How to Become a Digital entrepreneur? The Ultimate Tips

become a digital entrepreneur

Do you dream of creating your own digital business and being a digital entrepreneur but you don’t know how to go about it or where to start? 

This article gives you our best advice to launch your project by adopting the right state of mind. You will see: between now and the day when we can say “ Hello to you young entrepreneur ”, there is only one step.

Becoming an entrepreneur, yes… But why?

Before giving you our precious advice (in all humility, of course), let us ask you an important question: why?

Why exactly do you want to become an entrepreneur? If it’s to earn lots of money and finally be able to lie down in a tub of banknotes, I prefer to warn you right away: the disappointment is likely to be bitter.

Better to find something else (like creating an OnlyFans account, it will be faster). Ditto if you hope to find fame: we advise you in this case too to go your way and start taking singing lessons.

On the other hand, if your answer is to provide solutions that facilitate the daily life of human beings, then continue reading. Please note, we are not telling you that only digital environmental or societal projects count.

But that becoming an entrepreneur is above all carrying out or managing a project that responds directly or indirectly to a concern common to the human species. To put it simply, which seeks to facilitate the use or solve a problem.

If you don’t yet have the answer to this founding question, don’t panic! It does not mean that everything is ruined and that you will never be able to become an entrepreneur or swim in a pool of money (always more). 

Here, it just means that you have to find an idea, and believe in our long experience. It is possible! To find out how to continue to the next part.

Put yourself in a position to come up with ideas

Yes, you read that right. Putting yourself in a position to find ideas to become an entrepreneur does not mean meditating in the lotus position or uttering incantatory phrases on full moon nights…. 

No, putting yourself in a position to find ideas means listening to people around you, digging into certain subjects when they seem interesting, reading articles, and books, and listening to podcasts… In short, adopting an attitude of openness to the world. 

Here are some ideas of concrete actions that you can put in place with this in mind: 

  • Start by asking your loved ones what industry they see you in. Chances are that you have a pre-conceived idea on the subject, and just as likely that their answers will surprise you;
  • Also, ask them what is missing in their daily life, the difficulties they encounter, the things that frustrate them, or the dreams that inhabit them. To find ideas, it is always good to dream! ;
  • Make a list of what excites you, what interests you, and subjects that fascinate you but which you don’t necessarily dare to talk about with the people around you… You may find something to dig into;
  • On a daily basis, question your uses, whether it is the way you consume, move around, inform yourself or entertain yourself… There are undoubtedly ways to challenge/improve them.
  • Listen to entrepreneurial news. The best way to be inspired is to listen to inspiring people. Abuse articles on start-ups and innovation, podcasts, and specialized magazines on the economy;
  • Cultivate your creativity. It seems crude said like that, but it’s very concrete advice. Challenge yourself (a drawing contest knowing that you don’t know how to draw), visit exhibitions, listen to random artists… 
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Trying to solve a problem is a good starting point for becoming an entrepreneur, solving one of your problems is even better.

On this subject, TheGrandly platform was born from a personal problem: looking for reviews is tedious, the analyzes available online are more or less good, and is rarely satisfied with partnerships.

In short, get out of your comfort zone and question what surrounds you. By putting yourself in this posture, you will increase your chances of finding an idea. Once this idea has been unearthed, you can already consider that you are becoming an entrepreneur! The Digitalizing aspect of it is what we are coming to.

Turn your idea into a real project

Having an idea is one thing, building a project to become an entrepreneur is another. Once you have found the famous idea (of the century, no doubt about it), detail it on paper as if you had to explain it to someone who knows absolutely nothing about it. 

This will make it easier for you to move on to the next steps, which we believe are essential steps when you want to start a business. And especially :

  • Market research, to make sure there is a real need and that you are not going to tear your hair out trying to sell a product or service that no one wants or that everyone is already selling ;
  • And the business plan, in order to have a clear idea of ​​the project you want to launch. To help you in this step, you can rely on a dedicated tool (here, you will find tools to create a successful business plan ).

In short,

make sure you have a clear vision of your entrepreneurial project by asking yourself all the necessary questions: what? For who? Where? How? With what funding?

If you are still asking yourself the question “ How to become an entrepreneur? ”, you have a big part of the answer here: you become one by asking yourself questions, and by trying to provide them with the most precise answers possible even before starting a business.

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Don’t wait any longer to become a digital entrepreneur: get started!

Another big part of the answer to this famous question “ How to become an entrepreneur? ” lies in the verb do. 

Becoming an entrepreneur means forcing yourself to get started! If you have a solid enough project in mind, stop waiting: create it and test it. Even if it means having to change legal form once your business is rolling, create a self-employed business and DARE.

Yes, we capitalize because it’s important. In our opinion, this is the attitude that must be part of the mindset of any self-respecting entrepreneur: dare to start and above all not leave a project at the project stage. 

This advice is all the more important as today, it is possible to create a business online in a few clicks, and that one can benefit from many aids to the creation of a business when creating his company. 

In itself, the creation stage is not the most difficult… But to get there, you still have to succeed in taking the leap! The best advice we can give you is not to ask yourself too many questions. 

Do you have an idea or a project? Have you done a market study, and built a business plan? So don’t wait any longer, the administrative aspects are only a formality … It would still be a shame if someone else got started before you!

To become an entrepreneur, learn to share

Becoming an entrepreneur is not easy. The path is paved with pitfalls, there are phases of doubt, and we are often alone in the face of questions to which we do not always find answers… The best thing we can do is to share. 

With his entourage, not only. What we advise you is obviously to make your loved ones your first supporters… But also to testify to your experience in more professional spheres. 

If you haven’t already, join groups of entrepreneurs, or circles where networking and sharing experiences are the keywords. We know, it’s seen and reviewed as advice, but we assure you that it’s so useful!

In the beginning, you are not necessarily comfortable in these environments, but you quickly realize that it is essential to frequent them to become an entrepreneur. And then, you end up enjoying being able to discuss, give advice yourself… Sharing is the key.  

Work, work, work… Be determined!

There is a quote that particularly speaks to us at Tool Advisor, even if we are not very big fans of quotes in general (legend has it that we sometimes invent them), which is the following: “ I think that everything is possible to those who dream, dare, work and never give up. 

It is the Canadian filmmaker Xavier Dolan who is the author, and we like his fairly fair idea that when you have dreams; when you dare to start; when you work hard, and when ‘we remain determined to achieve them… Anything is possible.

To the question “ How to become an entrepreneur? ”, you will have understood that becoming an entrepreneur is above all a job… And if you feel ready to absorb it and not give up on the first obstacle, then go for it!

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