Classic Blue Jewelry for Women

blue light

We already have a Pantone color for the year 2022. We are talking about the classic blue jewelry, which reminds us all of the skies when night falls. Natasha is known for revealing trends and providing significant insight into the world of jewels and colors. Every shade you choose is backed by relevance and meaning based on current world affairs.

Blue has often been associated with sadness. But for centuries, this color has also been a symbol of hope, faith, and trust. According to the Pantone Color Institute, “We live in a time that requires trust and faith. It is this kind of consistency and confidence that Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue expresses, a solid and reliable shade of blue that we can always rely on.”

Classic blue in jewelry

Classic blue is a color widely used in jewelry. The design of this type of jewelry takes into account aspects such as size, weight, and comfort when creating pieces to wear on the finger, around the neck, or ears.

There are several blue jewelry to choose from, according to the choice and the reason for the gift. Here are three ways to use classic blue.

Blue sapphire

This gem is sought after not only for the beauty and brilliance it exudes. Its color also represents faith and commitment, making it an ideal choice for engagement rings. It exudes a magnetic color that promises a combination of luxury and sophistication. It’s another great option to infuse classic blue into your look.

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Blue sapphire for engagement ring

But that’s not all, any type of jewelry that contains the Sapphire is an infallible option to welcome 2022 with classic blue. As an example, we have for you this necklace with a silver or gold chain and ruthenium bath.

necklace with a silver chain jewelry

London Blue Topaz:

This gem has long been adored for its lovely blue-green hue and other attributes, such as the ability to heal and bring peace. Legends aside, whether you choose a ring or earrings, it will certainly be a stylish way to wear the official Pantone color for the year 2022.

Blue Topaz jewelry

Blue Diamond

Have you ever heard of the blue diamond? You may be wondering what has to happen for a diamond to turn blue. Diamonds all form the same way deep below the surface of the earth. However, the color of the diamond comes from different factors. In any case, in Gibes Joyas you can find them, as in these earrings.

What makes good jewelry?

A good jewel for women is one that can be worn on any occasion. It should also have a classic style and design so that it never goes out of style.

What types of jewelry are there?

There are many types of jewelry for women. Some examples are

  • Bracelets,
  • The necklaces,
  • Earrings,
  • The Rings.

Blue jewelry is for those who want to look and feel their best. It can be worn by anyone, but it has been designed mostly with women in mind. You use these types When you want to look good and feel good.


Jewelry is the most desired by women, it gives us that essential touch that is always needed, to look more elegant.

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You have endless options to choose from, depending on the occasion you need to use it. Do not stay without using yours.

The sky, the water, and some of the most intriguing gems born on earth radiate blue. This color is a gift of nature, which invites reflection and means resistance. As we begin a new decade, classic blue tells us to move forward with simplicity and expand our thinking in the most positive way possible. 

So now you know, if you want to be fashionable with your jewelry this year 2022 and you want to anticipate what may happen, do not hesitate to choose this wonderful color.

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