daisy Chain friendship bracelet

  • To help the thread move easily as you make the Daisy Chain friendship bracelet or the flower bracelet (and perhaps prevent it from breaking if you pull too hard), coat the strands with wax first. To do this, you can rub them on an old candle.
  • Choose the colors well. You can use the favorite colors of the person you’re giving the bracelet to, or you can use colors that represent something (for example, red represents love, yellow represents fun, etc.).
  • Place all the strings closely together to see if they match.
  • Don’t tie the knots too tight or too loose. If a knot is too tight, it could break or prevent the design from being visible. A loose knot will come undone quickly.
  • Try to finish the Daisy Chain friendship bracelet when you have started it so you don’t forget the sequence. If you’re worried about forgetting the color order, write it down.
  • If you create double knots, make sure you always use double knots. If you tie two knots in a row with the same thread on each strand, the bracelet will be flat.
  • If the bracelet starts to twist, iron it or use a clip to keep it straight. Move the clip as you go. You can also use a clipboard.
  • If you tie the knots backwards, the angle of the design will be reversed. You can do this to create a bracelet with an arrow shape or a zigzag design.
  • If you make a lot of bracelets, you could sell them for a little extra money.
friendship bracelet will bring you very good memories
Daisy bracelet will bring you very good memories


  • Do not tie the bracelets too tightly on the wrist. Be sure to allow blood circulation!
  • Make sure you don’t tie knots in the wrong place. If you do this, you can separate the knots with tweezers or a safety pin, but this will be tedious and could cause a thread to fray or break. It is very difficult to undo knots in embroidery thread, as it is so thin.
  • Try not to get your fingers caught in the knots or tangle the thread when making your Daisy Chain friendship bracelet.
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Things you will need

  • embroidery thread
  • scissors
  • safety pin(s), clipboard, or tape
  • beads or charms (optional)


Materials are very easy to find. Look for them at stores that specialize in fabrics and sewing. When successfully completed, your daisy chain friendship bracelet will be a beautiful detail for that friend who has always let you know that she adores you and that she would give anything to see you happy.

Surely it will bring you very good memories if you are from the 90’s. You can also give one to your mom, she has always been a friend to you

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