How to Cancel A Walmart Card: Step-by-Step

How to Cancel A Walmart Card: Step-by-Step

Although it is a good idea to keep Walmart Money Cards on hand. If you wish to cancel your Walmart Money Card, what should you do? Is it even conceivable? This article outlines step-by-step procedures on how to cancel A Walmart Card.

The Capital One Walmart Rewards Card, which can be used anywhere, and the Walmart Rewards Card, which can only be used at Walmart, are the two credit card options offered by Walmart – both cards are regulated via Capital One.

Customers at Walmart stores have two options for canceling their Walmart money cards: they can make purchases or use Walmart ATMs to remove money from their accounts.

Also, until the card balance reaches $0, consumers can use their money cards at Walmart shops to make purchases or withdraw cash from Money Center ATMs. When there are no money left, the account closes automatically.
You need to get in touch with the company’s customer care department to cancel a Walmart MoneyCard.

Sending a letter, managing your account online, or using the business’s automated phone support system are all acceptable methods of doing this.

After the customer support center receives your request, the card will be immediately canceled, and you will receive a letter confirming the cancellation.

How to Cancel A Walmart Card: Step-by-Step

How to Cancel Via Phone

Step 1

Use the number 877-937-4098 to contact Walmart MoneyCard customer support. In order to pick customer support while connected, press “5” on your phone’s keypad.

Step 2

In the prompt, enter your 16-digit account number or Social Security number, and then respond to the questions about your birthday as instructed.

Step 3
Follow the automatic prompts as they continue, then choose the account cancellation option.

How to Cancel Online

Customers of Walmart can quickly cancel their Walmart Money Card by entering into the Money Card app, which is accessible through Google Play or the app store or on the official website.

Step 1
Visit to access the Walmart MoneyCard website/App.

Step 2
Access your online account. Click “Create Online User ID” to create a new account if you don’t already have one online, fill out the form, then log in using the new account you just created.

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Step 3

To cancel the card, click the link that will let you manage your account. Provide any details required and send the request.

How to Cancel Via Mail

If you don’t need to shut your Money Card account right away, you can ask for it to be done by mail. But, bear in mind that mail requires more time, is less secure, and is susceptible to loss or damage.

.Step 1
Request the cancellation of your Walmart MoneyCard account in writing. Add your name, address, and phone number in addition to the account number.

Step 2

Place the letter in the stamped envelope and mail it to Walmart MoneyCard, PO Box 1187, Monrovia, CA 91017.

Step 3

Put the letter in a mailbox so that it can be delivered.

What occurs When you Cancel your Walmart card?

Even after canceling your credit card, you are typically still responsible for the entire outstanding sum. Get all the issued cards and destroy them to prevent any more charges from being made by any other authorized users of your Walmart credit card. Provide notice to any authorized users who don’t reside close by if you want to close your Walmart card immediately away.

Any outstanding balances will be subject to the card’s variable annual percentage rate (APR) up until you pay the account in full. You can lose any benefits you’ve accrued on a Capital One or Walmart Rewards Card if you decide to cancel the card. The Capital One Walmart Rewards Card offers users 5% cash back on purchases made at, 2% cash back on dining, travel, and purchases made at Walmart physical sites and gas stations, and 1% cash back on all other purchases made anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Users of the Walmart Rewards Card receive the same benefits when they shop at Walmart, plus 5% back on in-store purchases for the first year.

Would I Still Be Able To Access My Account After Closing My Walmart Money Card?

There are still some circumstances when you might require access to your account information after closing your Money Card account.

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As a result, even though the app can no longer be used once your Money Card has been closed, the Walmart Money Card website still allows you to view account statements and transaction history.

How long does it take to receive money back after canceling a Walmart Money Card?

You must be wondering when you’ll get your money back now that your account has been cancelled. Within 14 days of closing the account, a refund check that you requested will be mailed to the address listed for your Money Card account.

Nonetheless, going into a shop is still the quickest way to collect your refund; you can also request a cheque be mailed. You can no longer access any money in your account after Money Card produces a check.

What Happens to Your Credit Score If You Close Your Walmart Card?

The three major credit bureaus are notified by Capital One of your credit card activity (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion). Depending on how long you’ve had the card, closing your account could have a negative effect on your credit history. Consider paying off the entire balance on your Walmart credit card while keeping your account open if it’s the oldest card you have. If you don’t, the average age of all your accounts will decrease, which could lower your credit score.

Online, by phone, by mail, and in-store (at both Walmart and Sam’s Club, if you’re a Sam’s Club member) are just a few of the ways that Walmart lets you pay using its credit cards.
You can easily and quickly cancel your Walmart Money Card online, at Walmart stores, by mail, or through the Money Card app.

Remember that once the cancellation procedure starts, it cannot be stopped, so if you intend to use your Walmart Money Card in the future, leave it open.

In addition, Walmart Money Card Customer Care can assist you in determining which cancellation option is most effective for you.

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