Silver Anklets for Women: The Truth & What We Men Don’t Like!

Sterling Silver Anklet for Women

Silver Anklets for women or men are unique pieces of jewelry to use as a complement to our bodies. Whether they are silver or gold bracelets, you can find anklets for both men and women. In this way, these jewelry elements adapt to anyone regardless of their gender.

Women around the world have worn anklets for centuries, dating back to 6000 BC, but the controversy surrounding anklets seems to be endless. So, while many women wear the anklet as a bracelet, other meanings might be attached to the anklets.

Silver anklets for Women

Although women’s anklets have become fashionable a few years ago, their use is older. In this way, many of the African tribes or societies that preceded us already used these accessories. 

Now, everything is much easier and you can buy anklets through an online website. You will have the selected object in your house in the blink of an eye to be able to enjoy it. Whether gold, silver, unadorned, or decorated in some way, the options are endless. 

What does an ankle bracelet mean for a woman?

ankle bracelet for a woman

In many cultures, the silver anklets for women are worn on their left foot as a symbol of a talisman or charm. Wearing the anklet on the left foot makes this accessory an amulet that provides protection against disease and bad omens.

Using silver anklets for women can also mean that the woman is interested in a casual relationship, although there are cases where it shows that the wearer is engaged or married.

Wearing the anklet on the right ankle also has meaning. It is often a sign that the woman is single and may be actively seeking. But that’s not all, the color of the anklet can also mean something else.

In general:

  • Yellow anklets are synonymous with warmth, friendship, and good fortune.
  • White anklets are synonymous with purity, and the wearer may be a virgin.
  • Green anklets signify good luck and are believed to calm the wearer when stressed.
  • Pink anklets represent a romantic relationship.
  • Black anklets are synonymous with secrets, and
  • Red anklets are believed to bring luck and fortune to the wearer.

You have to take all of these things into account, especially if you are superstitious.

Meaning of silver anklets for women on the right leg

Besides its beauty, this subtle ankle accessory carries a meaning other than beauty, depending on which leg you wear it on.

A silver anklet for women or any anklet for that matter worn on the right ankle indicates that the person wearing it is single and possibly seeking a partner.

Historically, men and women who got married wore wedding rings to symbolize their marital status, and bracelets like the slave bracelets were a gift given to the bride to formalize their nuptials and let the rest of the world know they were married. But the anklet was worn on the left ankle.

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vintage women jewelry

However, the anklet has a different meaning in the contemporary world. Beyond beauty, the anklet was also worn because of the perceived health benefits of this accessory.

Silver anklets for women, for example, were believed to help heal wounds while protecting the wearer from problems such as hormonal imbalance, infertility, and other gynecological issues. Silver has also been an anti-inflammatory agent that improves immune function and overall health.

What does an anklet mean sexually?

Putting on silver anklets for women on the left ankle is often thought to have sexual connotations. The most common is that the bracelet on the left ankle tells the world that you are ready to “go out” even if you are not ready to commit seriously.

Others associate anklets with showing interest and telling others that you are ready for an open relationship.

Do anklets make women sexier or more attractive?

Anklets have become part of classic jewelry and are worn by women all over the world, regardless of their age and the event they are dressing for.

Thus, silver anklets for women (ankle bracelets) have therefore made their way into offices and meeting rooms along with earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

The main reason for this is that the anklet is an elegant and simple accessory that, if well chosen, makes any woman more attractive.

Tips for Wearing Silver Anklets for Women

The most common anklets are silver ones, barefoot anklets, pearl anklets, and gold chain anklets. These anklets are suitable for most occasions, although a gold chain anklet will look prettier on your ankle for going to work than the beaded anklet or barefoot anklet.

Ultimately, different anklets create different effects, and you should always keep that in mind. The gold anklet, for example, exudes an air of sophistication and class, with or without gemstones, and looks great with high heels and pumps.

Barefoot silver anklets for women are also casual, go well with sandals, and are ideal for festivals or a trip to the beach. Conversely, beaded anklets work well in clubwear with bohemian outfits or fun charm outfits, including going to a prom.

Taking this information into account, you should not make a mistake in choosing, regardless of the setting in which you dress. In general, silver anklets for women are perfect for vacations, the beach, festivals, poolside lounging, or a casual summer party.

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Position the ankle bracelet correctly

Keeping in mind the shades around anklets, wear them on the ankle where you feel comfortable, but don’t wear them over your tights. Anklets should only go on the bare legs.

It can be loose or tight, depending on your style and preference, as long as it sits above the ankle, not below.

Keep your outfit in mind

Wear dream shoes with the anklet, making sure they don’t bump into each other. Wear the anklet with a crop top and cropped jeans in the summer for a chic look, or maybe even a sundress with flip-flops.


Finally, Silver anklets for women should match your personality and overall style as a woman.

silver anklets for women

Tips for using silver anklets for women

  1. It is important that you consider which shoes you are going to use so that the bracelet matches your shoe. You should know that, if you are going to wear shoes that have a strap, the anklet will collide with the shoe.
  2. Before now, you could wear these silver anklets for women with shoes like backless sandals or loafers, but recently, you can wear them with any type of shoe.
  3. Measure your ankle so that it fits perfectly, if the bracelet is too big it will not look as nice.
  4. However way you decide to wear the anklets, they will surely look amazing. I only recommend that you do not use them over leggings because they can be damaged.

How to measure the ankle so that it fits perfectly?

You must keep in mind if you want the anklet to be tight or loose. You can measure your ankle with a tape measure. Sometimes if you get the size wrong you can go to a store and get extensions to fix the silver anklets for women.

Sizes are usually within this range:

  • Small: 5 cm/ 23 cm – 8.5 inches/ 9 inches.
  • Medium: 15 cm – 9.5 inches.
  • Large: 25.5 cm – 10 inches.


Nothing better than a silver anklet to adorn our legs from the first rays of the sun. Depending on where you live, wearing silver anklets for women can become a jewelry desire during the winter months, when closed and high shoes cannot be worn. 

That’s why when the good weather approaches, there are many who prepare their ‘wish list’ of silver anklets. To wear with dresses, skirts, and any other garment that exposes our ankles, silver anklets are ideal. 

They bring our spring-summer looks to life like no other accessory. The best thing about silver anklets for women is that you can include them both in your day-to-day and on more special occasions with a high-heeled sandals and a nice dress. 

Finding more sophisticated silver anklet designs won’t be a problem at Amazon, Etsy, and other online jewelry shops. Let yourself fall in love and get your silver anklet for this summer.

As you can see there is a lot of information about the origin and meaning of anklets for women. I also hope you liked the blog and if you are interested in acquiring some of the silver anklets for women, you can go to the Amazon collection

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