Jumia Black Friday Sales: The Secret to Cashing Out Big

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Shopping on Jumia is a favorite for millions of Africans, especially Nigerians because of its ease and convenience. And the retailer loves to roll out tons of “amazing deals” leading up to special holidays, including Jumia Black Friday. But depending on how you shop, you could be missing out on valuable promos & prizes, and protections as a consumer.

The Jumia Black Friday Event

Trust me, it’s never too early to start thinking about Jumia Black Friday deals event. You’ll find many tips that you need to know about this year’s sale in our subsequent guide, including when the 2022 sale will start and what offers to expect.

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Official Black Friday 2022 falls around November 25. However, we expect to see many Jumia Black Friday deals launch before the official date. That’s certainly what happened last year. In fact, it’s worth noting that we saw some of the best deals that Jumia Black Friday sale had to offer appear before their official Black Friday started – and lots of people, including my friends took advantage of that.

In 2021, While we noticed a drop in spending by Nigerians on Black Friday in comparison to 2020, the month of November as a whole saw a record growth, with spending hitting Over N50 billion. 

That’s a direct result of many people started their holiday shopping earlier. With early deals in October, consumers were not waiting around for discounts on big shopping days like Amazon black friday or Jumia Black Friday.

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Currently, there is a growing awareness of supply chain challenges and product availability. This will likely spread-out e-commerce spending across the months of October and November, and we could witness a season that still will break online shopping records.

So was Jumia affected by these issues?

For some items, jumia was affected. We saw some of the best-selling products continually flashing in and out of stock last year. By the Official Jumia Black Friday date, many stocks, especially smart devices were only available with a January delivery time.

Strong early deals

As already stated, we saw some of the best Jumia Black Friday deals before the official Black Friday date. While there were a few exceptions, many of the lowest prices appeared in the early sales, with some products even proving more expensive on the official day than they had been a week prior.

The Apple AirPods Pro, for instance, fell to a record-low price a few days before Black Friday, only to cost more during the main dateline.

For popular items, then, our advice going into the Jumia Black Friday sale in 2022 would be to snap up good deals you see in the lead up.

Black Friday itself no longer guarantees you the cheapest price : buying early can still save you a lot of money, and you’re more likely to get your items on time. 

Discover Record-breaking Jumia Black Friday Sales Here

To help consumers like you get the most out of Jumia Black Friday deals, we’ll be covering our picks for some of the top offers that will be available throughout the event.

We will break them down into top categories including TVs, laptops, Apple products and more to help you find the best deals quickly.

Subscribe to our newsletter to get these deals right in your email. These top deals range from smart devices, to toys, apparel, and homeware. Our expert auditor reported the following items as the best selling on Jumia:

  • Apple AirPods 
  • Bluetooth home speakers
  • Men’s Wrist Watch
  • Sneakers and Canvas
  • Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer 
  • TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote
  • Smart Light Bulbs
  • Beats Studio Buds
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Surprising to absolutely no one, some of the best Jumia Black Friday deals were on the retailer’s own devices.

So when will the Jumia Black Friday sale start in 2022 and what deals do we expect this year?

Keep a tab on this post to see all our top predictions…

Black Friday usually falls on around November 25, which is usually around the fourth Thursday of November every year. That said, while Official Jumia Black Friday may not be until late November, as previous years have proven retailers kick off their special sales weeks prior to the date itself.

Jumia has been much the same, with 2021’s sale pandemonium starting even earlier among supply chain issues. We would expect to see Jumia Black Friday deals arriving as early as late October, if not at the beginning of November.

Is the Jumia Black Friday deals better than their Normal Deals?

It’s a reasonable question when we consider that Jumia or konga and similar online marketplace has its very own dedicated sale during the year. When it comes down to which is better, though, it really depends on the kind of products you’re looking to buy.

However despite what being said, we regularly see Normal Day prices make a reappearance on Jumia Black Friday. It’s also worth noting that everyone can save during the Jumia Black Friday sale, with or without a special status.

Jumia Black Friday sale

Bottom line

Black Friday sales continue to be the true kick-off of the holiday shopping season. But regardless of whether you’ve begun your shopping, if Jumia is your preferred retailer, be sure you are paying with the best credit card possible to end deals quickly, earn rewards and protect your cart.

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