How to Recharge a Puff Bar: Step by Step Plus Tips

How to Recharge a Puff Bar

Every day there are more smokers who change the traditional cigarette for bang puff bars and other new ways. Hookahs, electronic cigarettes, puff bars, and vapers are some of those options. In this article, we will talk about How to Recharge a Puff Bar and devices used for a similar purpose.

Vapers or puffs bars like the lush ice have become the choice of many people looking to quit smoking. Same for those who simply want to enjoy the wide variety of essences and flavors that can be added to these devices. If you are a traditional smoker and want to switch to vaping, you will learn everything you need to take the step, including How to Recharge a Puff Bar. 


  • Vapers should not be confused with electronic cigarettes, or marijuana bongs like the rick and Morty bong: although their operation is very similar. The advantages over traditional cigarettes are numerous, especially since they do not harm health as tobacco does. Scientists and doctors still disagree on the supposed harmful effects of vaping.
  • When buying your first vape, you should keep certain recommendations in mind, such as choosing a starter kit rather than opting for a more sophisticated model. Other important factors that you must take into account are autonomy, the type of tank for the e-liquid, and the power, or the way to control the vapor output.

Everything you should know about How to Recharge a Puff Bar

Many people switch to puff bars like the Puffco Peak Pro Opal, to cut down on traditional tobacco use. Others, on the other hand, do it because of the intense flavor offered by the different e-liquids on the market. Whether you are one of the first or the second, you will need to know How to Recharge a Puff Bar, how they work, and their advantages and disadvantages. 

How to Recharge a Puff Bar

  • Step.1 remove the bottom
  • Step.2 have an android charger handy
  • Step.3 put red on red, and black on black (Let sit for 5-30 minutes)
  • Step.4 put back in

This same method works for both puffs and flumes. Most vapers have the same type of set up so all you need to do is put red on red and black on black. However, with flumes, you might need pliers to remove the top.

How to Recharge a Puff Bar Video Step by Step

Differences between a vaper and an electronic cigarette

The differences between an electronic cigarette and a vaporizer are few. However, they exist, despite the fact that many websites talk about them indistinctly. Next, are the fundamental differences between both devices.

  • Shape and size. E-cigarettes often mimic the shape and size of a cigarette. Instead, vapers come in many forms, even though they are very similar to cigarettes.
  • Functioning. Electronic cigarettes work with non-refillable e-liquid cartridges, unlike most vapers.
  • Price. Vapers, in general, are more expensive than electronic cigarettes, although there are also very cheap ones.
  • Easy to use. Vapers are usually somewhat more complicated to use than electronic cigarettes. Nowadays, however, very simple vapor kits suitable for beginners can be found.
  • Autonomy. Vapers have more autonomy and more options regarding the type of battery they use. Some models have it internal, while others use high-capacity rechargeable batteries.
  • Useful life. Vapers work through a more advanced system than “e-cigars”, hence their useful life is usually longer.
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How to Recharge a Puff Bar and How vape Works?

The operation of a puff bar and a vaper is basically the same. From a tank (atomizer), the e-liquid rises by capillarity through a silicon wick to a resistance. By pressing a button, the electrical resistance, located in the atomizer head, is heated, which causes the evaporation of the e-liquid and produces the vapor that we inhale.

A couple of tips on How to Recharge a Puff Bar

  • 1) Don’t expose so much of the wire when stripping back your “charger.” A few mm is fine. This reduces the risk of arcing and burning your fingers since you’ll be holding onto the insulation.
  • 2) BE WARY OF THE OUTPUT OF YOUR USB POWER ADAPTER. These batteries are volatile so monitor them while charging. If the battery gets hot, S T O P. If the battery starts to swell up, S T O P. Is the Battery bringing out smoke? S T O P. Probably safe to assume you can’t afford a hospital visit when one of these explodes in your hands. Also kind of hard to explain how you got 3rd-degree burns on your hands.
  • 3) Use common sense. This is easy; Connect black to black, red to red. Don’t switch those up. This isn’t rocket science and this process has a LOW RISK WHEN EVERYTHING IS DONE PROPERLY. Don’t freak out.
  • 4) If you have the ability to monitor the voltage while charging this is ideal. Most of these batteries are 3.7V 280MAH batteries so they are small(~1.05Wh). If you’re plugging the USB side into the adapter that comes with your phone look at its specs. Every adapter is different. Every adapter will charge these batteries quicker or slower.
  • 5) Just buy a rechargeable vape if you can afford it, THEY’RE NOT THAT EXPENSIVE. Vaporesso sells full kits online for $30 that use salt nicotine that you can buy for hella cheap online. You take responsibility for doing this at your own risk.

What substances do vapers’ e-liquids contain?

There are hundreds of varieties of e-liquids. Strawberry, chocolate, coffee, or watermelon flavored, the range of flavorings for vapers available on the market is immense. Its components are not a secret, since they are duly identified on their labels according to Spanish and European regulations. But what is each ingredient?

  • Vegetable glycerin (VG). It can account for up to 80% of the e-liquid and is the substance responsible for the large amount of vapor produced by vapers. It is a colorless, odorless, and very thick liquid. It is often used in the food industry as an additive.
  • Propylene glycol (PG).  It is an alcohol, with properties similar to vegetable glycerin. PG e-liquids produce less vapor than vegetable glycerin e-liquids, which is why this is often the substance sought after by more discreet vapers.
  • Scents. Because the above substances are odorless, food flavorings are added to them. For the manufacture of e-liquids, only those that are soluble in water are used, not those that are oil-based, as these can affect health.
  • Nicotine. The concentration of nicotine in vaping liquids that contain it can reach up to 18 mg/ml. It is not recommended to vape e-liquids with higher concentrations.
  • Deionized water. It helps generate steam and dilute the rest of the ingredients.
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For some time now, cities have been filled with people who look like chimneys. They are the vapers and smokers who have decided to remove conventional cigarettes from their lives and bet on customs that are less harmful to health. In this article, we have tried to explain to you How to Recharge a Puff Bar and how these devices work. We also mentioned their advantages over the usual tobacco.

Also, we explained various concepts related to vapers. We also mentioned and shared links; like the Puffco Peak pro that possibly, you did not know until today. We hope that our explanations, advice, and guide have been useful to you when you start vaping.

Finally, remember instead of exposing so many of the two wires inside, when trying to recharge your puff bar, leave at least half covered. It limits the risk of getting them mixed up, and the chances of the two wires touching are greatly reduced. (And twist each before you fold them. More direct contact.) Also, the electrical tape helps keep the wires in place.,

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