Air Track mat

Air Track mat
Air Track mat

Air Track mat

What is air track mat?

Air track mat: A specific kind of gym mat. You can use it for gymnastics and for jumping at the gym. These mats are lightweight and portable.

They come in a variety of sizes and forms, so you may pick the one that best suits your requirements.

Air track mat Warranty and Price

When you go to the store to buy an air track mat for yourself, you should be aware of the different types of mats that are offered there.

These mats are priced differently depending on their size, shape, and features. The two identical mats are also available in various price ranges.

Warranty is another crucial factor. Always choose the product with the best warranty and the lowest price. From a variety of online stores, like Kameymall, you may choose the best one.

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Air track mat Features

When compared side by side, all of the inflated air track mats have the same appearance, but closer examination reveals minute variations that might allow one product to perform better than the others.

Your decision may be influenced by premium materials, specific compressors, air blowers, and even handrails.

  • When you need to quickly inflate and deflate, you need valves.
  • Although advertising PVC sheets and double-walled textiles are more expensive materials, you may get away with using less expensive ones.
    It’s crucial to comprehend all of the product information because blower motors might or might not be included in your order. Additionally, hand pumps might not be as efficient as electric pumps.
  • The grip and carrying a bag that come with each mat will aid if you need to move your mat regularly.
  • The mat can be attached to something or connected to other mats using the velcro on its corners. Although not all mats have velcro, it is a factor to take into account.

Air track mat Thickness

The suggested minimum thickness for inflated mats is 4 inches, which is what the majority of them are. However, you may purchase items that appear to be 6 or 8 inches thick for further protection.

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There are certain businesses that sell 12-inch thick inflatable mats, but they are rather expensive. However, due to the thickness of the air track, it might not be the best option for younger children.

Air track mat Size

Air track mats feature inflated, long, thin rectangles, however they don’t all have the same dimension.

It’s a wise idea to measure the locations where the mat will be used most frequently and select a solution that fills in the smallest gaps.

Although the majority of the goods have a diameter of about 3 feet, you can find others with larger variety (e.g. 5 feet wide).

A wide variety of lengths, from 6 to 20 feet, are also offered. Ten-foot air track mats are possibly the most common size available. To create longer tracks, a few of these mats can be connected together.

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Why you should choose air track mat

Both at home and in gyms, Air Tracks have a variety of purposes. The best feature of these mats is their portability with our carrying bag and their incredible storage compactness.

Additionally, it is simple to adjust the pressure for various amounts of cushion and bounce. All things considered, an AirTrack is incredibly adaptable and a perfect supplement to any sport practice.

What size AirTrack mat is right for you?

What AirTrack size is ideal for me is one of the most frequent queries we receive. It could be challenging to determine which mat would be best for you given the variety of AirTrack sizes.

Here, we’ll go through the AirTrack sizing chart. the various sizes and their greatest applications to assist you in selecting the appropriate size.

10 AirTrack

The AirTrack 10’s dimensions of 3x10x4 make it ideal for use in cramped areas. It provides a mat that is both compact and long enough to fit in a trick in small backyards, gyms, and studios.

This mat comes with a carrying bag for convenience during transport and weights around 30lbs with the footpump. This makes it simple to transport them so you may take them to the gym everywhere

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13 AirTrack

The Air Track 13 is ideal for exercising in confined places, much like the AirTrack 10, but it adds an additional 3 feet of length for those that require it.

With the foot pump, this AirTrack weighs 37 lbs, which is still manageable and lightweight for practically all ages and sizes to carry with the carrying case.

16 AirTrack

The AirTrack 16 is perfect for gym environments and measures 3x16x4. Although on the larger side, it is ideal for expansive backyards.

This duration enables the use of multiple tricks in a single pass or the addition of a transition, like a roundoff, before a pass begins.

This mat weighs about 45 lbs. with the foot pump, which may require some extra muscle but is still manageable for practically all ages and sizes when combined with a carrying bag.

Pro AirTrack 16

With the electric pump, the AirTrack 16 Pro weighs about 78 lbs and has dimensions of 3x16x8. This mat works well in gyms or for people with access to spacious outdoor areas.

A higher level gymnast who wishes to be able to practice a pass with multiple tricks or incorporate a roundoff into it would benefit most from the AirTrack 16 Pro.

The thickness of the Pro distinguishes it from the standard AirTrack. The mat’s increased depth allows for extra bounce and cushion.

This is especially beneficial for students who are only beginning to learn trick-sets that need greater difficulty, such front and back flips.

20 AirTrack

The AirTrack 20 is 3x20x4 and weighs about 55lbs when the foot pump is engaged. Some younger children may need help carrying this, although it is still tiny enough to fit in some tighter situations.

For players at a higher level who require more room for practice, this length is ideal. For the majority of athletes, this fits two tricks.

Pro AirTrack 20

The AirTrack 20 Pro is 95 lbs. and has dimensions of 3x20x8. In order to prevent injuries from carrying this mat, it would be advisable for someone older to do so alone or with assistance.

For practicing more difficult tricks and passes in gyms or studios, this length works perfectly. Similar to the AirTrack 16 Pro, this mat is ideal for elite athletes that require more space.

The AirTrack 16 Pro is identical to this mat except that it is thicker. The mat has extra bounce and cushion thanks to the added depth. Air can also be added or removed based on your need.


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