Use This Free Keyword Tools 2022 To Find The Best Keywords For Your Blog

free keyword tools 2022

If you are looking to increase your number of visitors to your blog or website in an organic way, the best thing you can do is to apply a Search Engine Optimization strategy, also known as SEO strategy; Read on to find out the Free Keyword Tools 2022 and strategies I used to find keywords for my blog.

We all know how important organic traffic is for any web or blogsite. It is a constant struggle with our competitors to appear at the top of search results, but it is not something that can be achieved without taking keywords into account.

How Do we do this?

The first step is creating valuable content using the right keywords related to your industry or niche. These keywords should have a high search volume and relatively low competition, so that your website is easily found in search engines, ranking in the first organic results. You can easily achieve that using the Free Keyword Tools 2022.

Keyword Research

An optimal SEO strategy requires researching the keyword or keywords, since these will function as a compass or scope of where to go or where not to go with your content strategy. The process of researching keywords is kind of expensive, especially to beginners or people who blog as a side hustle. That is why we introduce these Free Keyword Tools 2022.

Follow these tips for good keyword research and analysis:

do not be guided only by the Free Keyword Tools 2022 or similar keyword planning tools

Something that generally happens with search planners such as Google Adwords, Google Search Console or Google Trends, is that when they offer you keyword options, these may be similar to the ones you have placed in the planning tool, but they do not necessarily point to the topic or what you want to touch.

This occurs because Free Keyword Tools 2022 are programs, not people; therefore they cannot offer you options that are really directly related to your topic. For that reason, to find the best keywords, you must first segment your market before employing the Free Keyword Tools 2022.

Identify your market niches

These are a subsegment of a larger market; All niche markets create a cloud around the industry your company does. Being a market share, you could generally work between 2 to 5 keywords to optimize a page on your website.

as long as you use niche markets with each section of your website or blog, you can facilitate their search.

The clouds composed of these subsegments are mental maps to find the keywords that your target audience would search for. Just have a pencil, paper, and a team full of ideas to get started.

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You can find your niche markets using the following strategies:

Define your user’s Personas: This is one of the simplest ways for you to find subsegments of your industry: by defining your target audience. Once established, you will be more clear about what they can look for.

Look for forums related to your industry: Each forum has several sections; each of them can become a niche. Also within each section there are topics proposed by the members, which you can use as well.

Check Wikipedia tables of contents: When you do a search in the well-known virtual encyclopedia, on the left side you get a table of contents. The topics offered by this list could clearly become portions of the market you are in.

Lean on Free Keyword Tools 2022

There are thousands of free tools that can help you search for keywords aligned to your product or service. The idea is that you can select them strategically to reach your target audience. Our 3 favorites:

  1. UberSuggest:
ubbersuggest free keyword tools 2022

This Free Keyword Tools 2022 is owned by Neil Patel, the Marketing and SEO guru. It has recently been renewed with new functions that will help you find the best Keywords to rank. It even has a “Keyword Ideas” section where they recommend complementary keywords.

What we like the most about this tool is that it handles specialized data by country and shows you the level of difficulty that a specific keyword has to rank in the first places. In addition, it shows you the keyword searches organized by volume and, if you enter the URL of your competition, you can have clues of what their keyword strategy is.

2. KW Finder:

Like UberSuggest, this Free Keyword Tools 2022 is very complete and with the free version you can make 5 inquiries every 24 hours. The platform will recommend related keywords, and even the questions that people ask about that word.

Remember: our content will be relevant as long as they respond to a visitor’s concern.

For each question that the tool suggests, you can make a “response content” that helps you position yourself as an authority in your area.

Answer the public:

This platform shows us all the questions around a word or phrase, giving us infinite possibilities for relevant content. Also, they do it in a very visual way! It is an essential tool for assembling content clusters, that is, the ramifications of topics and themes of your content marketing strategy.

Choose the best keywords

A very common mistake is to think that the best keywords in a campaign are those that are most searched for or that appear in the first place in the search engine search page. Wrong.

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A good keyword analysis takes into account indicators such as volume (how searched it is); your position relative to the competition (how difficult to position); and if it is a more generic or more specific keyword, also called a long-tail keyword.

The recommendation is to focus on keywords with a high volume, because you still want to be found, but with low competition and be as specific as possible. Very hard to find? We assure you that it is not.

Establish what is the minimum volume that your keywords should have (this will be given by an analysis of the keywords in your category) and choose those that are in that gray area. remember: high volume defined by you, low competition and a lot of specificity.

Optimize your keywords

Once you identify your industry niche and your keyword selection is done, it’s time to put them to use.

keyword planner

It is recommended that when you optimize your pages, you do it around those keywords, as you will automatically classify for the Long-tail. This is because it provides a lot of traffic to your page through unique searches or long-tails of 5 to 12 words. This is very important if you are looking to be part of the first organic result on Google.

Writing Assistant:

We recommend using the Google Docs plugin: SEMRush “SEO Writing Assistant”.

This plugin is free, it will accompany you throughout the writing of your content, and will make suggestions for a list of keywords to use based on the keywords you are looking to rank.

It is a content marketing strategy that will teach you how to write good content. This plugin will be constantly evaluating you and making recommendations to optimize your content and make it SEO friendly and that is a great way to ensure that your content is ready to reach the top of the search box.

Closing Thoughts

Remember that without the right keywords you will not have an SEO strategy and, therefore, your campaign will go like a ship without direction. In other words, your site will not be found in search engines by the people you hope will find you.

If you adapt your website to the SEO strategy, you will be able to drive yourself to the first places in Google searches and you will achieve that your website reaches your potential customers and with them, sales and commissions.

By applying these tactics using the Free Keyword Tools 2022, you will be able to find the keywords that you really need for others to find you. In the end, think that someone is needing what you have to share. Be generous and plan a content strategy based on SEO positioning that unites people with the content they are looking for.

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