Carson Peters Berger Biography, Murder Case, Arrest, Court Case And Parents

Who’s is Carson Peters Berger? Who are his parents? What happened to him? In this article, we’ll be looking into Carson Peters Berger Biography, parents, murder case, arrest and court case. Before we dive straight into his biography and other details, let’s take a look at his profile.

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Carson Peters Berger Profile

Name Carson Peters-Berger
Date of birth 2008
Age 14 years
Father Adam Berger
Mother Lorraine Davis
Nationality American
Net worth Unknown

Who is Carson-Peters Berger?

Carson Peters Berger who is also known as CPB in high school is an American born student who became popularly known after being accused of rape, murder of his cousin (Iliana Peter).

Iliana Peters, commonly known as Lily Peters, is a rape victim at ten years of age. She was raped and murdered on April 24th, 2022 by Carson Peters. Lily Peters was still an elementary school student and fourth-grader at Parkview Elementary School at the time of her rape.

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Carson Peters Berger Biography (Age, Birthday and Nationality)

Carson Peters-Berger was born in the United States of America in 2008, his birth day and month is unknown to the public. He was born and raised in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin part of the United States.

Currently, Carson Peters was 14 at the time this essay was published on our website. He celebrates his birthday every year and was born in the United States. Notable features include his dark brown hair and brown eyes. Oh, and he has white skin and is of the White ethnic group.

Carson Peters Berger Education & Career

Carson Peters Berger earned his graduate credential in elementary instruction from one of Chippewa Falls’ local elementary schools. He was a senior at Chippewa Falls High School in Wisconsin at the time.

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He became famous on April 26th, 2022, after being charged and arrested of rapping his cousin, Lily Peters, the day before. Carson Peters Berger was just 14 years of age when he was charge of this rape and murder case.

Carson Peters Berger Arrest, Rape Case

Carson Peters Berger was arrested on April 26th, 2022, following a rape off a path in Northwestern Wisconsin on April 24th, 2022. He was arrested and charged on three counts in connection with Lily Peter’s death:

  • First-degree intentional homicide
  • First-degree sexual assault
  • First-degree sexual assault of a child under the age of thirteen

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What really happened? According to a report, Carson Peters proposed to his cousin, Lily Peters, that they explore the nearby forests off a route in Northwestern Wisconsin. He then led her to the scene of the incident, where he sexually assaulted and murdered her.

According to the same report that confirmed the murder, Carson Peters-Berger returned to the location to further conceal Lily’s body by reportedly covering her with leaves. Of course, this was after he had raped and murdered her and was worried about the body being discovered.

According to the complaint filed after, Lily Peters was unable to return home from visiting her aunt in Chippewa Falls, Lily did not come home on the evening of April 24th before her body was found on the 25th of April, 2022.

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Carson Peters Berger was charged as an Adult. He was charged in ADULT court on April 27th, 2022, with three crimes relating to Lily’s death:

  • First-degree intentional homicide
  • First-degree sexual assault
  • First-degree sexual assault of a child under the age of thirteen

Carson remained in detention on $1 million bail, according to reports. In the criminal court system, he is classified as an ADULT, regardless of the severity of his offense. His latest appearance in court was on June 24th, 2022. Carson’s counsel might seek Lane to transfer the case to juvenile court, but the case was not eligible for such a plea.

Who Is Carson Peters-Berger’s Attorney? Court Appearance

Carson Peters Berger’s lawyer’s name is Michael Cohen. Carson was held at the Northwest Regional Juvenile Detention Center in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, awaiting his next court date.

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Carson Peters-Berger Mom, Dad, Parents

Carson Peters-father, Berger’s Adam T. Berger, is 37 years old and resides in Eau Claire. He was imprisoned at Oshkosh Correctional Institution for three years (May 2018 to April 2021) for possessing pornographic pictures of pre-teen females as well as four crack pipes. He moved to Eau Claire after being released from jail and is still on supervised probation.

Lauraine Davis is Carson Peters-mother. Berger’s Her age is 45 years. Lauraine was previously convicted of larceny and drug offenses before becoming pregnant with Carson. Carson’s father and her had a brief relationship before they divorced when Carson was two years old.

Lauraine reported Carson’s father, Adam, to the police in 2017, accusing him of attempting to run her over with a car. Carson’s grandma called her a terrible mother. Carson’s interaction with his paternal relatives was controlled by her. She is presently residing in Chippewa Falls and is dating John Repetto, a 50-year-old convicted fraudster.

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What happened to Carson Peters-Carson after his father went to jail?

The boy’s grandmother Mary revealed that her grandson was unhappy when his father was jailed in May 2018. He became very quiet and rarely interacted with people.

What time did Lily Peters go missing?

Lily Peters go missing on the 24th April 2022 at around 4 pm after she left her aunt’s home with her cousin Carson. She had not returned home up until 9pm, then her father reported her missing. Her body was found the following day at about 9 a.m.

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Which court handles Lily Peters’ case?

Carson Peters Berger was arraigned in an adult court, Chippewa County Circuit Court, for the hearing of Lily Peters’ murder and r*pe cases on 27th April 2022 and 24th June 2022. According to Wisconsin’s criminal justice system, intentional hom*cide cases should be handled by the adult court.

Where is Carson Peters Berger today?

Carson Peters is currently in jail on a $1 million bond. His case will be heard in August 2023 at the Chippewa County Circuit Court. Carson will be tried as an adult and the case will be presided over by Judge Steven Gibbs.

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Who are Lily Peters’ parents, Alexander Peters and Jennifer Eyerly?

Jennifer Eyerly, Lily’s mother, has had multiple run-ins with the law. She pled guilty in 2021 to five misdemeanors and two felonies for scamming her mother of around $7,788 and taking her credit cards. Alexander, Lily’s father, is a heroin addict. Lily comes from a chaotic family, despite her smile in most images seen online.

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