How to choose the ideal wallpaper for your living room

wallpaper for living room

The wallpaper is an ideal option to give a differential air to the walls and turn them into a key element in the decoration. Surely on more than one occasion, you have wondered why your house does not look like those houses in decoration magazines. Suddenly you are overwhelmed by an imminent need to make a change but inspiration is not always with us… In the end, that change, in the best of cases, becomes a substitution of the color of the paint on the walls. A shift from white to light yellow.

 The wallpaper is economical, easy to place and remove and there are an infinite number of designs and possibilities in its use. We show you how to choose the wallpaper for the living room and what aspects you should consider.

What to consider when choosing wallpaper for the living room

Wallpaper has interesting advantages compared to paint. Although the paint is also suitable depending on which area. The first is easy to remove and put on. It resists the passage of time very well and most models are washable. The range of options is so wide that you will find dozens of designs that perfectly fit your tastes and preferences.

The wallpaper has always been an excellent solution
The wallpaper has always been an excellent solution

In any case, when choosing wallpaper for the living room, it must be taken into account that this is the room where they are used the most. It is usually best to opt for light prints, not very overloaded, which can be smooth or with textures.

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The most classic designs are those that reproduce prints with neutral and raw colors.  Floral and geometric motifs are common. However, if you want to give the living room a more original air, you can place the wallpaper in dark or gray colors, with some shiny effect,  and whenever space allows due to its dimensions.

The lighting in the living room and its harmony with the wallpaper

A detail to take care of in the case of using wallpaper in dark tones is the issue of lighting. In the market, we can already find paper models that include their own lighting system to give clarity to the room.

But if that is not the case, the idea is to get a space that is well-lit and does not generate much glare. LED strip lighting is a good alternative. If you opt for wallpaper in dark or gray colors with a shiny effect, one proposal is to have these effects in areas that are well-lit, either through natural light that penetrates from the outside or with  LED wall lights directed toward that area.

Where to put wallpaper in the living room

If you decide to put wallpaper on the wall of your home, the next question is where to put that wallpaper in the living room. Which wall to choose? The most common is to opt for the media wall, where the television is placed since that is the central point in the living room, the one that concentrates the view for the longest time.

The decoration behind the screen should not be overwhelming, being able to choose subtle patterns with neutral tones, delicate stripes, small plant elements, or even designs that imitate construction materials but always without sacrificing the quality of the wallpaper.

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If you don’t use a TV at home and you do use a projector. You shouldn’t put living room wallpaper on that wall, as it will reduce the quality of the projected image. Patterns with geometric figures, vertical stripes, and floral elements are the most used. But the possibilities are almost endless.


Do not forget that with wallpaper you can also cover tables, shelves, and other furniture. This is to renew their appearance or get them to rhyme with the new design of the walls. The procedure is the same. That you must better prepare the surface and apply a sealer because the wood usually has pores that, if not eliminated, prevent a perfect finish from being achieved. 

So far the advice on how to choose a wallpaper for the living room is as suggested above. The keys are taking care of the lighting. Not overloading the room that much, and opting for quality papers, as they are the most durable and resistant.

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