Chatbot Trends 2022: The Future of Online Sales

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Do you want to discover the 2022 chatbot trends and why it is a great alternative to provide personalized attention to your customers?

In 2016, we began to see that companies showed greater interest in robots. Plus, these machines could develop immediate processes generating great benefits. This has led to the use of chatbots in 2022 projecting that more than 50% of organizations will use this technology as a means of service in the coming months.

It is no secret that chatbots play an important role in business strategies. Almost regardless of the field in which they are implemented, as long as they are used properly. And it is that thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), they have become a much cheaper channel. They are Becoming a good alternative when it comes to generating interactions with customers without human attention.

With the arrival of the pandemic, consumer habits changed completely. Most people now shop online and are looking for a personalized experience. Therefore, it is very important that you know how to implement a chatbot in your Inbound strategy to get customers, promote your products and/or services and, of course, increase sales.

Meet the chatbot trends 2022

chatbot trends

Among the novelties for next year, the increase in requests for chatbots for customer service stands out. To recommend products and/or services to users, to answer queries, and deliver knowledge. According to a study published by Gartner , by 2023 organizations will spend more per year on building bots and chatbots than on traditional mobile app development.

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“Individual apps are out. The bots are in. In the post-app era, chatbots will become the face of AI and bots will transform the way apps are built. Traditional apps, downloaded from a store to a mobile device, will become just one of many options for customers. 

Advances are also expected in terms of voice recognition and intelligent user detection. Likewise, and thanks to omnichannel, work is being done on chatbots connected to each other through different channels.

Added to this is that chatbot trends and the technology of chatbots will be more accessible in prices, and this will make many brands use them within their business strategy. For example, social networks like Facebook already have integrations for chatbots.

Why is it essential to use a chatbot in our company?

chatbot and online sales

The objective will depend on what we want to achieve. For example, we want to implement a chatbot to answer questions about what we sell. Then it becomes necessary to give users information about the price of products or services, payment methods, guarantees, shipments, etc. 

As prospects explore the product or service they want, they’ll have a variety of questions and want answers right away. If there is no figure that addresses these doubts, it is most likely that they will abandon the purchase intention. But that is not all! It can also be used for post-sale guidance.

Faced with this situation, the solution that the brands saw was the integration of chatbot trends powered by conversational Artificial Intelligence in web pages. In fact, various studies indicated that 83% of online users require instant help when making their purchases. So chatbots are a perfect alternative to meet this demand!

At grandlytech, we code bots that help users who visit your website. It can become a guide to identifying what you want to achieve in your Inbound strategy and if your goal is to: increase conversion rate, provide a great experience, convert more traffic into quality leads, create quality content, etc.

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If you want to create your chatbot to attract more visitors to your website, you can check out HubSpot’s free builder. The best thing is that you do not need to have previous knowledge!

5 benefits of incorporating chatbots

  1. The development of the bots is much cheaper than the mobile applications themselves.
  2. It allows answering user questions faster.
  3. It promotes an efficient interaction with the client according to the state in which they are in the buyer journey.
  4. It enables the integration of various functionalities, such as appointment scheduling, ticket generation, and much more.
  5. Supports data collection for future digital marketing campaigns.

In summary

Technological innovations evolve at lightning speed, they do not rest or sleep. The benefits of chatbots are diverse and the most important thing is that they do not need human attention and can be available 24 hours a day, 365 days. To what end? Ensuring that the waiting time is no longer a headache for your potential customers. 

In short, the 2022 chatbot trends will make a difference, since this type of technology will allow consumers to find quick and efficient solutions. Our duty, then, is to be up to date with the news that the market brings so that our business continues to grow.

Are you already planning the creation of your chatbot? At grandlytech we have experience in this, so if you want to implement it for your next digital marketing campaign and if you don’t know how to do it, write to us and we will help you create it. 

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