4 Easy Steps to Create Product Catalog in WhatsApp & Boost Sales

product catalogue in whatsapp

WhatsApp became part of Facebook around 2014, and did not hesitate to let us know that they were including sales functions and product catalog in Whatsapp platform; today, those functions are a reality, as they offer the possibility of creating product catalog in WhatsApp. 

Therefore, in today’s note we want to tell you how to create product catalog in WhatsApp and boost your E-commerce sales. Keep reading.

Organized catalogs on WhatsApp

Although it was not designed exclusively for that, many people and companies are now using WhatsApp to do business. In addition, this trend saw an upward use during the pandemic. 

In fact, according to a study by, 21% of people use WhatsApp to buy or find products more frequently since the start of the pandemic.

Therefore, it is not surprising that WhatsApp is improving its features to encourage the purchase of products on its platform.

Not quite long ago, we could see the products of businesses displayed directly in their company profile. However, the product catalog in WhatsApp, will allow sellers or businesses to group their product images by categories

This fulfills the objective of facilitating the way in which users see a company’s offer on WhatsApp, and more easily find what they are looking for.

About Product catalog in WhatsApp

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Every product or service in the catalog comes with empty field for title along with optional fields for price, description, website link and product number or id code. These identifiers make it easy for customers to identify products in the catalog.

How Many Products can you upload in Whatsapp catalog?

Businesses can upload up to 500 products or services to their product catalog in whatsapp.

Additionally, Customers can choose a product or service they’re interested in from your catalog and share it with their friends and families, or message the business to ask questions.

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The ability to share catalog allows small businesses to promote their product catalog and easily reach and interact with more potential customers. Businesses using the product catalog in whatsapp can send their entire catalog to contacts or customers that they’re already connected with.

They can also generate and share a link that will lead potential buyers to their catalog. This link can be shared anywhere, through social media and other platforms, enabling more potential buyers to discover your business and directly message you about your products or services.

How to create product catalog in WhatsApp

Now, if you are already using WhatsApp Business to accompany your sales digital strategy, we advise you to consider the possibility of creating product collections or product catalog in WhatsApp

Since keeping your catalog in an orderly manner helps your customers find what they are looking for.

However, to create a collection, you must have the products already uploaded to your catalog on WhatsApp Business. If you haven’t done so yet, just go to your WhatsApp business, click on the 3 horizontal dots on the top right of the app, and select business tools. Then select Catalog, and Add items.

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Once you have uploaded all the products, you can start creating product collections. Let’s see what are the steps to follow:

  • From the WhatsApp Business app , go to the top of the chat list. There, select the “More options” icon , then Catalog and “New collection” .
  • Write the name of the collection.
  • Select the catalog items you want to include in this collection.
  • Click on “Done” .
Super simple, right?

In addition, we can also manage the product collections on WhatsApp. 

From the “Collections” menu you can also edit the details of each collection  to make sure it is always up to date. For example, to add new items to already created collections.

  • Select the option “More options” and then “Collections”
  • In the collection you want to update, select “More options”
  • Add or remove the items from the catalog that you want to add or remove from this collection.
  • When you’re done, click “Done”, this is it on how to create product catalog in whatsapp.
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How to increase sales on WhatsApp

To accompany the launch of this product collections, WhatsApp decided to give us some tips for businesses to improve their relationship with their customers and boost their sales through the whatsapp platform.

First of all, having a business profile is the first step to increase your sales. This profile will offer more security to consumers.

Also, make sure to include  basic information , such as business name, business hours, changes due to holidays, physical address and a link to your official page or landing page in you have one.

On the other hand, one of the keys to customer service is to reduce response time. To help you, in the WhatsApp Business app, there is  the quick responses function.

Also, you can set away messages that will let people know that they are not being ignored, but that you will reply to them later.

So far we come up with information about how to create a product catalog in WhatsApp. We hope it answered some of your immediate questions and will serve you from here on. From thegrandly , we want to offer you all the information that is within our reach so that your business can grow in the digital world.

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