The 4 New & Powerful Elements of the Sales Process Flowchart You Must Know

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In this article I am not only going to explain the elements and sales process flowchart, but also going to tell you why the concept of sales funnel no longer works and why the flywheel is gaining ground. 

What is a sales funnel?

A funnel or sales funnel is a strategy to make sales from users. This strategy play out in four phases:

  1. Attract attention: In this phase you try to attract the attention of potential customers so that they are interested in the product or service.
  2. Arouse more interest: Once the customer’s attention has been captured, it is necessary to arouse their interest with useful information.
  3. Desire: If after capturing the attention of the potential client, their interest is aroused, in this phase the user should have the desire to acquire the product or service.
  4. Closing the sale: If the client goes through all the phases without giving up, it means that in this phase they will make the purchase of the product or service.

Sales funnel as one of the elements of the sales process flowchart and why it no longer works

Popular opinion has it that the sales funnel is no longer working today, and we try to explain why:

  • It is static: Users go through the funnel and then disappear without creating enough initial energy or force that feeds the sales process flowchart.
  • It conceives the sale as the end of the relationship with the client: The after-sales process and loyalty are not taken into account. And if you consider that acquiring a new customer is much more expensive than convincing an old one to buy again, you can see that the funnel is missing out on a very important source of income.
  • Sales Funnel Does not take word of mouth into account : A satisfied customer is very likely to recommend a product. And thanks to the amplifying effect of social media and review sites, word of mouth is more important than ever today.
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funnel to fly wheel

The flywheel is a new commercial model that replaces the figure of the funnel with a wheel. It is an improved system like a wheel with an axis that rotates by itself – a pinwheel moved by the wind.

Instead of the stages of the sales funnel , there is now a wheel that puts the customer at the center and spins on its own axis. Around the client, there is a continuous cycle with three phases that feed each other:


In the attraction stage, the experience and knowledge of the brand is put at the service of the sector . This is to create content and conversations that lead to relevant conversations with the right people, usually those who correspond to the buyer person .

If you still don’t know what your ideal client is like, a good way is to download all the attributes you want them to have on a spreadsheet. You can download a template Here and start humanizing your brand.

To imply

In the engagement stage of the flywheel sales process flowchart, we seek to create lasting relationships with people by providing information and solutions that help them overcome their challenges and achieve all their goals.


In the final stage, the brand deals with offering an exceptional experience that adds real value, in such a way that it can empower people to achieve their goals and convert them into brand prescribers.

It is important that you remember that the traditional sales funnel prepares you for a customer to buy only once, although this will change with this new perspective. However, the new trend based on the Flywheel offers something else: the opportunity for that customer to repeat the shopping experience over and over again.

In addition, the flywheel has a series of dynamic elements that distinguish it from the sales funnel and that are really useful to better understand the nature of the sales process.

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flywheel sales process

What are the elements of the flywheel sales process and how do they work?

As we already mentioned, there are different elements of the sales process flowchart that distinguish it from the sales funnel:


This is the first of the elements of the sales process. The more momentum a wheel is given, the faster it will spin. To increase the initial speed of the wheel, effort must be applied strategically, that is, in those areas that are most important.

In the funnel model, all efforts are focused on attracting and acquiring customers, but in flywheel,
resources are also used to delight those customers and improve their experience, since this will be the engine that attracts new customers driven by word of mouth. It is also important to make sure that all the
forces being applied are directed to the same direction.


Continuous rubbing slows down the speed of the wheel, so it needs to be minimized. In such a way that the speed increases constantly.

Common areas of friction are escalating interactions with consumers, churn, and lack of coordination between team members. Marketing automation processes also help reduce friction.

The characteristics of the wheel itself

This is another element of the sales process flowchart. The heavier a wheel, the more initial force it will generate, and as speed is increased and friction reduced, more satisfied customers will join the wheel.

Customers will also weigh more, and the more loyal they are, the higher their lifetime value. In other words, positive inertia is generated for the brand as the sales process is successfully completed and the customer experience is improved.

What can be concluded about the elements of the sales process flowchart?

The sales funnel of the sales process flowchart is becoming obsolete due to several factors and that is why the Flywheel has come to replace it with new elements of the sales process flowchart. This new business strategy puts the customer at the center. This not only helps to make sales but to retain users.

The digital world is changing businesses and your customers are changing with it! Is your company falling behind? We help you. Evolve with your clients and achieve exponential growth in a few months!

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