How Much Do Nike Air Force Ones Weigh

How Much Do Nike Air Force Ones Weigh
How Much Do Nike Air Force Ones Weigh


How Much Do Nike Air Force Ones Weigh: It can be difficult to tell how much a pair of Nike Air Force Ones weighs and whether they feel heavy on the foot if you haven’t tried them on previously. If you are posting a pair, it is also crucial to be aware of their weight.

This post will discuss the weight of the AF1 ’07s as well as my own assessment of how heavy they feel when worn and how they stack up against the weight of other well-known shoes.

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Nike Air Force One Size Guide

You can use web resources in a variety of methods to determine what Nike Air Force One size is appropriate for you. To help with any potential sizing concerns, the Nike official website offers measuring and sizing charts.

Men’s, women’s, and children’s sizes are included in these sizing charts. You can purchase sneakers online with confidence if you are aware of the proper footwear size.

In this post, I’ve included my own guidelines and details on how to take accurate foot measurements.

A Guide On Measuring Feet For Nick Air Force Ones

For optimal comfort and ease, choosing the correct footwear size is crucial. You can measure your feet in two ways: digitally and practically, both of which do not require an electrical instrument. Below, I’ve detailed how to accomplish both.

The practical way to measure your feet requires a piece of paper, a pencil, a ruler or measuring tape.

In order to use this technique, you must stand on the paper and mark your longest toe and heel with a pencil. Use the measuring tape to determine the distance between your toe and heel, then record the measurement in both centimeters and inches.

You may select the right sneaker size by using both this method and the sizing chart.

Nike Fit is used in the digital way of measuring your feet. On the official Nike app, there is a feature called Nike Fit. With the aid of this tool, sneaker enthusiasts may evaluate what size will fit them the best based on the type of sneaker, their foot size, and the opinions of other sneaker enthusiasts.

This computerized tool also emphasizes individual tastes, which can be helpful anytime a new pair of sneakers is purchased.

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Nike Air Force Ones are heavier than the average running shoes

The weight of Nike Air Force Ones is one of the main reasons they are not recommended for running. The normal, mid-level running shoe for males weighs just about 9.5 ounces, whereas the Nike Air Force 1 weighs almost a stunning 16.5 pounds.

Your speed may be slowed by that considerable weight, especially if you run far distances. As a runner, you are aware that lighter shoes allow you to run more quickly.

In fact, runners were 1% slower for every 3.5 ounces added to each pair of shoes, according to a Nike-funded study that was published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.

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In other words, the researchers estimated that elite runners might perhaps complete a marathon in around 57 seconds less time if they used shoes that were 3.5 ounces lighter than usual.

Although they are not “real running shoes,” other Nike casual trainers like the Roshe Run are better for running because they are lighter than other sneakers.

Although lighter running shoes do make it possible to run a little bit quicker, the feature of the shoes that should appeal to the majority of runners the most is their ability to prevent injuries.

With the proper weight and cushioning in your shoes, you can run with the best form possible, which can help you avoid long-term injuries.

Nike Air Force Ones are not flexible enough for running

The general flexibility of the shoes is just as significant as their weight. Running shoes that can adapt to your feet’s natural movement are necessary since both of your feet naturally flex and bend as you take strides.

Running shoes must be made with the right materials in order to be flexible.

The material used to make most running shoes is a breathable knit polyester or nylon mesh, allowing it to easily conform to the contours of your feet while you run.

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Important Facts About The Nike Air Force

A timeless pair of shoes that has grown in popularity through time is the Nike Air Force One. Everyone wearing new shoes seems to be wearing them everywhere you turn. The fact that this sneaker is popular with both men and women adds to its classic appeal.

The Nike Air Force One, some of which you might not be aware of, are as follows

  • Bruce Kilgore designed the Nike Air Force One in 1982
  • Six NBA players introduced the sneaker
  • Highest-selling sneaker of all time
  • The sneaker got its name from the United States presidential plane
  • First sneaker to provide comfort and stability for basketball players

Frequently Ask Questions About Nick Air Forces Weigh

Are Nike Air Force 1 Good For Running?

The Nike Air Force 1 was the first basketball shoe to employ Nike Air technology before it became a fashion staple and a sneaker legend.

