The 14 Best Netlinking Platforms in 2022

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Ah buying links on netlinking platforms! The eternal subject of debate. Google tells you (us) it’s forbidden but everyone does it.

Judging by the number of netlinking platforms out there, buying links seems to be beyond the fad of a few SEO specialists who want you to spend more.

Spoiler alert: yes buying links still work if done right. Buying links is not essential but it helps. It especially helps to go faster. To find out how (well) to do it, you will have to wait for the second part of this article, you can imagine that we are not going to select the best netlinking platforms for you without giving you our advice.

As you will have understood, we are focusing today on netlinking platforms with the vision of the buyer of backlinks (and not of the seller), after having presented you with the best netlinking platforms, we give you our advice for good success in your link buying strategy as a writer and blogger.

There are many platforms to buy links for your SEO, we have listed 14 of them even if we only use 3-4 on a daily basis. We will therefore tell you more easily about our favorites but, as is the case for the SEO software analyzed on Tool Advisor, your choice must depend on your needs .

Our selection of 14 netlinking platforms


Nextlevel is by far the netlinking platform we use the most. The platform developed by the Korleon’Biz teams (well known in the world of SEO), works differently from other platforms even if some players have adapted to offer an offer similar to Nextlevel.

On this netlinking platform, you buy links on articles already positioned in the top 100 on keywords. You are therefore not looking for your new links on sites but according to the positioning of the pages of the site on the keywords, you are targeting.

What is the advantage of buying links on already positioned articles? The efficiency of course! A good link is a link on a site and an article close to your theme with traffic. Nextlevel allows you to answer these two points easily.

The prices are higher than on other platforms but it is the price to pay to be sure to have quality links. Second drawback: if no article is positioned on the keyword for which you want to buy a link, you will have to wait.


Linksgarden is the second Netlinking platform that we use the most (we promise we won’t do this ranking until the 14th). The advantages of Linksgarden are numerous: 

  • Exclusive sites (+ 3000) to the platform for a better quality of links;
  • Very competitive prices compared to the average platform;
  • The possibility of being accompanied in your netlinking strategy.

If Linksgarden communicates a lot about its commitment “1 tree planted for every 10 links purchased”, for us this is a good element of communication rather than a differentiating element. The advantage of Linksgarden turns into a disadvantage, if the netlinking platform has many exclusive sites, the catalog is naturally less extensive than on other platforms.


Getfluence is positioned as the number 1 platform on the market with more than 10,000 premium publishers. It is the only platform on this list to have raised funds (5 million euros raised in 2021).

Getfluence has a clever positioning: premium and influence campaigns or brand content, much more selling and profitable than “purchasing links”, yet similar (if the Getfluence teams pass by here, do not hesitate to slap us on the wrist if you disagree with our compliment). 

The catalog is extensive, the advantage of Getfluence is to have succeeded in bringing together premium sites (BFM TV, Le Monde, Doctissimo, Au feminine, Huffpost) highly sought after by SEO specialists.

The price reflects the positioning of the netlinking platform with prices in the upper range of the market but you understand, that you are not buying backlinks but doing an influence campaign.

We carry, we carry but… The reality is that Getfluence has the best catalog on the market, which makes it essential

An additional positive point, the platform is available in 5 languages ​​(French, English, German, Italian and Spanish) which makes it even more essential in the context of international campaigns.

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It is not a netlinking platform strictly speaking but a link exchange platform.

The principle is simple: you register your site on DealerDeTemps and the webmasters propose articles to be published on your site. You publish them (or refuse them) and you earn credits to, in turn, publish articles for free on the sites of your choice.

It’s also possible to bypass the exchange if you don’t have any sites to offer guest posts on. You can buy credits to publish guest articles on sites registered on DealerDeTemps.

DealerDeTemps claims more than 10,000 exchanges, 6,000 sites, and 27 themes.


referer is the cheapest netlinking platform on the market. Known for its cheap links and automatic submission to dozens of directories, Ereferer now goes well beyond that and boasts 45,000 blogs, 307 directories, and 15,000 customers.

Ereferer is very useful for site launches or for buying links on a large scale. The quality of the links is very variable but Ereferer’s catalog is nonetheless impressive. For more targeted strategies, we advise you to couple Ereferer with other platforms.

Well known on the market, Submit is one of the netlinking platforms that we have not yet tested. The platform offers link acquisition, press relations, and web writing services. 

It is an all-in-one platform with specialists based in France where, sometimes, certain agencies or platforms may outsource to other countries. is more than:

  • 29,000 partner sites;
  • 26,000 orders processed;
  • 45,000,000 words published. also has an excellent reputation in the SEO market.


Semjuice is a solution that is similar to on the support part. The netlinking platform offers additional services such as writing, strategic advice, and, a sometimes forgotten essential, measuring the effectiveness of campaigns.

Like, Semjuice is often cited of the best netlinking platforms to use when you need support. Semjuice boasts over 10,000 partner sites.


A recent player among netlinking platforms (and still in beta), SEOPepper is a young but promising platform. Powered by the natural referencing specialist Maximilien Labadie, SEOPepper is in fact the extension of the site network set up for many years by Maximilien.

The catalog is still very small (about 200 sites) but when you know the quality of Maximilien’s work for years, both in site editing and in creating content for SEO and affiliate specialists, we follow the evolution of SEOPepper with attention.

