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XLNTrade is an online Forex and CFD broker. There is this advertisement on XLNTrade home page that they “ Trade CFDs on shares of Uber, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix and many more”. In this post, we will provide an analysis of the main characteristics of this broker.

XLN Trade empowers traders all over the world to leverage on the financial markets via their innovative trading platform known as PROfit. They aid their users to trade over 97 financial assets, in the areas of currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities and indices.


Forex Trading is the trending economic activity that most attracts investors today, and it excites users to look for a good online broker option to earn money in the short term. Currently there is a lot of brokers on offer, so the first step is to know their reputation, credibility and main characteristics, so that it can be analyzed before registering and trading with them.

XLNTrade is a broker that operates with profit in mind, and provides the option of accessing your account via computer or mobile. It has the “PROfit” mobile app, which is an app available for iPhone and Android. Beginners or newcomers has the option to test out the trading platform on a demo account before opening a live account; this will help them understand the techniques and intricacies on how to trade online now.

Important Notes:

  • The platform feature 24/6 support, instant trade execution, multiple charts and analytical tools.
  • To validate your registration and have an account, the user requires an initial investment of $200 and then you can start investing.
  • Thanks to its access routes to the platform, users can trade and make their investments from the device that is most convenient for them, and will have the possibility of keeping up to date with market news and current events on a permanent basis. 
  • Transparent and quick deposit and withdraw procedures
  • Multiple deposit methods for one’s convenience

About XLNTrade and its rapid popularity

This XLNTrade broker is one of the newest on the market, and quickly became a good choice for traders from different countries like Colombia, Uruguay, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru etc…. In 2018, the XLNTrade trading service brand was founded, which currently operates successfully in countries of the European Union. 

This online broker operates with more than 100 different financial assets, which gives the user a good variety of investment options, and also counts for each of the user’s operations, accompaniment from zero level to expert level.

It is worth mentioning that XLN Trade does not use the Metatrader5 platform, but operates through their “PROfit” platform.

xlntrade profit app for mobile users
PROfit app

Their website has 24-hour customer support and is available in 4 languages, including English, Arabic, Portuguese and Spanish.

It is operated by Securcap Securities Limited, a company registered in Seychelles. It operates under the regulation and license granted by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority, although it is also based in Cyprus.

Basic features of the XLNTrade broker

XLNTrade trades a wide variety of financial assets , such as forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies, minerals, and more. It is characterized in that users can start making their first trades with as little as $200. 

Unlike some brokers, here you can make investments with a minimum amount, and to the extent that the user gains confidence and feels familiar with the platform. Users also have personalized customer service that works during service hours 24/7 and attends to you in the 4 languages ​​in which the platform is available.

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Investing with XLNTrade has become an alternative among older brokers. Despite having been founded a few years ago, this broker today is a flexible and simple option to choose to operate, start investing and earn money.

Among its most outstanding and useful features for its users, we must mention that a varied set of educational material on finances and investment is available on the platform.

Tradeable assets:

XLN Trade offers over 97 financial assets that falls under these 5 assets classes:

  • Currency Pairs
  • CFDs/Futures
  • Commodities
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Indicies

Trading Benenfits

Trading Benefit will be added to relevant Client’s trading account if they satisfy certain conditions, after they have already agreed to and accepted the terms and conditions for the services.

Trading Benefit are usually granted under the following conditions:

  • i. Trading Benefits may only be granted once, during the promotional period per client per trading account.
  • ii. Trading Benefits are available to clients who have verified their account and were approved by the compliance department;
  • iii. Clients may apply for only one promotional offer during the promotion period.
  • iv. XLN Trade, in its sole discretion, will determine if a client’s deposit and trading activity are entitled to retain a Trading Benefit.
  • v. Trading Benefits are not transferrable.

Why is educational material included in an online broker? 

These are frequently asked questions among traders, particularly beginners. The inclusion of educational material has to do with trading, a financial activity that can truly be very profitable, but not without some risks. Thus, in order to reduce the risk factors, training and education is recommended to the extent that the user intends to improve as a trader. 

