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According to historians, the round swivel chair was invented in the 18th century by Thomas Jefferson, one of the first presidents of the United States. Evidently, Mr. Jefferson needed a comfortable and practical seat in which to while away the hours in his office.

Whether to work in an office or in a home study, the swivel chair guarantees the necessary comfort to achieve good performance in different activities that are carried out sitting down. If you are interested in acquiring a piece of furniture as essential as this, take a look at this article that reviews some of its particularities.

Important Note

  • A good swivel chair is a necessary item for anyone who spends a lot of time sitting at work.
  • You must take into account the ergonomics of the chair, as well as its height and other accessories that guarantee a correct posture, as well as variable.
  • You can find swivel chairs of many designs and types, which expands their scope of use, being able to have them in places such as lounges, bars and bathrooms.

Different swivel chairs: our recommendations

The number of types of swivel chairs that we can find on the market is very large. To help you, we have prepared a list with different recommended options according to different aspects such as design, ergonomics and intended use.

Basics Foam Lounge Round Swivel Chair

Basics Swivel Foam Lounge Chair

This swivel chair comes in handy. The construction material is comfortable and durable. The seat is made of high-density thick foam, has good elasticity and is ergonomic. Padded with flexible and durable sponge: designed to preserve you during a long session.

As for the base, it is sufficiently resistant and supports up to 150 kg. The height adjustment is by pneumatic elevation, the wheels turn with great ease and the rocking function is activated by adjusting the knob under the seat.

Executive swivel chair

Hbada Office Chair Ergonomic Executive Office Chair PU Leather Swivel Desk Chair

This high standard Hbada brand is not a round swivel chair par se, but has the stylish bearing that executives need, while offering high comfort with its four-part layered thickened backrest to relieve back pressure. The ergonomic design of the backrest provides support for the waist and spine and relieves back pain.

Hbada brand is dedicated to manufacturing professional chairs with two certifications (BIFMA and SGS), including 1136kg static pressure test. High-quality leather is comfortable, breathable and wear-resistant. It features 125° rocking function for comfortable rest and foldable armrests can save storage space.

Best ergonomic swivel chair –  mfavour Office Chair

Ergonomic Office Chair, mfavour Office Chair Mesh, with 3D Armrest

The Lambo ergonomic office chair focuses on sensory comfort and healthy quality of life. The design of this product is practical and durable. The back is breathable woven polyester mesh. It’s quite nice under the back as it strikes a balance between firmness and flexibility.

The seat and armrests can be adjusted up and down by 10 cm, while the headrest can be adjusted by 6 cm. The seat cushion is made of 28 g/m3 sponge, 10 cm thick, with a waterfall front design. 

Although, it is not a round swivel chair, it can be tilted using a mechanism that involves applying tension and then locking the chair at an angle that suits you. An option for those who spend several hours in the office or at the desk at home.

The best round swivel chair for the living room – Rosevera Hearst 

best round swivel chair for the living room

This beautiful seat, with a diamond shape, high-quality materials and fabric upholstery, is available in many colors so you can choose the one that best suits your living room or a room that needs a certain aesthetic and elegance.

The chair is not only swivel, it is also ergonomic, it has wooden frame and supports up to 120 kg. Its seat padding is quite comfortable.

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What You Should Know About Round Swivel Chairs

Swivel chairs are common furniture in offices and rooms with work desks. Despite their popularity, we may not fully understand all the features of these products, which are abundant on the market. Its most important aspects are outlined below.

What types of swivel chairs are there?

Next, we share with you some of the types of swivel chairs on the market:

Executive chair: Generally used by executives who work in offices, spend several hours sitting and need easy access to the materials placed around them. These types of chairs rotate 360 ​​degrees and offer the possibility of sliding to various sides. Its fabric is usually dark leather and wood instead of plastic, to give a more professional appearance.

Office chairs: Commonly used in multi-person professional settings. It is the typical work chair, with even fewer components than the executive chair. For example, these chairs may not have armrests, their fabric is fabric and their structure is plastic. The back of these chairs is generally low. As for rotation, some can rotate 360 ​​degrees.

Swivel stool: It can be commonly found in the counters of some bars and restaurants and allows the person sitting to converse comfortably with those around them. The main difference with the normal round swivel chair is that the stool does not have wheels, so it does not allow movement. In addition, it does not usually carry a back, or at least not very high. The seat can rotate 360 ​​degrees.

Chairs with creative design: These chairs are more exclusive and are usually bought to be in the home or a modern office. They can bring a variety of colors and more picturesque shapes. An example is the egg-shaped chairs or any other that uses unusual materials and designs. Due to their exclusivity, they usually cost more than the others.