The prices are very competitive, the service and the quality sites. Maximilien has built an excellent reputation, you are not likely to be disappointed.

Rocket Links

Rocketlinks is, despite its fairly low position in our selection (which is not a ranking, we remind you), a reference in the market for buying links in France thanks to a complete catalog, an intuitive interface, and functionalities designed to facilitate and streamline your netlinking strategy (advanced multi-criteria search, single invoice for all purchases, workflows, and alerts).

The platform is one of the most successful on the market and, the icing on the cake, the prices are below the market average. 

These first 9 netlinking platforms are, in our opinion, the best on the market which allow you to manage very different needs:

  • Purchase of premium backlinks;
  • Purchase of links in large quantities;
  • Strategic support;
  • Web writing;
  • Exchange of links;
  • Influencer campaign. 

So as not to turn this article into an endless list. The 6 other platforms that we are going to tell you about are grouped together in one and the same part because they are alternatives to our selection of the best netlinking platforms rather than unique offers.

netlinking platforms 2022

Other netlinking platforms

Let’s start with VIPSEO which, like most netlinking platforms, claims that the sites present on its platform are not present on other platforms. VIPSEO is similar to or Semjuice with complementary services to the purchase of links. This is also the case of Develink which nevertheless has a more developed catalog than VIPSEO with more than 10,000 sites on its platform.

In the segment of premium netlinking platforms, we also find LEOlytics opposite Getfluence, although in a slightly different positioning. LEOlytics stands out for its algorithm capable of generating personalized proposals and its presence in many countries. The last strong point of LEOlytics: is the amount of data it aggregates to evaluate the sites present on its platform.

In the radius of complete and versatile netlinking platforms (with the catalog of sites, additional services, and algorithms), we can also mention netlinking which, in addition, to having got hold of the domain name, offers a platform very complete with more than 10,000 sites including 7,000 exclusive ones and an interface with very interesting features such as the campaign planner.

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The last platform of our selection: Accesslink which is a very solid alternative to Ereferer even if the catalog is less developed, it is an ideal solution for carrying out netlinking campaigns at a competitive price.

If we did our job well, you should have a clearer view of the netlinking platform market.

If you know us a little, you know that we are not going to stop there. It’s time to give you some advice and answer the questions asked by professionals interested in buying links.

Why buy links?

But yes! Why buy links when Google says it’s wrong? Quite simply because even if the years go by, the backlinks and the popularity of a site (and therefore the links pointing to it) remain important criteria for improving your natural referencing.

And it makes sense! The more a site has links from quality sites with similar themes, the more Google thinks that the site is qualitative and therefore the more the site is likely to go up on the search engines.

Google doesn’t like it when you go overboard in an attempt to manipulate its algorithm with:

  • Too many purchased links;
  • Over-optimized anchors;
  • Links from low-quality sites.

The purchase of links must therefore be coupled with other link-building strategies and should not constitute your only strategy. This netlinking technique is particularly interesting in the case of a site launch to give impetus to your SEO or when you are looking to push specific pages for which you need a lot of links or for which the acquisition of links is hell.

In summary: buy links, but not too much, paying attention to quality and price.

Is buying links dangerous for your SEO?

Short answer: yes. Longer answer: no, if you’re careful. 

If you are looking for an example of a site that got caught by the patrol. The case of the Belgian site Selectos caused a stir a few years ago. Following a manual penalty, the site lost 90% of its traffic overnight and therefore a large part of its turnover while the company employed 15 employees.

This manual penalty from Google originated in the Belgian company’s link buying strategy.

Moral: be careful. As we told you before: couple your link buying strategy with more natural netlinking techniques.

Our advice for choosing your netlinking platform

The best netlinking platform does not exist, you must choose the one that suits you. To do this, ask yourself the right questions.

What is your budget?

The price of a link is very variable. From a few euros on small site sites to more than 5000 euros on large media sites. The prices of “good” links are mostly between 50€ and 400€.

The platforms show the prices as well as many metrics to help you choose: domain authority (DA), trust flow (TF), citation flow (CF), number of links to the site, traffic, etc.

The first step to choosing the best netlinking platform according to your needs is to watch your budget. Platforms like Ereferer, SEOPepper, and Linksgarden are ideal to start when other platforms like Getfluence or Nextlevel require larger budgets.

Do you need support?

Some netlinking platforms offer strategic support, help with writing or help with the analysis of your campaigns.

If you don’t have the in-house resources or the knowledge, this is an ideal solution to improve your natural referencing even if it costs more than buying links without support.

Why not register on several platforms?

You can absolutely register on several platforms. That’s what we do at Tool Advisor. This allows you to diversify your link acquisition strategy and not miss opportunities (on Nextlevel and DealerDeTemps in particular).

You can thus combine several actions thanks to its platforms:

  • Monthly link purchases to increase your “link velocity” (your rate of acquisition of new paid or unpaid links) which is a good signal for Google;
  • Targeted purchases to push certain strategic pages;
  • Opportunistic purchases, in particular on articles already positioned or on new sites available for exchange.

The most important thing to remember about netlinking platforms and the purchase of links is that this strategy should only be a small link in your SEO strategy: the quality of your articles, the internal mesh of your website, and the user experience are equally important.

In addition, there are many other techniques to acquire quality links naturally, but that will be the subject of a future article!

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