3 Mysteries about the Slave Bracelet Demystified

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The origin of the slave bracelet is based on an Indian legend and means that each Indian woman, when marrying an Indian, received a bracelet made with branches or plants which promised fidelity to him.

The Indians had many clashes with subjugators who came to usurp their lands, which saw many men lost their lives in those fights. But the Indian woman when her husband died could marry another, who now put a slave bracelet on her.

Indian women could not have more than three slave bracelet, if they reached the third one, they were sacrificed in the name of the husbands who were warriors fallen in wars to defend their lands.

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Currently, and many years later, this type of bracelet no longer has the same meaning as it did then and has become an accessory for everyday use or for more formal occasions.

As we have told you before, the slave bracelet is a type of bracelet that fit perfectly with most looks, especially those that are more formal or for special occasions where you want to shine.

Its simplicity and sobriety, added to the delicacy of this piece, make it a perfect silver jewel for special occasions and with looks in which you choose a dress, suit and jacket or black tie.

Likewise, and as we have mentioned, they are also perfectly combinable with more informal clothing. Dare in your day to day or in a work meeting and show off your slave bracelet. We are sure that you will succeed!

Yes, a little advice. Whether at a wedding, a party or at work, let the silver slave bracelet  be the only protagonist of your wrist. You will shine for sure!

Slave Bracelet Moments

Western culture has modified the legend of the slave bracelet, and now we give away slaves basically in two occasions; to show our fidelity and commitment to our spouse by giving away a silver or gold slave bracelet and the other tradition is to give a slave bracelet for each year you spend with your partner. .

The most traditional slave bracelet:

It is not very fashionable now but it still has its meaning. It is the gold or silver chain and at the end a small plate where the name of the couple is inscribed. The price of this type of slave can be around €500 in the case of gold slaves and 250 in the case of silver slave bracelet.

Leather slaves are a very fashionable variety today and are used on a daily basis, they have less value than jewelry ones but they are really very attractive in terms of design. The leather slaves have an approximate price of €50 depending on the stones they carry.

The ankle slave bracelet is a very sensual jewel and apart from having the same meaning as the hand bracelet, it is used above all in summer as a decorative element for women. The price of the ankle slave can be from €40 to €150

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More original slave bracelets

Nowadays many jewelry designers have given a twist to the design of the slave bracelet and have incorporated irregular shapes, less pure materials, etc. The price of these slaves changes a lot depending on the design and the material.

Types of silver slave bracelet

traditional one

In general, we can say that there are silver slave bracelets that are entirely made of the silver material or those bracelets that a part or adornment is made of silver.

  • Fine silver slave bracelets: They are made entirely of silver and are discreet but elegant. They can be plain or have some motif or hanging decoration.
  • Thick silver bracelets: As their name indicates, they are 100% silver but showier than the previous ones, either because of the decorations or because the chains are intertwined and we have a wider and more voluminous bracelet.
  • Silver and zirconia bracelets: As we have explained on previous occasions, zircons stones are used in the world of jewelry for their resemblance to diamonds. These types of bracelets are usually thin and decorated with zircons.
  • Cord bracelet with silver decorations: This type of bracelet is made with a cord and has some detail or decoration in silver
  • Silver Slave bracelet: They are silver bracelets, but rigid. In addition, their shape can vary and they can be wide, round and square.
  • Riviera bracelets : They are a classic in jewelry that never goes out of style. It is a bracelet that usually has diamonds next to each other or precious stones. They combine perfectly with the riviere necklaces.

As in the case of silver rings and necklaces, they are bracelets made with Sterling silver or 925 Sterling silver, made up of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. This last material gives the piece resistance and hardness.

Likewise, a silver slave bracelet can be made of rhodium- plated silver, which means that they have a rhodium plating that gives them a brighter color, and in turn, gives them more resistance, preventing the jewel from scratching or losing its color or gold plating.

What is the meaning behind the bracelet?

Much controversy surrounds the original name of the slave bracelet. However, this name has a rich and fascinating history. Despite the original name, the bracelet is becoming more and more popular. 

Jewelry can have many meanings, even love bracelets, and there are various styles and colors to choose from. But how did the “slave” bracelet get its current meaning?

Another history of the Slave Bracelet

The bracelet has different meanings depending on the period in which it was worn:

The “slave” bracelet was already known about 5000 years ago . It is unclear whether it served as a sign of ownership, or simply as an ornament.

Unfortunately, around the 16th century , the meaning of the slave bracelet became quite literal. The current name also dates from that period. African and Caribbean slaves received a bracelet with an engraved number or mark. This was for identification.

slave bracelet history

In India , the bracelet took on a completely different meaning. Formerly it was a love bracelet. The men gave the women bracelets that they made to earn them.

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Today , fortunately, the bracelet is used solely as a fashion item .

Archaeologists disagree when the term slave bracelet was first used. A painting found in Pakistan shows a woman dancing with slave bracelets around her wrist, and dates to 2600 BC. C. _

Historical images, similar symbols (such as filigree earrings), and “slave” bracelets made of shell, clay, copper, gold, or bronze have also been found in some parts of India. 

However, it is not certain whether the bracelets were used solely to indicate a person’s ownership, or as decoration.

But how did the slave bracelet come to that meaning?

Unfortunately, the term “slave” bracelet largely refers to slavery’s dark past. During the 16th century, slaves in Africa and the Caribbean had to wear a sturdy one-piece bracelet. A number or mark was engraved to facilitate the identification of the slaves . The “slave bracelets” often did not open or close, so they could not be removed and escaped.

The bracelet was usually a flat sheet of bronze or wrought iron. Of course it was not as polished and shiny as the jewelry we know today. The slave bracelet was more like handcuffs or shackles than a fashion accessory.

At the same time, the meaning of this type of bracelet was not always linked to slavery . In the Indian subcontinent, women wore the bracelet as jewelry to decorate the body. 

Some civilizations also linked jewelry with love: men gave homemade jewelry to women to woo them. The Romans would have been the first to turn the slave bracelet into love jewelry and love accessories.

Today in the West we wear the bracelet primarily as a fashion item. Couples often wear a diamond set to show their love. The fact that the bracelets are difficult to remove further underlines the commitment. 

The modern slave bracelet

modern slave bracelet

The modern cuff is an open or closed rigid cuff. On open ones, each end often has a ball so the bracelet stays securely around the wrist. A fully enclosed bracelet can be slammed shut or you simply have to slide it over your wrist. 

There are simple bracelets, but also some more flashy ones, decorated with many small diamonds or other precious stones.

If you are going to give it as a gift, it may be a good idea to engrave the bracelet. A personal message always adds that extra touch to a piece of jewelry.

The flat bracelet is more like the historical slave bracelet, while there are round, oval, hollow and convex designs that have the same name. 

Now that you realize that the “slave” bracelet can be a stylish accessory, it’s important to know which bracelets you can match and which match best. There are several popular precious metals that have different colors. We can provide you with more information on all types of diamond bracelets and their properties on a later post.

Closing Thought

We can conclude that the slave bracelet seems to be leaving behind the terrible history that it carries. Today, we no longer associate this beautiful type of bracelet with slavery, but with sheer brilliance and fashion.. 

A rigid bracelet for men and women who want to shine on a special occasion, or simply for everyday life.

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