The Nike Air Force 1 shoes are most recognized now for being casual, cozy sneakers that are only worn for fashion. We will examine three factors—weight, flexibility, and sole thickness—to ascertain whether they are suitable for running.

How Much Do Nike Air Force Ones Weigh

Based on a UK Women’s size 6 shoe (US Women’s size 8), the weight of a pair of Nike Air Force Ones is 434 grams (15.3 oz). Both sneakers weigh 868 grams when combined (30.6 oz).

Naturally, different sizes will have varying weights because they require more material. This is merely a suggestion. In addition, if the shoes are wet, the weight may rise. When the shoes were dry and there were no additional insoles present, the weight of my own AF1s was recorded.

Here is how the weight of the AF1s compares to that of Converse and bulky boots so you can get an idea of how much they weigh and feel to wear.

Footwear Brand Weight per shoe
Converse Low Tops 254g
Air Force Ones 434g
Dr. Martens 1460s 592g


The Converse were far lighter than the Air Force Ones, while the Dr. Martens were significantly heavier, as you can see from the table above. If you already own these brands, you can get an idea of how AF1s will feel because they fall somewhere in the middle of the two.

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Here is a picture of the three separate pairs of shoes being weighed, proving that I did, in fact, weigh them.

Is Nick Air Force Heavy On The Foot?

Nick Air Force don’t feel particularly hefty on the foot, in my experience. They weigh a manageable amount. The weight of the leather top and sole isn’t oppressive, despite some people’s concerns that they’ll appear and feel a touch big.

They will feel a little heavier if you are used to wearing Converse, but it is not an uncomfortable difference.

Because Nick Air Force are made to be comfortable and simple to use, their weight is taken into consideration during the design process. The thick sole of Nick Air Force Ones, which feels hefty but bouncy, accounts for the majority of their weight.

Do Nick Air Force 1s Run Big?

The Nike Air Force One is a basketball shoe that was created and released in 1982. Over time, it evolved into a casual shoe that people wear on a daily basis. Because it was the first basketball shoe to feature Nike Air Technology, the Nick Air Force One is well-known in the sneaker community.

Do Nick Air Force Ones run larger than other Nike sneakers is a frequent query from first-time buyers.

 Compared to other Nike sneakers, Nike Air Force Ones are renowned for running slightly larger. Both men’s and women’s sneakers suffer from this. This is because the shape of their toe box allows for lots of movement and gives them a roomy fit. You might need to size down by half a size if you have narrow feet or like a tighter fit.

 Sneaker enthusiasts are aware that the Nike Air Force One is a sneaker that is often larger in size than other sneakers (like Converse, Vans and other Nike designs).

If you like wiggle room, AF1s will be ideal for you because they normally provide your feet and toes more room than other sneakers of the same size. They are renowned for being cozy and simple to wear.

Here is what Nike has to say about the Air Force One style and how it gradually breaks in for a cozy, roomy fit.

My Experience

In my experience, Nick Air Force Ones are a perfect fit, with room for my feet to feel at ease in the toe box. I’ve discovered that they don’t feel too tight when worn with thick socks.

Their style is ideal for me because I prefer a roomy fit. I bought my Nick Air Force 1 in my true size, which is UK women’s size 6 (US size 8).

The toe box is a little bit broader than those of other shoes, such Converse, as can be seen in the image above. If you’ve worn Old Skool Vans before, they fit more similarly to those.

Your fingers can fit inside the sneaker collar all the way up to your first knuckle. However, it’s not so slack that your heel will feel vulnerable to slipping out. I don’t slip even though my heels are little narrow.

Size down a half size if you think they could be too big for you. Although it’s up to each taste, I ordered my real size since I like how roomy it feels.

Before purchasing your own pair of AF1s, you can utilize the size chart I’ve supplied in this post.


How Much Do Nike Air Force Ones Weigh: The Nike Air Force One is a popular shoe among sneakerheads since it is a little larger in size than other Nike models. Your feet and toes can move freely thanks to the big toe box area, and the roomy sneaker collar securely secures your heel in place. Before purchasing your first pair, be sure to refer to the sizing charts above!


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