Bathtub chair: This is a chair designed to help the elderly and people with reduced mobility at bath time. They are usually fixed to a bathtub and their seat can be rotated to facilitate washing without the need to move the body.

For oversized swivel chair, checkout here.

What advantages do a round swivel chair offer?

The basic round swivel chair consists of a seat that swivels in all directions and has wheels at the base. These two features allow comfortable movement in large places, such as offices. Not having to get up to print or pick up a file that is in the next cabinet saves time and means a great increase in productivity in work environments.

On the other hand, the greatest benefit that a swivel chair can have is to make us maintain a correct posture. The fact of being able to adjust the height or the inclination makes the body adapt naturally and comfortably to the chair. Thanks to all this, you can avoid the fatigue of spending long hours sitting, you can even avoid muscle pain in the back, neck and cervical.

Muscular discomforts that you can avoid with a good round swivel chair?

About Swivel Chairs

Office work for 8 hours can take a toll on our body with muscle injuries. But swivel chairs with better ergonomics can make those hours we spend sitting bearable, by avoiding conditions such as:

  • Cervical pain: by not having to continually rotate the neck and being able to keep it straight while looking at a screen, thanks to the height adjustment of the chair. Chairs with headrests help relax the neck at times.
  • Shoulder pain: being able to rest your arms.
  • Back pain: when it is possible to change the inclination of the backrest. In that sense, a backrest that covers the entire back would be the ideal option.

Purchase criteria

When choosing a swivel chair, attention should be paid to certain elements that are described below. 

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That a round swivel chair is made of good material is a sign of guarantee, durability and comfort. Choosing the right material also depends on the use that is going to be given to it. Then you can choose between wood, metal, leather or fabric.

The frame of a round swivel chair can be made of canvas, foam, plastic, or wood. Canvas and foam come in handy for chairs that are going to get a lot of use. The upholstery can be made of leather, synthetic or natural leather, and sometimes these materials can be covered with fabric.


When choosing a good round swivel chair, it is recommended to analyze what its destination will be. If it is for a work purpose or for long use, it is best to decide on an ergonomic and large chair. The same is recommended if it is going to be used as a kneeler for rest. It will be necessary to take into account the height measurements for those that go on a desk or table. The final decision must be based on the comfort of our body.

On the other hand, if its use is going to be short-lived or is rather decorative, then the best thing will be another more elegant or delicate model, which plays with a specific decorative intention. In the market it is possible to find different styles, from the minimalist, to more rustic and sophisticated models.

Adjustment mechanisms

To facilitate a better adaptation of the body to the seat, a round swivel chair can provide the user with a series of resources aimed at satisfying comfort needs. The pneumatic gas system is used to increase or decrease the height of the chair, adjusting to the height of the person. It is a mechanism that is activated by a lever located under the seat, usually on the right side.

These chairs also usually have bellows to fix the backrest to the seat. Finally, in some advanced models there is also a mechanism to fix the inclination of the seat and/or backrest.


There is a wide variety of designs on the market. From the most sober chairs for traditional offices, to the most varied. The choice of design must go hand in hand with the use that is going to be given to the chair, since a chair used as decorative furniture for a living room is not the same as a desk chair for work.

In the latter case, it is advisable to go to the typical large classic round swivel chair, leather and black colors, with good support. The gaming model is an interesting option not only because of the comfort and ergonomics it offers, but also because of the variety of colours, shapes and materials, combining the concept of aesthetics with that of comfort.

Ergonomics and comfort

In recent years, office furniture manufacturers have developed seats that respect the natural curvature of the spine. This premise, known as ergonomics, has put an end to the need to invent a chair capable of making us feel comfortable all day. The designers have achieved this comfort by using two inclined planes in the same chair, considerations provided by physiotherapists and traumatologists.

The most complete ergonomic chairs offer the possibility of adjusting the armrests, the headrest, the height of the seat, the inclination and even special support for the lumbar area.

So, we can say that an ergonomic round swivel chair is the most advanced and complete in terms of adaptation and regulation. Thanks to it, our spine will finally be able to rest what it needs, achieving the generalized relief it needs.


After reviewing the characteristics and types of swivel chairs that abound in the market, we can conclude that its impact lies in the comfort it can offer to those who spend several hours sitting upright, whether working or doing any other activity. in front of a computer.

The ergonomic design and comfortable materials will prevent injuries and muscle pain. The ability of one of these chairs to make you maintain a good posture, including the possibility that you can change it conveniently, is the primary requirement when choosing the product. If you have any suggestions, we invite you to leave us a comment.

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