Spark Arrestor for Chimney & Spark Screen Fireplace

spark plug may fit perfectly in your living room

This post will address the need for a spark arrestor for chimney. Anyone who has a fireplace in their home knows that fire sparks can become an inconvenience. Leaving embers or fire unattended at any given time can become a cause for concern for some people.

Spark arrestors, also called spark screens, are very useful products for neutralizing possible sparks that could jump onto furniture or the rug in a living room with a fireplace. Below we will talk in-depth about different aspects to help choose the Spark Arrestor for Chimney that best suits what users are looking for.


  • The Spark Arrestor & Spark Screen fulfill the same function, to provide security both for the family and for the home. The possibility of fire sparks flying into the room can be overwhelming. The spark screen neutralizes this problem and provides protection and a sense of security that many people need.
  • As there is a wide range of products with different characteristics. Finding the ideal spark arrestor for chimneys that suits your fireplace will not be difficult. You should consider the size and material to adjust it to your needs. In our purchase criteria, we will mention this.
  • It is very easy to install, transport, and clean. Some designs can be adapted to the rest of the room and even look ornamental.

The best spark arrestor for chimneys according to quality-price

HOMCOM 3-Panel Metal Fireplace Mesh Screen
HOMCOM 3-Panel Metal Fireplace Mesh Screen Home Folded Steel Spark Protection with Magnetic Doors At $97.99 on Amazon

The spark arrestor plug for this category is a simple model with two doors. This grate is made of resistant material, which has a single panel. It has a somewhat high cost. But it makes up for it with its good quality and how practical it can be for many users.

It has a basic design that may be reminiscent of the recommended single-panel spark arrestor. But the doors change the aesthetic a bit and can give it a more ornate appearance. This spark arrestor for chimneys has two legs and it is recommended that the buyer provide it with more stability. Because it can be unbalanced by the opening of the doors.

FireBeauty Fireplace Screen 3 Panel with Handles Wrought
FireBeauty Fireplace Screen 3 Panel with Handles Wrought Iron Black Metal 48″(L) x30(H) Spark Guard Cover At $74.99 on Amazon

Our favorite spark plug is also one of the most popular on the market. Firebeauty has released this product. Seeking a balance between quality and an average price to satisfy a large number of users. The protective grille consists of folding panels and is made of powder-coated steel.

In addition to fulfilling its function perfectly, this fine mesh protector stands securely (no installation required) and has an elegant and standard size that is easy to adapt to your living room.

What you should know about the Spark Arrestor for Chimney

The main function of a spark screen is to increase safety. It is very important to know the most relevant data in terms of functionality and appearance when making a purchase. Below are common questions and other information that may be helpful to you.

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What is a spark screen?

It is a grid made of metal that is placed in front of the flame of the fireplace, barbecue, or brazier as a protection measure. This can be manufactured with different shapes, finishes, and dimensions.

Its function is to stop the spark particles that can be ejected from the fire. Thus reducing the risk of them causing damage by falling on carpets, wooden floors, or being thrown at the user who is using the grill. It can also function as a lighting decorative or ornamental element.

What are its advantages?

It highlights the simplicity and the need to adopt the Spark Arrestor for Chimney to strengthen security immediately. It is a durable product, easy to handle, and with which one can not worry.

In addition to their functionality, there are different types and criteria that will differentiate one from another. There is a wide range of products that almost certainly will suit your needs.

What types of Spark Arrestor for Chimney are there?

Despite having certain characteristics such as material, size, or design, when it comes to differentiating one spark screen from another, we are going to focus on another particularity.

  • Panel spark screen: it may consist of one, three, or more panels. The choice will depend on the shape of the fireplace. We will deal with this point in more depth later in the purchase criteria.
  • Spark Arrestor for Chimney with a door. This option will be for those who do not want to have to move the spark screen every time they have to light the fireplace or remove the embers. It is a practical option. Although it is not a very heavy item in general, some users will want to enjoy it for the comfort it can provide.

How safe are spark screens?

spark arrestor for chimney

It will depend on how successful your purchase is. The importance of the quality of the spark gap and its size will be covered in the purchase criteria. If the material of the grille is good, it will last for years fulfilling its function without apparently wearing out.

Spark Arrestor for Chimney will be an essential product for those who have small children or pets. Not only because of the sparks but also because it will also serve as a barrier to the chimney. Also, by choosing a material that insulates heat, you will reduce the consequences of possible contact with it.

It is true that the spark screen does not cover the entire chimney, the way in which the sparks can fly is unpredictable. There is a probability that a spark could pass over the spark screen if the recommendations that we mention in the size section as a purchase criterion are not followed.

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Purchase criteria when buying Spark Arrestor for Chimney

When the time comes to acquire a Spark Arrestor for Chimney, you should assess the different characteristics in order to know which option would best suit your needs. Below we have included the most important aspects to make it easier for you to choose the ideal spark screen.


The material that the Spark Arrestor for Chimney is made of is a very important criterion when purchasing this product. The durability and the ability to isolate heat will depend on said composition.

The most recommended is that it be made of steel, wrought iron or another type of metal

True, depending on the material, its weight will vary. Everyone will agree that the lighter it is, the more convenient it will be to use. But since it remains static it will not be such a relevant feature.

Number of panels

This criterion will only apply to users looking for a spark screen for their open fireplace. Depending on the shape of the chimney, it can be an essential factor to cover the entire range of sparks that can jump.

A single panel spark gap will suffice for a narrow side chimney because it will only have one front screen.

In the case of having a large chimney, it would be advisable to acquire a Spark Arrestor for Chimney with three or even four panels. They are usually collapsible, easy to transport, and will more easily adapt to the shape of the fireplace.


The more it fits the size of the fireplace, the safer it will be. Usually, the flames have a height of about four inches. Taking this magnitude into account, we recommend a height of fifty centimeters (in the event that the flames are higher, the height of the spark screen must be greater taking into account the previous proportions).

The recommended width will depend on the number of panels. If the spark gap consists of only one panel, it should be about two inches wider than the chimney. In the case of three or more panels, the optimal size would be four inches wider.


What stands out about this product is the security that it must provide. But the market offers different options that could fit in with the aesthetics that one is looking for in his living room.

They range from simple and traditional to modern, elegant, and avant-garde styles. At the end of the day, a Spark Arrestor for Chimney is a highly durable product that will be part of your life for many years. What could be better than one that fits perfectly with the rest of your home?


In short, a Spark Arrestor for Chimney is a basic product for a contemporary home. It provides protection and, depending on the design, an avant-garde style that will give an elegant touch to any room with a fireplace.

Protecting your living room from flying sparks has never been easier. Currently, we can find a wide range of different spark screens that can be adapted to the needs of different types of users based on the above criteria.

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