Zero party data: what they are & how to implement

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Zero party data is data that consumers choose to share with the brand . Next, we will tell you about its main characteristics. Also, we will give you the best tips to implement it in your SEO strategy. 

Zero party data: definition 

zero party data for customer relationship

The zero party marketing strategy represents a key data source for the company. These data correspond to age, sex, profession, telephone, email, items obtained, preferences, and wish list. This information is of great help to get to know customers in-depth and developing loyalty strategies.

The use of Zero party data aims to make browsing more transparent, in which each person can decide what data they provide to the brand in order to obtain greater or lesser personalization. Likewise, it is a strategy that is activated from the consent of consumers and proposes to protect their data.

When a brand asks its consumers how often they are receiving their emails or what type of content they would like to see, a Zero party data strategy is implemented. In this way, the company uses this information to strengthen the relationship with users and improve their experience.

To carry out a zero party data strategy, it is essential that consumers understand what their personal data is being provided for. Today, data protection represents one of the main concerns of users. For this reason, the company must generate a sense of trust and credibility.

What are the benefits of a zero party marketing strategy?

The main benefit of the Zero party marketing strategy lies in the credibility of the information. Because it comes directly from and is intentionally provided by consumers, it represents an unbeatable data source

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Second, the brand can choose what information it wants to obtain from consumers, which will allow them to strengthen the connection with them based on their preferences. In addition, this system complies with regulations since the users themselves are the ones who decide to deliver their information.

Brands can activate their Zero party data marketing strategy at the time of registration or when users browse the websites. Also, it can be activated through questionnaires, polls, or Instagram stories. Finally, discounts or prizes can be created that encourage users to share information.

It is essential that these types of strategies are carried out repetitively and constantly. Users’ interests and opinions tend to evolve and transform over time. For this reason, it is important to be updated regarding the changes that may occur.

Is it convenient to implement a zero party data strategy?


The elimination of cookies has given rise to strategies such as the Zero party, in which users decide if they want to provide information. From the data that companies can collect, it is possible to shape digital campaigns or obtain a better vision of the current market. 

The transparency on which the Zero party strategy is based makes users decide to deliver their data intentionally, without fear that it may be stolen. In this way, an emotional connection with the company is developed, which enables their loyalty.

Once the Zero party data strategy is applied and the data is collected, it is essential that it be integrated with other sources of information that we have. In this way, it will be possible to enrich consumer profiles, personalize communication and provide them with an optimal experience.

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So far we come up with information on Zero party data and how to implement it to favor your Digital Marketing strategy. We hope you found it useful. At the grandly, we want your profile and brand values ​​to align with your ideal client. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you.

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