Playboy Bucket Hat: 5 Things You Need to Know

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We want your days to be as practical as they are fun. For this reason, we will talk in this post about the fascinating playboy bucket hat. For those who love life in the west, in the mountains, on ranches. Or for those who simply want a unique accessory for a casual outfit or a custom.

Playboy hats have an excellent characteristic. Their structure adapts perfectly to your head in a comfortable way. They prevent the sun from bothering you but allow the wind to come in. This gives you a cool experience at all times. In addition, Its unique style is recognized worldwide.

Along these lines, you will learn about the most used types of a playboy bucket hat, the best quality ones, the models that currently stand out the most, and the tips to choose the best option that will accompany you for many years of your life. It might also interest you to discover the Jungkook bucket hat, and decide which is better.

Playboy By PacSun Tie-Dyed Bucket Hat

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This is an iconic style from the Tie-Dyed Bucket Hat by Playboy for PacSun. It is a malleable hat that has iconic Playboy branding.

  • Tie-dyed bucket hat
  • Playboy branding
  • Embroidered eyelets
  • Short brim
  • Malleable design
  • One size fits most

PacSun is dedicated to delivering an exclusive collection of the most relevant brands and styles. Their target is a community of inspired youth. Curated in Los Angeles, PacSun brings effortlessly cool style to your outfit with its collection of tees, tops, and fleece.


  • Playboy bucket hats are accessories that you place on your head for various purposes. Unlike others, these models contain a pronounced cup and wide wings to avoid disturbances from the sun. Just like the Swig backpack cooler, they are usually used in outdoor environments.
  • There are several materials for making playboy hats, but the main ones you will find are wool and polyester. Depending on the activity you do and the environment that surrounds you, it will be important that you choose one of them.
  • Before making your purchase, it will be important to know the basic characteristics of the person who will use this item, the correct head size, the reason for which you want to use it, and the additional features that this accessory can offer you.
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Shopping guide

We have already seen the playboy bucket hat. I am guessing that it surely caught your attention. But it is time to delve deeper into the specifications that this accessory contains and the benefits that it can provide us in our day-to-day life. Let’s get started!

What advantages does it have?

The Playboy bucket hat is known for having a high crown and wide brims. They were popularized by the American playboy brand. Today they are not only limited to this group of people. But their use extends to work, creative, formal, routine, leisure environments, and more.

For this reason, it is common to observe its use both at a costume party and by people who visit a shopping center. Next, we mention some of the benefits that you will get when you acquire one of these.


  • sun protection
  • Comfort
  • Neutral colors
  • There are waterproof models
  • Variety of sizes


  • Must be hand washed
  • Storage can be tricky due to its size

Wool or polyester playboy bucket hat – what should you pay attention to?

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When searching for a hat, you will surely find different models of different styles, textures, and reliefs. But definitely, the 2 most recurrent manufacturing materials that you will see are wool and polyester fabric. We discuss the characteristics of each of them.


Wool is known for its soft texture to the touch, making it a favorite choice for many. In addition to this, it is a resistant material that will last for many years with basic care. However, its color may deteriorate a little if it is not properly cleaned.

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Although it can be an expensive option (always depending on the quality of the wool used for the production). It is a widely used model when it comes to cold environments. Thanks to the thermal characteristic of the wool that allows you to keep your head comfortable and warm.


 Polyester fabric is synthetic, so the texture will not feel as soft as wool, but rather stiffer. Although it is a resistant material, if the hat receives bumps or rough use, it can deteriorate more quickly than wool. However, its color will remain practically the same as when it was started.

It is a light option suitable for warmer climates. Polyester will allow more air to pass through and will not generate unwanted heat on your head. It is also the most sought-after by those with limited budgets. Thanks to the fact that its costs are usually lower.

How much does a playboy bucket hat cost?

Depending on the material with which the hat is made, its size, its design, and other additional features, prices may vary considerably. You can find models whose prices range from $15.60 to $25.00.

This wide range will allow you to adapt to the hat that best suits your objective, the use you want to give it, and your pocket.

Where to buy a playboy bucket hat?

In the USA, you will surely have no problem locating cowboy hats, however, we summarize that you can go to them in stores specializing in hats items, accessories, and the like. 

Although these places have several models, you can always turn to reliable shopping sites in case you prefer to review various options, ratings, and experiences of others without leaving your home. If this is your case, you will have Etsy and the PacSun virtual stores that we mentioned earlier.

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