An Easy Guide To Understanding Auto money Title Loans in 7 Minutes

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Many people who just need a little assistance at the end of the month to make ends meet or recover unexpected expenses seek out auto money title loans, which are also known as car title loans.

We all fall into situations where we are just a little short on cash. Sometimes you want to buy something for a particular occasion but you are just shy of some cash to make a purchase.

It is not uncommon for people to be living paycheck to paycheck these days. Especially people who are working a job or have a certain amount of money that they earn from an investment on a monthly basis; these people often have very acutely planned expenses.

They rely very heavily on the money to come in at that date that they expect it to because they have a range of expenses that they have lined up accordingly.

Lenders are aware of this problem and that is why they have developed the title loan to help people out. In this guide, we’ll go through all the things that you need to know to make the most of auto money title loans.

Even if you don’t have a need for it right away it’s always good to know your options and understand the implications of engaging this type of service.

What Is A Title Loan?

Essentially these are very short-term loans that are usually also very small value loans and they are meant to aid people in getting through a tight month or simply help with financing when they fall short.

These are secured forms of loans meaning that you will need to provide some kind of collateral to be eligible for this loan. The auto title loans falls under secured loan and allows borrowers to use the title to their vehicle as collateral. However, that is pretty much all you need, even people with a poor credit score sometimes have no problems in securing a loan.

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The thing to note is that the value of your loan does depend on the amount that a lender is willing to give out, for instance, the value of your car, Equity, Your income, Local laws, what percentage of the collateral you can get in the form of a loan, and even where you live. These are all factors that a lender will consider before giving you a loan.

The Workings Of Auto Money Title Loans

Title loans are considered to be subprime forms of loans, because they target people who have a weak financial base and that can be quite challenging for the end-user to manage.

Most Title loans are notorious for the incredibly high markup at which they are sold. In fact, they have earned such a bad reputation that they are not permitted in many states.

Today, there are less than a dozen states that still allow lenders to use the title loan framework to provide their services. Title loans have been the subject of a lot of debate as some argue that this is a way of exploiting those who have no other option.

Since lenders are not willing to provide financial assistance to people with poor credit ratings, they are left with no choice but to go for a title loan. The Auto Money Title Loans providers use this opportunity to charge extremely high-interest rates and increase the burden on the client by requiring a collateral asset.

Due to the high rates, this can make it nearly impossible for the client to pay back the loan and this sends them spiraling through the cycle of getting new loans to pay back older ones and they enter an endless loop of interest and debt.

Some lenders will also require that the asset that is being pledged, usually your vehicle, is in the name of the person taking the loan and that the car should be completely owned by them. Other lenders are a bit more relaxed and even if there are a few payments left on the vehicle, they will still accept it as collateral.

The Value of Your Vehicle

The title to your vehicle is used as collateral to support auto money title loans, which means that the lender will take possession of your vehicle to satisfy your debt if you stop making payments.

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Because your vehicle is used as collateral, a lender will never allow you to borrow more than the value of your vehicle. Thus, calculating the value of your vehicle is an important part of the application and qualification process for auto money title loans.

At some times, you will be asked to submit photos of your vehicle during the application process so your lender can determine how much it is worth, while other times, the Auto Money Title Loans lender may physically inspect the vehicle or have someone evaluate the vehicle at the current market price. Based on this evaluation you will be able to get financing.

Usually, lenders with Auto money title loans will give a loan that is between 25% and 50% of the cars evaluated market price. However, the exact percentage varies from lender-to-lender.

This means that the annual percentage rate of the loan can be in the triple digits. Even for a loan of just a thousand dollars, this can mean a lot of money by the end of the year.

 If the payment is not made the client loses their car. Applications for Auto money title loans can be made online or in-person and it is usually a quick procedure.

The Cost Of Auto Money Title Loans

If you understand the way that a title loan works and you are confident that you can meet the payment schedule, it can be a great way to get a loan; especially if you don’t have a high credit score.

The main costs that you need to look out for are the rate of interest, the finance charge, and the cost of the title certification.

The financing cost is independent of the loan itself and does not rise over time, it is a one-time cost like a service fee for the loan. Also, try and stay within the time frame as moving it to another month will mean that you need to pay more for the processing and there will be more paperwork involved in getting the loan to roll over.

Pros And Cons For Title Loans

The following are the advantages and disadvantages to note when considering auto money title loans.


