The Little Tikes Glamping House: 5 Tricks To Know

Little Tikes Glamping House

The Little Tikes Glamping House can be an ideal complement for both adults and children. Children will be able to play with a house with all kinds of accessories and safety. On the other hand, the elderly will be able to have a shed in the garden that will last for many years.

The Little Tikes is a cozy two-cargo net bunk hammocks with wooden ladder access. It is always of high quality. In addition, it does not require much care and can be purchased and fixed quickly and easily. If you want to know more about the Little Tikes Glamping House, do not miss this article.


  • The Little Tikes Glamping House is ideal for a child of any age, it is a totally safe structure to play with and have fun with.
  • It guarantees strength and durability which is the most important thing for any child.
  • Being a wooden house, it is completely biodegradable and can be recycled. Therefore, it is much more environmentally friendly and contributes to keeping our planet healthy.

Shopping Guide: Important Things to Know about The Little Tikes Glamping House

Little Tikes Real Wood Adventures Outdoor Glamping House, Backyard Bungalow
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The values enjoyed when using this glamping house can be summed up in 5 phrases:


The Real Wood Adventures Glamping House has space and activities for up to 5 kids to play at once. The roomy 25 sq. ft. house is perfect for campouts, stargazing, and more of kids’ favorite activities.

Little Tikes knows how important active play is for kids’ bodies and minds, so this backyard playhouse encourages kids to get outside and be active. The Glamping House features two comfy cargo net hammocks for relaxing in. All the canvas rolls up or down to easily let in the breeze. Kids can also enjoy the open views from the playhouse deck.

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Every Real Wood Adventures playset comes with built-in safety railings and handholds so kids can play, and parents never have to worry about their safety.

The Little Tikes Glamping House comes with battery-powered LED lights for campouts or stargazing.

Packaging Dimensions:

Box 1: 80.30″ x 20.90″ x 6.10″ – 113.75lbs
Box 2: 80.30″ x 20.90″ x 6.10″ – 110.45lbs

Product Specifications:

Real Wood Adventure Glamping House
  • Age: 3-10 years
  • Maximum weight limit: up to 110lbs. per child
  • Product Size: 81”L x 63”W x 79”H
  • The front deck of the house is about 24” deep
  • From the surface of the wooden deck to the top of the ladder and wood frame around the upper bunk is about 37”
  • The net of the upper bunk hangs and varies from about 46” off the deck (at the highest points on the left and right side) down to about 35” at the lowest point in the middle
  • Includes all wood, and hardware as shown
  • Assembly Required
  • Designed for residential use only
  • Average assembly time: 5 hours, Recommend 2 adults for assembly
  • Interactive step-by-step instructions are available using the BILT App
  • Please note: Actual products may have slight color variations.

What makes a Little Tikes Glamping House good?

The quality of the wood is the most determining factor in a house of this style. Whether toy or outdoor, ensuring strength and durability is the most important thing. In fact, the wood must be authentic and of quality.

Another characteristic is its assembly. In general, interior houses do not require assembly, just add the accessories. As for outdoor houses, their assembly can be more laborious and heavy. The quality of the instructions and materials will make the task more executable.

What types of wooden houses for children are there?

There are two types of wooden houses. The first is the wooden houses for interiors or for dolls. They are small in size, suitable for children, and resemble a house. They include many accessories to decorate to taste and can be easily transported.

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The second type is the Little Tikes Glamping House or wooden houses for exteriors. In turn, they can be game houses or sheds. Both types are resistant to rain and wind and require more assembly time. Still, they are durable and a good investment.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Little Tikes Glamping House?

REAL WOOD ADVENTURES FROM LITTLE TIKES. Selling between $400 – $1300
real wood adventure houses


The main advantage is that it can last for many years. It can be built with different types of wood, such as pine or cedar. These woods are very strong and durable, meaning they won’t rot easily if exposed to water or moisture in any way. 

This makes the Little Tikes Glamping House a great option. Another advantage that you can enjoy when choosing this type of construction material is that it does not need much maintenance once it’s bought, constructed, and fixed. So, you save money on maintenance costs throughout the year.

  • strong and durable house
  • Natural and ecological material
  • excellent designs
  • encourages imaginative thinking


There are some disadvantages to this type of wooden house. First of all, the price is higher than that of other types of houses. Second, Little Tikes Glamping House takes longer to fix. Third, if you want to move your house to another place or change its appearance, later on, it will be more difficult compared to other materials like plastics, etc.

  • It is considered a heavy toy


The Little Tikes Glamping houses are not very big. In general, they are a 25 sq. ft. canvas-covered playhouse, and clubhouse. Therefore, they fit in outdoors and can be easily moved.

Up to two kids can take naps in it. They can exceed 2 meters in height and many more on the surface. The canvas walls roll up or down easily to let the breeze into your Little Tikes Glamping House. Before making any purchase, check your available space and product measurements.

Who should use a Little Tikes Glamping House?

This house is ideal for families with children, groups of friends, or even a couple. The walls also come with built-in mesh windows for easy visibility in and out of the Glamping House.


The cheapest Little Tikes Wooden House from real wood, in our review, costs around $418 and is ideal for customers who are conscious about their money. However, those who are willing to spend more money for better quality ones with comfy added features can also spend around $1300 on one of the more expensive products.

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