How to improve ranking and increase web traffic with SEO

right seo plan

These tips will help you improve your ranking and increase your website traffic using SEO strategies. 

Proposing an SEO strategy is a constant challenge, especially since many times you have to rely on third-party tools to obtain information that allows us to define our next actions. 

To make this job easier for you, here is a list of 11 actions that you can take into account to support your SEO plan:

1. Don’t waste too much time fixing what can’t be fixed

Perhaps it has happened to you that, after achieving good rankings, after a while, they decrease. Many times, you simply have to accept that, even if the optimization is good, an algorithm change has probably happened or the competition has beaten us to it.

In these cases, messing with the page can have a nominal impact. If you want to try something, consider a slight change in the headings (add or remove a word). These still influence the rankings.

2. Expand your SEO plan

Check your organic landing pages for your keyword list. For example, you can use Semrush to analyze keyword data, Google Search Console also has useful data, as well as Google Analytics. Explore keywords that could be driving traffic and optimize pages to get even more visitors.

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You may find a keyword phrase you’re overlooking, or you may have pages that were never fully optimized. Take aim at the scores of those pages to improve your ranking and make sure you link to them from better-performing pages.

3. Update pages

Old blog articles can rank well if the content is still perceived as a great resource in its field. So what can you do with those old articles that have been left behind on more authoritative websites? Update them!

And it’s not just about rephrasing two sentences, but adding a new section with several paragraphs, including new advice, and removing outdated ideas. You can also summarize current studies or add new resources (tools, videos, helpful guides, books, quotes from top experts, etc.).

4. Repost content

Sometimes the content of a website can be forgotten just because it is old. Maybe it used to stand out, but now many other websites offer relevant, current content and powerful backlinks.

Therefore, in case you have lost traffic, you can make several updates and republish the product page or the article. It may also be a good time to update the URL with suitable keywords. Test it out on some older blog posts or pages to see if it works.

5. Fix broken links

Broken links are common when working on SEO. But you have to always be attentive to the internal links on the pages to provide a satisfactory experience for users, and also for search engines. After all, clean websites send the right signals to these platforms.

6. Find new bonding opportunities

Since backlinks are a key ranking factor, you can create a priority list and request that they link to your content in another way. It can be helpful to identify the pages where the content may be most relevant. Website analytics will have data from referring websites to analyze.

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7. Fix technical SEO issues

ranking content in the SEO plan

Companies make changes to their websites and do not always analyze the damage. Sometimes they end up having secure pages pointing to non-secure pages. Semrush has a website audit tool that quickly identifies dozens of issues like that.

8. Include permanent content in the SEO plan

With a keyword strategy in mind, you can implement new content that will last. This may include:

  • Glossaries
  • FAQ’s
  • blog posts
  • checklist
  • Original research such as studies or surveys

9. Post video transcripts

How to make a video impact the SEO of a website? Adding a transcript below. This can help you rank for more keywords and improve natural search engine traffic.

10. Discover hidden gems

Do you have any content that has never seen the light of day? Carefully analyze the resources you have. They can be business plans, marketing plans, slideshows, sales pitches, webinars, demos, and more. Shape them to become your next hit content.

11. Open the doors

Have you thought about sharing private content? It can be tracked by search engines and support website traffic, as well as connect with consumers who then call or fill out other contact forms and are more prepared than those who didn’t see it first.

The right SEO plan

An SEO plan can be very successful, but that does not mean that it will continue to work over time. Therefore, it will always be necessary to inspect the keywords, content, technique, and backlinks. Follow the right tips and you can get the organic traffic you need and deserve.

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