Latest Update on Abba Kyari & His 2 Sins


Abba Kyari was appointed as Deputy Commissioner of Police. He has had an illustrious career with service in various capacities. He has served as the Director for Crime Intelligence and Investigation; Director for Counter Terrorism; Director for Training and Development; Director for Operations.


The Nigerian Police Force is an organization that is responsible for the law and order of Nigeria. They have been in existence for over a century, with the first group of policemen being recruited on September 1, 1901. The Nigerian Police Force has undergone many changes in its history and has been through some turbulent periods, but it is still one of the largest police forces in Africa.

The Inspector General of Police is the highest ranking officer in Nigeria’s police force and reports directly to the President of Nigeria. The Inspector General is responsible for overseeing all aspects of Nigeria’s policing organizations and ensuring that they are effective and efficient.

Who Is Abba Kyari?

DCP Abba Kyari is from the Kanuri tribe of Borno state northeastern Nigeria. Born in March 17, 1975, Mr Kyari studied Geography, after which he joined the Nigeria Police Force as cadet Assistant Superintendent of Police in the year 2000 completing training in the Police Academy, Wudil, Kano state.

Abba kyari became so popular after carrying out an operation that led to the arrest of the notorious armed robber ‘Ndagi’ popularly called Spirit.

Spirit was terrorizing the Numan axis, a big town in Adamawa state northeast Nigeria, and was holding the town hostage for many years before he was eventually caught by DCP Abba Kyari, and his team.

In 2005, Mr Kyari join the Mobile Police Force and as 2010, he was posted to Lagos Command as their head. Kyari became 2nd in command and officer-in-charge when the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (Sars) was formed.

This squad was formed to fight violent crimes from armed robbery, car theft, kidnapping, gang clashes, sea piracy and terrorism but later become notorious for being brutal, which subsequently led to the October 2020 Endsars nation-wide protest. Sars was dismantled afterwards, twitter was banned by the government and by then, Abba Kyari has serve Sars for five years.

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As an intelligence officer, DCP Abba Kyari received many accolades both local and international for being successful in busting crime syndicates.

What is Abba Kyari accused of?

The sins of Abba Kyari can be divided into 2 main categories: The Hushpuppi saga and the Cocaine scandal.

Abba Kyari – Hushpuppi Saga

Abba Kyari - Hushpuppi Saga

The Nigeria Police Service Commission (PSC) are still trying to conclude investigation on the case that involve Abba Kyari and Hushpuppi aka Ramon Abbas, who is facing fraud case in the United State of America.

Earlier on, a special panel was set up by the Inspector General of Police to investigate Kyari in relation to the hushpuppi case. Last time we checked, we heard that the report was forwarded to the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice for legal advice.

Abba Kyari was already on suspension as related to his involvement in the $1.1 million internet fraud by Instagram influencer, Hushpuppi and four others.

The FBI believed that Hushpuppi paid $20,600 to two bank accounts that are allegedly owned or controlled by Abba Kyari sometime in January 20,2020.

US officials alleged that Hushpuppi paid Abba Kyari to arrest one syndicate member that threatened to expose their deals. Afterwards, report had it that Abba Kyari sent Hushpuppi details of one bank account to deposit payment for the arrest.

But Abba Kyari has denied any involvement with Hushpuppi, until the recent scandal with video evidence.

NDLEA accuses Abba Kyari of belonging to a drug cartel

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA has confirmed the arrest of suspended DCP Abba Kyari who they declared wanted on the accusation of belonging to a drug cartel.

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The NDLEA declared on Monday, 14 February during a press briefing in Abuja, that the former Commander of Intelligence Response Team (IRT) was a member of one drug cartel that operates the Brazil-Ethiopia-Nigeria illicit drug pipeline.

There were Five wanted suspects that were declared, namely:

  • DCP Abba Kyari,
  • ACP Sunday J Ubua,
  • ASP Bawa James,
  • Inspector Simon Agirgba and
  • Inspector John Nuhu

After the press briefing by NDLEA, the police drove to their headquarter around 5pm, on Monday, 14 February, to formally hand over the suspects for interrogation and further investigation.

Earlier on, NDLEA stated that Abba Kyari failure to cooperate made them came out publicly to declare Kyari wanted.

Its Unfortunate that some law enforcement agents that were supposed to be partners in the pursuit of maintaining law and order are the ones breaking the law, helping to aid and abet drug trafficking.

With the intelligence at hand and evidence sighted by journalists, we believe strongly that DCP Kyari is a member of drug cartel and need to answer questions regarding his actions.

NDLEA alleged that the case started on Friday, January 21, 2022, wen DCP AbbaKyari made a call to one of the NDLEA officers in Abuja arounf 2:12 pm. When the officer returned the call two minutes later, Kyari informed the officer to come see him so they can discuss an operational issue after the Juma’at prayer service.

When the officer showed up at the agreed venue of the meeting, they went straight to discussing the business of the day.

The story is this: Abba Kyari team arrested some traffickers that came into Nigeria from Ethiopia with, according to them, 25kg of cocaine.

He proposed a drug deal where his team will take 15kg of the cocaine and leave 10kg for the prosecution of the suspects that were arrested with the illicit drug at Enugu. He proposed that the cocaine they will take should be replaced with fake one worth 15kg, and that NDLEA officers at FCT Command should play along too.

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