Top 20 Best Selling Items On Bonanza In 2023

What is Bonanza?

Founded in 2007, Bonanza is an online marketplace or platform that allows sellers to sell their products in ‘stalls’. The platform provides merchants with traffic to their customers and stores while charging a commission for commissions.

Like other marketplaces, Bonanza works similarly to eBay, Amazon and many other platforms. Once you have registered as a seller with Bonanza, you can list your products on the Bonanza Marketplace. Bonanza’s 20 best-selling items

1. Shirt

If you want to make more money as a Bonanza seller, consider adding shirts to your Bonanza stall. The shirt is his one of Bonanza’s best-selling products.

2. Pants

Pants are also one of his best-selling items at Bonanza. You can list your pants on Bonanza and guarantee sales on the Bonanza Marketplace. 3. Skirt

Skirts are mostly worn on formal occasions and he is one of the easily sold fashion items on Bonanza. You should consider adding it to your booth.

4. Blouse

Blouses, which are mostly worn with skirts, are the best items to sell at Bonanza. If you want to sell them, you’ll need to add them to the Bonanza Marketplace.

5. Tie

Most commonly worn with shirts and pants, ties are a great item to sell on Bonanza.

6. Television

The TV is his one of Bonanza’s best-selling items. You can add it to your jackpot stall to get a lot of sales from your store.

7. Gaming headphones

Despite low demand, gaming headphones are among Bonanza’s top 10 best-selling products. We have him one of the top items for sale on the Bonanza Marketplace app.

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8. Table

If you’re looking for the best-selling at Bonanza, consider the table. The wooden table in particular is one of the most coveted items on the Bonanza Marketplace.

9. Chair

Along with wooden tables, wooden chairs are the most searched items by Bonanza buyers. Consider adding it to your booth.

10. Ceramic vase

Ceramic vases, usually used with tables, are one of the best-selling additions to a stall.

11. Pottery Jar

Ceramic pots are also used to add beauty to homes and offices. Has one of Bonanza’s best-selling items

12. Ceramic plate

You can sell your ceramic tiles on Bonanza just like you would on Amazon or any other marketplace and generate massive sales. It is his one of Bonanza’s best-selling products.

13. Body cream

Many buyers order skin care products such as body creams from Bonanza. Listing body creams on Bonanza may increase your sales rate on Bonanza’s Marketplace.

14. Hair Cream

Like the body cream, the hair cream is one of Bonanza’s best-selling products. One of Bonanza’s best selling items.

15. Eye pencil

Makeup items such as eyeliner pencils are one of his top items to add to your booth if you’re in the skin care niche.

16. Powder

Like the Kohl pencil, the powder is one of his top-selling items at Bonanza. As long as the powder is nice and doesn’t harm your skin, you’re bound to get a lot of sales from it.

17. Perfume

If you only sell items such as perfume, you’ll get more sales on the Bonanza Marketplace because it’s one of Bonanza’s best-selling items.

18. Knife

You can find all kinds of knives at Bonanza Marketplace. However, even though they aren’t considered Bonanza’s top sellers, there are still some cool ones out there if you want to make money on Bonanza.

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19. Jug

Ceramic mugs and plastic mugs are in great demand at Bonanza. There are ceramic jugs, which are mainly used for decoration, and plastic jugs, which are mainly used for home use. These are great items to add to the Bonanza Marketplace.

20. Cup

Much like Bonanza jugs, mugs are one of the best items to sell at Bonanza as they are used in the office and home. He is one of Bonanza’s best-selling products.

How to sell on Bonaza

To sell on Bonaza, simply register on the platform and list your products. Be sure to take high-quality snapshots of the products you sell on Bonaza.

Bonanza Sign up

Signing up for Bonanza is a very easy process. Below are the steps to create a Bonanza seller account.

1. Visit the official Bonanza website or the Bonanza App

2. Click sign in

3. An electronic form will appear on your screen, prompting you to enter the following details:

  •  Email address
  •  Password
  •  Username for the Bonanza Booth
  •  Bonanza Standing Title
  •  How did you learn about Bonanza (optional)

4. Click Continue Setup

5. You must confirm your email address.

Bonanza sales commission

For each item or Bonanza sold, Bonanza charges 3.5%. This is a mandatory fee that all sellers must pay to Bonanza.


Bonanza is also a great opportunity to sell old items. In this article, we’ve shown you 20 of the best items to sell on the Bonanza Marketplace, old or new. However, keep in mind that product images are important to quickly sell your products on Bonanza.

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