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Here on thegrandly, we will soon dedicate several articles to talk about security tips in Nigeria, and how to reinforce security in the windows of a house (both to prevent child accidents, and to prevent break-ins and robberies). But, today we want to offer some security and general home safety tips.

The start of the work week has become the preferred day for burglars to break into homes.

Research we carried out has shown that entries into homes on Mondays, which is considered the first day of the week have grown. This is a change in the trend of previous years, in which the preferred time for robbers to act was Friday.

In any case, Fridays continue to account for a lot of robberies, which ranks it second on days that thieves take advantage of the most to rob private homes.

5 Security Tips in Nigeria To Prevent Burglaries At Home

Despite the fact that, in general, thefts are more common at the beginning of the week than at the end of the week, information out there shows that thieves do not take any days off.

We will publish some tips to follow in order to keep your Home in Abuja Nigeria Safe. And by extension, your Nigerian homes anywhere in the country, safe from criminal activities.

1. Always lock up

security tips in nigeria doors

When you leave the house, even for five minutes, you should make sure to lock the door. Doors closed with just the slide can be opened very easily (in a matter of seconds), so you will be making it easy for thieves.

Make sure your door has at least two closing points (1). This will make things a bit difficult for would-be thieves and may make them give up if they encounter some resistance. Check that there is no gap between the door and the floor to avoid being pried up.

Also, remember to reinforce your door hinges with steel pivots and metal angles (2). With the increase in the kidnapping at home, this security tip in Nigeria is very important.

 2. Security Tips in Nigeria: Make your home appear occupied

This is the best deterrent method. Do not completely disconnect the electricity, and don’t close the blinds all the way. Technology makes it easier for you: Automatic timers that turn lights or radio on and off help make the home appear occupied.

If you leave the house for a few days, ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your home. Never hide a spare key near your house or in places like mailboxes, flower pots, or meter boxes. It’s where these thieves look first.

3. If you live on your own property, Light the entrance, the porch, and the front or back yards. Having a guard dog is a good security tip in Nigeria and a good deterrent for thieves.

4. It won’t be bad to have a reinforced Safe

If you leave valuables, keep them in a safe place; Do not leave your valuables in plain sight. If you have to leave valuables, better keep them in a reinforced safe.

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Make an inventory of your valuables with the serial numbers of electronic devices, brands, and models and photograph them. In case of theft, it is easier to recover them.

5. Avoid discussing your plans with outsiders, guests, or on social networks.

Posting our vacation calendar on Facebook or Twitter is the best way for a thief to know that you are not going to be home.

Also, make sure that your children do not report your absence or provide personal data (3). Make sure to adhere to these security tips in Nigeria.

For thieves, all eyes are security cameras. If you see something strange, give notice. Write down the data of the vehicles and people that hang around the house and give notice. Making thieves feel that they are being watched can help them to give up.

And remember, avoid risks If a burglar enters your home, never confront him. Get out there and call whoever can help you. If you can make it out on time, cooperate with them, and don’t look at them if they ask you not to.

Additional Security Tips for Surviving & Staying Safe in Nigeria 

1. Build Perimeter Fences around Your Compound

If you live in Nigeria, you will realize that almost every building is fenced for security reasons. People fence their buildings to prevent unwanted visitors from coming in. Thus, if you intend to build a house in Nigeria, then you should make provision for building a perimeter fence.

2. Install the Alarm System in Your House, Office, and Car

Installing an alarm system in your house, office, and car is one of the ways of preventing burglars from breaking into your house or office and car snatchers from snatching your car or stealing valuables from your car.

3. Ensure That the Doors and Gates are Always under Locks and Keys at All Times

It is important to adhere to these security tips in Nigeria. Ensure that your doors and gates are always under locks and keys at all times to prevent intruders from coming into your facility.

4. Don’t Give Strangers Lift, but If You Must, Please Be Extra Careful

People offer lifts to commuters that are stranded, but it is not a wise decision, if you must give people a lift, you just have to be extra careful, so as to avoid picking armed robbers.

5. Don’t Disclose Your Personal Information to Strangers

Nigerians are friendly people but that doesn’t mean that you can freely disclose your personal information to strangers. If you do, you might get hurt.

6. Conduct Comprehensive Security Checks before Hiring Domestic Employees

It is normal to hire cooks, gatemen, washer men, and nannies, amongst others if you live in Nigeria. Please ensure that you conduct comprehensive background/security checks before hiring any domestic staff. This security tip is very necessary in Nigeria

7. Ensure that you do not Leave Valuables in Your Car when parked in a Public Car Park

If you leave valuables like cameras, smartphones and laptops, and others in your car when parked in a public car park, you just may be inviting people to break into your car. Please ensure that your valuables are kept in your booth when you park your car in a public facility.

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8. Before Opening Your Gate / Door at Night, Ensure nobody is trailing You Before Opening It

Just ensure that nobody is trailing you before opening your gate or door, especially at night and if you live on a quiet street.

9. Ensure that a Valid ID is always with you

Do not leave your house without a valid ID if you live in Nigeria; it is your valid ID that will save you if there is a police raid.

10. Keep a Few Close Friends

It is good to network with loads of friends, but it is a wiser decision to keep fewer close friends. The more close friends you have, the more likely you will be implicated. This sound more personal though and not a general security tip in Nigeria.

11. Always Keep Torchlight and a Whistle Close to You

Torchlight and whistle are important security gadgets in Nigeria, ensure you have them. This is a great way to alert people when the chips are down.

12. Buy Security Dogs

security dogs1

If you love dogs, then you can buy security dogs and keep them in your compound. This is important if you live with your family alone in a fenced compound.

13. Install Burglary in Your Windows

People install burglaries in their windows as a security measure in Nigeria in order to prevent burglars from breaking into their houses or offices.

14. Keep Limited Cash with You

Ensure that you keep limited cash with you at all times, as it is a way of avoiding robbers from attacking you. Yes, it is one of the security tips in Nigeria.

15. Install CCTV Cameras in Your Home and Office

You can talk to security companies to help you install CCTV cameras in your home and office. This will it help you monitor activities within your facility.

16. Scrutinize Your Children’s Friends

Ensure that you scrutinize your children’s friends. It is a way of preventing people from spying on your house and family.

17. When Driving at Night, Ensure That Your Car Glasses are all Windup

Never wind down your car glasses at night when driving in Nigeria; you can be attacked by street urchins.

18. When inside Your Car, Make Use of the Security Lock

Don’t forget to always make use of your car security lock when you are inside the car. Ignore these security tips in Nigeria and you will one day regret it.

19. Don’t Make Use of ATM to Withdraw Cash or Pay in Cash when it is Dark

It is dangerous to use the ATM to either withdraw cash or pay in cash at night. You can be attacked. Ensure that you conduct all transactions when it is still bright.

20. Be Careful of What You Say on the Phone when you are in Public

It is important not to attend to business calls in the public; you can mistakenly pass vital information to criminals when you do so.

Those are the never-to-be-compromised tips that you have got to hold dearly if you want to live safe and free from terror in Nigeria.

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