XLNTrade stands out on this point, since its focus, is that not only all its users carry out profitable operations, but also that they can grow and develop as traders.

Users of this broker can combine the reading and use of educational material, with the support provided by customer care within the platform. Their customer care comprises of a team of experts in the trading business, and provides quality advice to its most advanced users. They also encourage beginners who want to start investing and earn money.

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Without specialized training, can’t I invest? 

Through the official website of XLNTrade, we find a brief introductory summary about its characteristics and the dynamics of operation linked to the existing risk: “Online CFD trading involves a high risk and should not be carried out until the user has carefully evaluated whether your financial situation is suitable for such transactions”.

This message does not suggest that the user will lose their money, but rather that there are no absolute formulas for obtaining profits, nor can the times in which profits be obtained be predicted. Rather, it works as a warning and at the same time an invitation to use the training spaces and tools offered by the broker, which is an important part of its forex and crypto trading service.

To minimize risks there is no better way than learning. And this is not achieved overnight, but requires experience, operations, trial and error, and ongoing training. Because the market changes at an accelerated rate, and to keep up with it, the trader must anticipate by being aware of new trends and new concepts.

xlntrade platform

The XLNTrade Platform – PROFit XLNTrade

The operating space is key to a good investment, comfort, clarity, the speed with which you can learn to use it, is related to the good investments made by a trader.

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XLNTrade has an easy-to-use trading platform , PROfit, which provides its users with the tools and everything they need to access the financial markets and trade successfully from their apps or any browser. 

Their login protocol is so secured and flexible like the ubanker login and x trade login.

The steps to access are very simple, and once inside the platform, users will be able to track prices with real-time graphic information and event updates. “PROfit offers clients various trading tools, news and support directly from the platform.”

Among the main features of both the broker and the platform, we can highlight:

  • No need to download if you are using web browsers
  • One-click trading
  • 24/6 support directly from the platform
  • No requotes
  • instant execution of operations
  • an advanced graphics system
  • up-to-the-minute news transmitted to the platform
  • User specific features for beginner and professional traders
  • market and pending orders
  • multiple graphics options, and
  • a wide range of analytical tools and instruments

The platform design has a base of black and white colors, which represents a basic and subtle combination for most users. It has a standard format, easy to learn to use. Its navigability is fast, with clear and intuitive sections. 

With an automatic redirection section to user support and help, it ends up offering a platform suitable for any user, regardless of their trading experience or technological devices.

It is recommended to browse the website before registering, this gives you the minimum perception about how their operations will be, and you will be able to check the simplicity of the platform, and the speed of the interface.

Frequently asked questions about trading and XLNTrade

a. Is the amount to start investing high? No. At XLNTrade, once the user registers and has their account enabled, they can start trading with a minimum amount of $200.

b. Is it enough to have extra money to operate? Yes, but not to grow as a trader. If XLNTrade’s approach is taken into account, one of its missions, which gives its platform a particular profile, is the training of all its users so that they can perfect themselves in the strategies, concepts and daily information of the world of trading.

c. Does it cost money to download PROfit mobile? The mobile version of this broker, available on iOS and Android, is free. Currently it has a weight of only 17 MB, and can be downloaded and installed from Playstore.

d. What is investasi xtrade online trading? they trade stock markets in AU and the world with secured cfd trading, anytime and anywhere!


The web version of XLNTrade does not involve any type of download or installation, so the capacity of the user’s computer will not be affected by using it. You only have to worry about registering, which takes a few minutes, and you are ready to start investing and making profits. 

xlntrade profit

Everything necessary to have a good chance of obtaining an economic return is available. As well as the right tools so that users can go from being beginners to professional traders. From the first operations you will notice the simplicity of this broker, its various tools, its fast interface, which have made it one of the most popular brokers in just a few years.

XLN Trade empowers traders all over the world to leverage on the financial markets via their innovative trading platform known as PROfit. They aid their users to trade over 97 financial assets, in the areas of currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities and indices.

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