We provide a variety of holographic business cards that may be printed in full color, including white ink, and have holographic foil edges, stamping, and card stock. Our most well-liked products are listed here, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, get in touch with a helpful team member for a price.


The fantastic high-impact rainbow finish card paper used to create our holographic business cards changes color depending on the lighting. The stock has a unique coating that enables printing of graphics and logos on top of it.

Additionally, we can print using white digital ink! If the majority of your design is holographic, this business card alternative is perfect. We duplex (glue back to back) the 275gsm holographic rainbow card with either a silk board, a colored board, or another sheet of holographic card.

For additional surface protection and to bring out the colors displayed on the holographic card, we also provide gloss lamination. For a more subdued, muted rainbow appearance, we can also use matt laminate.


Maybe you want to add holographic edges to your business cards to enhance their aesthetic impact. If desired, we can sand your cards’ edges and apply holographic foil to them to create a beautiful foil edge that changes color when exposed to light.

Most of our card lines can be used for this, however our 450gsm Matt or Soft Touch Laminated Cards are a particularly popular choice. A laminated card with holographic edge gilding and foil stamping is one of our top sellers!


Our Holographic Foil Stamped Business Cards are the ideal option if you want a full-color printed card with just a portion of the design—like a logo or some text—in a holographic finish.

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A separate file for holographic foil stamping and a full-color artwork file can both be sent to us. Then, we print your design on a 450gsm silk art board of the highest caliber, and matt laminate the finished product.

The laminate is then stamped with holographic foil once your foil design has been turned into an etched metal die. This is perfect for fusing foil stamping and digital printing together. Though they are two distinct processes, printed elements and foiled elements should not be registered too closely because there is some machine tolerance to be considered.

You can contact our helpful staff if you need assistance. Generally speaking, anything too detailed or carefully registered can be readily accomplished utilizing printing on holographic card, so choosing the finest solution for your design will yield the greatest results!


Our skilled artisans have produced a range of rainbow-colored embellishments on our holographic metallic foil business cards. We can assure you that our holographic foil business cards are of the highest quality available thanks to a time-tested print procedure.

We provide the widest selection of paper kinds, giving you the perfect option to match the appearance you want. Even better, we don’t pressure you into selecting a prepared design thanks to our digital foiling technology.

You have the freedom to leave your imprint with a classy shine on any material you choose to foil and print on. Our talented team of graphic designers can design your business cards for you if you’re short on time. Simply choose the option when placing your order to “provide design brief and we design.”

Custom Holographic Business Cards

However, here are the holographic foil business cards that UK professionals have been hunting for. Simply click the button below to be sent to our main foil business card calculator page, where you can easily get a quote for your holographic foil business cards.

You won’t need to wait for a quote; simply enter a few details and select holographic foil to receive an instant price. What an amazing thing!

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How To Make Holographic Business Cards

Are you curious about creating holographic business cards? These cards are intended to awe and impress. They are created by stamping holographic foil strips on white paper to produce a multicolored reflection.

Businesses like the concept of a glittering business card. However, whether you’re in a cutthroat sector or a cutting-edge specialty, it will benefit if your brand is exceptional. It makes sense why these companies like holographic business cards:

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)


  • Virtual Reality


  • Entertainment


  • Blogging/Vlogging


  • Fashion and Accessories


  • Design and Creative Industries

At 4OVER4, learn how to create holographic business cards.

On 4OVER4, ordering holographic cards is simple. Choose your preferred print quantity and business card size first. Bulk orders are more affordable, but smaller orders are also an option.

To receive a free proof of your purchase before we print it, select the online proof option. Furthermore, our real-time pricing calculator provides you with a breakdown of the price so you can always stay below your spending limit.

Finally, you can submit your artwork or look through our templates to create a free piece of art on your own. then decide the delivery method you prefer.

How Are Holographic Business Cards Printed?

Follow this steps carefully in other to know how to print A Holographic business cards. On ordinary stock paper, we use a holographic foil stamp that, when exposed to light, produces a rainbow-like effect.

The backdrop color and appearance of the holographic effect on your card are determined by various holographic foil layers. Raised rainbow holographic and holographic silver and gold are two examples (which give the silver and gold rainbow effect, respectively)


This information will help you create a holographic business card. Utilize the expertise by placing orders for your brand.

They reflect rainbow colors and other patterns of shimmering colors, as we have seen, and are very visual. They are ideal for advertising since they convey the spirit of your company while drawing in potential customers. They are therefore an investment in your company.

Use this cutting-edge printing method right away to promote your company.

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