Steering Wheel Tray

Steering Wheel Tray
Steering Wheel Tray

Steering wheel tray

What is Steering Wheel Tray?

Steering Wheel Tray for a car’s steering wheel The tray for your car has several uses. Your life will be greatly improved by this! It is simple to transport to any location, including your car.

The ideal addition to have in your car for a quick snack or breakfast or to set up a little office while driving is this multifunctional hook on the steering wheel tray.

Any food you are carrying, as well as any dishes, cutlery, or cups, can be used in the front portion. Your notebook, laptop, or other device can be placed comfortably on the flat panel on the rear

.The steering wheel tray is made from different materials, such as wood, fiberglass, carbon steel, or stainless steel steering wheel tray.


Description of Steering Wheel Tray

This invention relates to portable tray structures that can be mounted on a motor vehicle steering wheel for the purpose of supporting items beneath them in an accessible use position in front of the steering wheel, such as laptop computers or the like.

Small portable computers like laptops and notebooks have become increasingly popular, leading to their fairly widespread use by a variety of workers in cars. However, users have frequently come to realize how uncomfortable it is to support these devices on a car seat or in their laps while trying to enter or process data.

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This issue is made worse if the computer is used in conjunction with a printer, cellular modem, or other related computer hardware, or if it is connected to the car’s power source using auxiliary cables and connectors.

In an effort to solve this issue, portable trays or table supports have been developed in the prior art for attachment to a car’s steering wheel. However, while these well-known structures typically offer the stable support needed for a computer or the like, their vertical positioning and lack of general adjustability have led to a general user unhappiness.

When the table or support area is sufficiently adjustable, the resulting constructions are usually heavy or unwieldy and/or feature overly sophisticated and unpleasant adjustment methods.

Therefore, there is still a need for a straightforward, small, relatively light-weight, and portable tray structure that may be easily placed on a car’s steering wheel or easily transported in a briefcase or similar container.

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Summary of The Invention.

The tray structure of this invention creates a straightforward portable steering wheel supported assembly that is easily compressed into a virtually flat compact form for practical storage, for instance, beneath the front seat of a car.

A pair of rigid, U-shaped frames make up the assembly; one of the frames is smaller than the other so that it may fit tightly inside the bigger frame. The two U-shaped frames’ parallel arms are joined by coaxial pivots so that the smaller frame can pivot between its nesting position inside the larger frame and a support position that extends forth from it.

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The smaller frame is equipped with a number of stiff support components that extend between its arms and serve as an under support for objects like laptop computers and similar items.

The larger frame additionally has a pair of parallel stiff links that are movable toward and away from the back of the larger frame and are pivotally attached to its arms.

The upper peripheral portion of a steering wheel can be inserted between neighboring rods by use of a plurality of parallel rods that extend across the width of the bigger frame and between the two links.

At their pivotal connections with the bigger frame, the smaller frame and the rigid links both engage frictional washers, allowing them to be positioned at certain stable locations of their pivotal movements.

Stop members are provided for limiting pivotal movements of the smaller frame and link relative the larger frame.

An essential goal of this innovation is to address the aforementioned drawbacks and objections of steering wheel mounted tray constructions specifically created for use in supporting small personal computers in vehicles.

Another key goal of this innovation is to provide a better portable tray structure that can hold a small personal computer or similar device and is lightweight, small, easy to use, inexpensive to produce, and portable.

The following full explanation of a preferred embodiment shown in the accompanying drawings will help you understand this invention’s above and more objects, features, and benefits.


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