  • Easy Access – anyone and everyone who owns a vehicle can apply for this loan. If you are of legal age, then no matter your income, religion, location, or career, nothing can prevent you from applying for the loan. As long as you provide a vehicle as collateral, you are eligible.
  • No Credit Check – the big selling point for title loans is that they don’t need your credit score. Unlike traditional loans where the value of the loan and the cost of the loan is dependent on your credit score, for auto money title loans it doesn’t matter. Whether you have a bad credit score or you have no score at all, it makes no difference.
  • Quick Access – generally you have to wait a few days or even a few weeks to get the money from a traditional loan. With auto money title loans, you can get the money the minute the application is complete and the car inspection is done. In some cases, this can be a matter of minutes.
  • Keep The Asset – even though you are using the car as collateral, you still get to keep the asset and use it. Some lenders might install a GPS on the vehicle just for their own safety but every title loan provider will let you keep the vehicle. This way you don’t have to say goodbye to your car and it is also serving as an anchor for your loan.
  • No rules or restrictions on how you can use the auto money title loans – If you apply for an auto money title loan, the lender is very unlikely to ask you what you plan on doing with the money. They don’t care how you use the money as long as you pay it back according to the terms in your loan agreement. Being able to use the money at your discretion is one of the many benefits of auto money title loans, as against some other types of title loans.


  • Expensive  – the fact that the interest rate is so high means you could easily be paying twice or thrice or four times the value of the loan in the form of interest. This is what creates the loop that people are not able to get out of. Even for a small payment of $400, with a standard interest rate, you might be paying over $1000 just in interest payments.
  • Limited Payback Options – unlike traditional loans you don’t get to discuss the payback options. Lenders will have a fixed time frame within which you need to pay. This is usually 14 days or thirty days and even if you have a genuine problem, you will be paying extra interest if you go over even by a single day.
  • Can Be A Debt Cycle – title loans are one of the biggest reasons why people lose possessions of their vehicles. In fact, the majority of people that are in a debt cycle have started off with Auto Money Title Loans.
  • Potential Of Losing Your Asset – in the case that you can’t pay, the lender has all the right to sell the vehicle and recover the money. What’s worse is that the loan is often double or four times less than the price of the vehicle so the lender not only recovers their money but also makes a very good profit from the sale. On the other hand, the client loses the vehicle completely. If you can’t meet the payment and the lender won’t let it roll over, you will most likely lose that vehicle.
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How To Get Auto Money Title Loans

All you will need is a vehicle that meets the criteria and all the necessary documents such as the registration, the insurance information, and your own information to create an application.

Also, some lenders may have a maximum age limit on the vehicle. For instance, they might not accept cars that are more than 50 years old. While some need the picture of the vehicle, some lenders may have a professional evaluation service that they will want to use.

Some will have their own payment routine that you will have to follow. There is no hard and fast rule about how you can get a loan. As long as you meet the requirements, you will find someone who is willing to finance it.

It is recommended that you meet the loan provider in person though if you are applying for a loan in a different state; then you can easily continue the rest online.

Some states have laws that set minimum and max limits for auto title loans, and this can affect the amount you are approved for.

You can find out if you qualify and how much you are entitled for auto money title loans by talking to a loan specialist. You can call 1-855-713-6522 to speak to a loan specialist directly. Alternatively, you can fill out this short form on this website, and a loan specialist will reach out to you shortly to discuss how much you will be able to borrow.

Auto Money Title loans in Illinois

In the state of Illinois, Auto Money Title Loans lenders cannot let you borrow more than $4,000 or up to 50% of your monthly income, whichever is lower. These max limit is even lower in Tennessee, where it is set at $2,500. However, the maximum limit in New Hampshire, is set at $10,000.

Things To Look For In A Title Loan

When seeking a title loan or any kind of loan you want to make sure that you fully understand the procedures and the details of the contract. It is when people just want the money and don’t consider the consequences that you start to get yourself in trouble.

Ideally, you want a loan that has a low rate of interest. The lower it is, the better it will be for you because the less you will have to pay back.

Secondly, you want to make sure that the lender is a reliable professional that you can count on. Sometimes the smaller lenders will resort to dirty tactics. If possible you want to get the longest payback period that you can without raising your interest rate or decreasing the value of the loan.

Closing Thought

If you have served time in the military, then you can look into some specialized options. There are a few lenders who provide extra special rates for people from the armed forces. Also, military personnel are protected from some of the things in Auto money title loans.

Finally, it’s also important to note that auto money title loans have no impact on your credit score. That means that if you are late on a title loan or you have some kind of problem with repayment, it will not negatively impact your credit score, but you may lose your vehicle. However, by the same token, if you are on time, that too will not improve your credit score.

improve your credit score

Having gone through this guide, do you still think you are going to apply for that auto money title loans or seek out an alternative?

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