15 Easy And Cute Small Business Packaging Ideas

cute small business packaging ideas

If you want to strike a mark In the business sphere and offer a memorable shopping experience, take advantage of these small business packaging ideas and choose the one that best represents your brand identity.

The Significance of Small Business Packaging Ideas

The packages you use to deliver your products not only protect them and allow them to be handled until they reach the hands of the buyer or customer, but they great tools in the sales process and can also function as a true marketing channel for your brand .

For example, on special dates such as Hot Sale or Black Friday, where online offers and promotions abound, packaging is a great opportunity for you to differentiate yourself from your competition.

In addition, thinking about packaging also means that you are thinking about your customers, their happiness, how to ensure that they enjoy an excellent shopping experience in your store, from start to finish, and that leads them to buy from you again later on.

Take note and surprise your customers with these small business packaging ideas.

15 packaging proposals for your business and online store

Below you will find everything from ecological packaging ideas to sensory elements that will make your brand stand out and motivate your customers to visit you and not only buy from you again, but recommend you to their contacts.

1) Include a gift

Adding a gift element that complements the purchase of your customers is an action that will surprise them positively.

For instance, consider a travel Store, which sells products for travel lovers: during Hot Sale, a free keychain with travel phrases was added to each of its orders. Beautiful huh?

2) Add a thank you letter

Create personalized messages to thank your customers or use general phrases that show your gratitude. For online store, keep in mind that using the username is going to make the person feel really special.

Here we share some phrases of thanks to customers to inspire you:

  • [Customer Name], we thank you for your purchase and hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it for you.
  • We are delighted that this product is coming to your hands, [Customer Name]! Thank you very much for trusting us.
  • [Username], we’re so glad you found what you were looking for. We greatly appreciate your trust!

3) Use reusable packaging

Some examples are reusable cloth bags, resistant boxes that can be used to store other objects in the future, glass jars, woven baskets that will later serve as decoration, among others.

An example is a business that sells candy whose candy containers can later be used to store food:

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candy container to store food

4) Create a Special Edition packaging

If your business is celebrating its anniversary or a special date such as Christmas or Mother’s Day is approaching, take advantage of the occasion to create a type of packaging that enhances the reason for the celebration.

You can add phrases that spread happiness.

spread joy small business packaging idea

5) Add merchandising elements as part of your small business packaging ideas.

A colorful and economical example to execute this small business packaging idea is stickers, since customers can use them to decorate almost any surface they want.

stickers as brand awareness packaging idea

6) Stamp the logo on the front of the package

This is one of the small business packaging ideas that will give your brand more identity and recognition, and its one of the most proactive small business packaging ideas.

7) Use tissue paper

This resource gives a touch of elegance to various types of products, both fashion accessories and clothing and footwear.

8) Add ecological surprises

If you have a sustainable brand, you can add little seeds of some rare plant or flower for the person to plant at home or use recycled materials in the packaging.

9) Incorporate a fragrance into the packaging or product

Did you know that smell is a key sense to remember past experiences? Look at this explanation that the neuroscientist Laura López-Mascaraque, president of the Spanish Olfactory Network, published in the famous Vogue magazine :

Smell is a totally chemical system that makes us evoke memories. It is the only sense that is in direct contact with what we call the emotional brain and also has no filter.

With this in mind and as long as it corresponds to your brand identity, choose a distinctive fragrance and use it in your products or on the packaging. Make your brand memorable also for its scent!

10) Decorate the package taking advantage of the essence of the product

This is one of the packaging ideas where creativity is key: observe what the colors of your product are, what problems it solves, what elements of nature it relates to and use the packaging to make your customers smile.

We share with you this example of a brand that makes honey called Babees, which hired the Polish advertising studio Ah&Oh Studio to design its glass container. The result? Symmetrical black stripes around the bottle that give the idea of ​​a bee. Amusing small business packaging ideas!

the bee bottle

11) Appeal to humor

If the tone of your brand is characterized by humorous references, then your packaging cannot be left out of this style.

Look at the small business packaging ideas behind these brushes and think about what image you can combine your product with to produce this effect:

appeal to humor

12) Promote diffusion in social networks

Instead of stamping the logo on the front of the packaging, you can leave a message with a special hashtag for your customers to use on their social networks referring to your brand.

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You can also leave that message on a card inside the package. These types of actions connect with people and create community on channels like Instagram

13) Design interactive packaging

If your packaging is a cardboard box, this is your opportunity to turn an inanimate object into a unique and original item .

Take this example: you print a kind of questionnaire on the box, in the style of multiple choice , to offer customers the option to make a real personalization on their Mother’s Day gift.

14) Offer a clue on the outside of the package about the product

Although the element of surprise is part of the magic that is experienced when receiving a product, peeking a clue of what is in the package is, without a doubt, a beautiful detail .

We share with you an example of the Lines Across brand, created by a blogger, where you can see some crayons on the outside of the packaging. If you sell books to paint, this detail is ideal for the packaging of your business :

clue of the package inside

15) Decorate the packaging with dried flowers

A small corsage on the outside of the package not only serves as a decoration, it also conveys warmth. In addition, the customer can keep the flowers and put them as decoration in his home if he wishes.

Observe in the image how the dry leaves transform a simple paper wrapper into a packaging full of life :

dried flower small business packaging idea

soap packaging

You can shrink package soaps, or use a coffee filter or a round piece of paper for the wrap. Then, place a label that could be a sticker firmly over the edges of the wrap. It’s a simple, clean, attractive soap packaging ideas.

See more ideas about soap packaging, handmade soap, handmade soap- small business packaging ideas on pinterest.

Take advantage of all these packaging ideas and use your creativity to make the purchase process of your product incredible. Put your imagination to the test, and stand out from the competition!

We will be updating this article on small business packaging ideas with the following packaging ideas soon:

Candle packaging ideas

Show off your product’s personality with these custom candle packaging ideas, designed just for you. They are amazing examples of candle packaging ideas created by global community of product designers. Get inspired and start planning the perfect candle packaging today.

This article hope to give you some candle packaging ideas that is affordable and creative at the same time .

candle boxes usually use cardboard to make their boxes. But candles are usually put in glass bottles that is fragile, so one essential point of candle packaging ideas is to prevent the bottle from breaking.

This is where the Bubble wrap film comes in . Wrapping the candle with bubble film could prevent the glass bottles from breaking during handling and transit.

Lip gloss ideas

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