The Pinky Promise Ring: What You Should Know

pinky promise ring in gold

Pinky promise ring: Love is something so beautiful, but so complicated. It can come at the worst moment when you least expect it. But it can also come just at the most opportune moment. Here, they both get carried away, no matter what is against them. They go out, do fun stuff, fall in love, and become a couple.

But it is too early to think about weddings and marriage, can anything be done before? A promise ring is a gift that your partner will always have in mind. Remembering the promise of love, fidelity, and commitment to the future that from today promised to be fulfilled.

The Pinky promise ring: A Promise, a commitment

Just as its name says, the promise ring is a promise, but a promise of what?

pinky promise ring

There is the beauty of that ring. It is generally referred to as a pre-engagement ring, with the promise to return the ring as a gift someday in the not-too-distant future. But really, you can use it however you want.

Something that is not at stake is that it means a more serious commitment, a deeper love. A new level in the relationship. Why give it if it is not for something more serious and strong?

What you should know about the pinky promise ring

It doesn’t matter who gives it, the man or lady; both can do it and both can wear it. It is a nice gesture that symbolizes the strong love they have for each other. So don’t just wait for the man to give it away.

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A gift is a gift and a couple’s commitment is between two. It does not have to fall on the weight of one person. The one who first feels the need to take such a beautiful next step should not repress it just because of his sex or gender.

Is the pinky promise ring essential?

No matter how serious the relationship is or how long they last as a couple, there are people who decide never to give such a ring. It is not because they do not want to strengthen their commitment. But because they are not aware of the meaning and history of the promise ring.

It is not an absolute requirement that gives you entrance to the next level of a relationship. It is a sign of the union and commitment that you have with your partner.

The words and actions of the day-to-day are more than enough. The latter is something more than essential and should not cost you much.

What is the difference between an engagement ring and a promise ring?

engagement ring vs promise ring

We have often heard those who say that the promise ring like the pinky promise ring and the engagement ring is the same. That is a mistake. It is true that both are symbolic representations of a commitment, but their meanings are different.

The first only symbolizes the decision to join in marriage in the near future. While the promise ring as mentioned above can mean many things depending on what the couple wants to demonstrate. 

Another differential point between the two is their designs. In general engagement rings are characterized by having a dazzling diamond as the protagonist of the piece. On the other hand for a promise ring, this is not necessary since instead of a large stone it can have symbols such as a heart or infinity in its center. 

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What to say when you give the ring?

Once you have the promise ring and you have already decided on the perfect time and place to give it to your partner, you must think about the words you will say. Most of the time this is the part that makes the couple most nervous. But the reality is that it is as simple as saying what is in your heart, what you feel for that person, and how committed you are to fulfilling that promise.

What to say when you give the promise ring

Where do you put the pinky promise ring?

It is common to think that a pinky promise ring is worn on the pinky finger. However, there is no rule regarding this point since each couple has the freedom to put it wherever they want. The bride and groom commonly put the promise ring on the ring finger of the left hand. 

Now, if over time the couple finally decides to get engaged, the engagement ring takes its place and the promise ring goes to the right hand. In turn, there are those who prefer not to wear the promise ring on the ring finger of the left hand to avoid confusing it with an engagement ring.


There are rings for many special moments in your life. But without a doubt, the pinky promise ring, the pandora promise ring, or similar rings has one of the most beautiful and special meanings. Now, no matter the type of relationship you have, be it friendship, courtship, or family, this ring will mark the beginning of a promise of eternal fidelity that transcends the material.

The Pinky Promise Ring is a perfectly discreet reminder of that promise to a friend or to yourself.

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