Bang Puff Bars: 5 Actionable Tips

bang puff bars variants

When we start vaping, we realize how fascinating and complex this world is. Most of the doubts arise about different puff bars, like the bang puff bars, the lush ice puff bar, the liquids for vaping, etc…

There are different questions about puff bars and vaping. They are, without a doubt, a new and somewhat controversial product.

The Bang Puff Bars

bang puff bars

The manufacturers of bang puff bars bring us an excellent blend of the best vaping flavor to achieve an incredible flavor. These flavors are combined with a good throat hit that reminds us a lot of the authentic flavor of tobacco. 

E-Cigarettes are perfect for those ex-tobacco smokers, the e-liquid being a good opportunity for those who miss that flavor without consuming nicotine.

How many hits are in the bang puff bars?

The new and improved bang Puff bar comes with a 350mAh battery and 1.8ml of nicotine salt juice. This gives you around 400 puffs which are quite a few hits before the juice is completely depleted and it’s time to dispose of it.

What types of electronic cigarettes are on the market?

Although regardless of the type, the best electronic cigarettes tend to stand out for their ergonomics and subtle finishes, it is worth delving into the various options available. Therefore, below, we collect the three main types of electronic cigarettes. These are the pod, pen, and box models. We accompany them with a brief description:

  • Pods: They are like capsules. They offer fewer features, making them ideal for beginners. Also, they are somewhat less robust than other options.
  • Pen: With an elongated design, they are the usual choice among users who start vaping. In fact, if you are a smoker of conventional cigarettes, they are the best alternative to carry out the transition between both options.
  • Box electronic cigarettes: The finish is rectangular. In addition, they are somewhat larger than average. They are usually focused on expert vapers, as they offer a large number of additional features.

What is the clearomizer of electronic cigarettes?

These are the small reservoirs or tanks where the e-liquid is stored. However, for the bang puff bars, the answer may be even deeper. Why? Well, because there is no single type of clearomizer. In fact, there are many variants that are currently marketed. Although broadly speaking, they can be classified into three different categories: MTL, DTL, and RTA:

  • MTL ( Mouth to Lung ): They seek to imitate conventional cigarettes as much as possible. Thanks to them, a classic user experience is achieved. With this type, there are two phases of vaping: mouth and lungs.
  • DTL ( Direct to Lungs ): The mechanism is the opposite of the previous one since once the vapor is sucked in, it does not remain in the mouth. In this way, it travels directly to the lungs. They are also known as Sub Ohm. The reason? Because the resistance they present is less than 1 ohm (Ohm). Due to this, dense clouds of vapor and superior flavor are achieved.
  • RTA ( Rebuildable Tank Atomizer ): They are quite customizable since they allow you to choose the size of the tank or e-liquid reservoir. RTA electronic cigarettes are usually complex. Because of this, they are more focused on experienced vapers.
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How to use the bang puff bars e-cigarettes?

The best electronic cigarettes have come a long way in recent years. Thanks to this, they offer a very high level of security. However, it never hurts to internalize certain guidelines for use. Therefore, if you want to get the most out of the bang puff bar you buy, proceed in the way that we stated below, you will not regret it!

  1. Make sure the battery is charged enough for your intended use.
  2. Being disposable, you don’t need to choose an e-liquid of your choice.
  3. Remove the plastic from the mouthpiece.
  4. Light the bang puff bar and hold down the center button while inhaling the vapor with your mouth.
  5. Release the middle button and enjoy the taste of flavored smoke in your mouth. Later, expel it through the mouth or nose.
  6. Repeat the guidelines in points 4 and 5. Of course, do not inhale excessively or with much force, it is much better gently and slowly.

Be Health Conscious?

The best e-cigarettes can get pretty dirty. This not only negatively influences its operation but can also lead to a health risk. Therefore, it is advisable to always keep the vape clean. To do this, keep the following tips in mind. Clean bang puff bars will make you enjoy it more and will be safer.

It is advisable to clean the charge pots. Make sure that you do it right, since, in this way, you will avoid potential dangers. Keep in mind that it is a delicate product that is also in contact with your mouth.

Can I travel by plane with an electronic cigarette?

Yes of course. Although until not long ago there were doubts about it, today they are all clear. Although the battery of electronic cigarettes was a problem, its technology has advanced so much that it is no longer the case. Moreover, the IATA (International Air Transport Association) has long allowed electronic cigarettes to be carried in hand luggage.

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Which Puff Bar Should I Start With?

Disposable Vapes

If you are going to start vaping, it is best to opt for a kit like the Puffco Peak Pro Opal, instead of a simple electronic cigarette. These types of options are generally accompanied by trial e-liquids, as well as many other accessories. Thanks to them, starting to vape is much easier. In case you already know what the thing is, you may be interested in other options like the bang puff bars.

Power and resistance

Endurance is key in vapers. It is measured in ohms. Normally, this ranges between 1.5 and 4.5 ohms. You should know that the less resistance your electronic cigarette has, the more vapor you will get. However, the flavor will be reduced. On the contrary, more resistance is synonymous with less vapor, but much more intense flavors.

Currently, not only do you have several types of electronic cigarettes, but increasingly elegant and sophisticated designs. You must choose an option that fits your lifestyle and your usual clothing. As for colors, you have a wide variety of them.


It seems increasingly clear that electronic cigarettes like the bang puff bars are the perfect alternative to conventional cigarettes. Although the issue of toxicity is still being studied in-depth, everything points to the fact that they are less harmful than traditional tobacco. In addition, the possibility of enjoying them with different doses of nicotine, or even none at all, is an advantage.

But either because you want to quit smoking or simply enjoy the range of flavors that they offer, you should buy the electronic cigarette that best suits you. To do this, we propose a series of recommendations.

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