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Tyler Johnston is a Canadian actor known for his role in Supernatural, as the young Matthew Pike in Season 1 and the angel Samandriel in Season 8. This actor and producer were born on June 14, 1987, in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.

He attended Pantry High School in Coquitlam, from which he graduated in 2004.

Career Path

He is best known for his role as Stewart in the comedy series Letterkenny and Danny Lubbe in Less Than Kind. His other credits include appearances in the television series The Killing, Grand Star, Supernatural, Motive, Saving Hope, and Godiva’s, and the films The Odds, The Phantoms, and Decoys 2: Alien Seduction.

Johnston was nominated in the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series category for Less Than Kind at the 1st and 2nd Canadian Screen Awards. In 2014, he was also nominated for Best Lead Actor in a TV Movie, The Phantoms

In 2016, Tyler Johnston was nominated for the Montreal International Crown Film Festival Awards in the Best Actor category for his role as Edward K. Wehling, Jr. in the short film 2BR02B: To Be or Naught to Be, based on the story of the same name by Kurt Vonnegut. 

Tyler Johnston

Tyler Johnston Biography

As the foundations were laid for the young Tyler Johnston, he was placed in the lead role of Ren McCormack during his high school production of Footloose.

Having great potential, Johnston first appeared in a number of minor roles, but soon landed several roles in TV series like Zixx: Level Two, Godiva’s, and Reunion. Other notable credits to Tyler Johnston include Smallville, V, and R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour.

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Tyler Johnston is best known in Canada for the role he played when portraying Danny Lubbe in the HBO Canada comedy series Less Than Kind, and as Stewart in the series Letterkenny. On the global stage, it is the movie Supernatural from which most would be more familiar with him, along with his role as Alexi Giffords in The Killing.

Tyler Johnston originally starred in the first season of Supernatural and returned to the screen as a different character later on in season 8. The role of Samandriel, which was the character he played in season 8, was a more touching tribute to the religious elements found throughout the series.

Does Tyler Johnston look like Tom Cruise?

There is ongoing comparisons between young Tom Cruise and Tyler Johnston. His similarities to the veteran action star have mapped him out for years.

So, People keep saying that it’s very flattering comparing both of them, but Tyler Johnston has prepared himself for the strong likelihood that will come with the fame.

In fact, the young Tyler stated “actually, when I watch myself I see little glimpses of Tom Cruise. I’m OK with that.”

The resemblance is not too obvious face-to-face since Tyler Johnston, a regular on the HBO Canada comedy is baby-faced. But it strikingly emerges undeniably when Tyler steps in front of the camera.

It can be seen physically in his jaw, but it’s also just the way he finds the angles, the way the camera loves him, how he presents himself, and in the eyes.

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Still, Tyler is wary of getting swept up by all the comparisons.

“As an actor sometimes it’s really hard to take those compliments because that’s all you hear — even when that may not be the case,” Johnston said.

Tyler Johnston has most recently been seen in the feature Rabbit and has a number of upcoming projects.

Tyler Johnston Movies

2021, Oats Studios: Volume 1 as Sgt. Bracken
2021, A Picture Perfect Wedding as Josh
2019, Hot Flash as Tom (vocals)
2018, Rabbit as Mathew (as Tyler Johnson)
2017, Firebase as Sgt. Bracken
2017, Story of a Girl as Tommy
2016, The Julius House: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery as Harley
2016, 2BR02B: To Be or Naught to Be as Edward K. Wehling, Jr.
2016, Letterkenny (62 episodes) as Stewart
2014, Christmas Icetastrophe as TJ
2014, Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever as Gill
2014, Feed the Gods as Kris
2013, Forever 16 as Connor
2013, Motive (1 episode) as Tom
2012, The Phantoms as Corey Boucher
2012, Becoming Redwood as Josh
2012, The Odds as Desson Orr
2011, Tyler Johnston in Pressed as Jesse
2009, V (1 episode) as College Kid
2009, Polar Storm as Shane Mayfield
2008, Amber Alert: Terror on the Highway as Pete
2008, Slap Shot 3: The Junior League as Alex Gorrall
2008, Ogre as Matthew
2007, Grand Star (26 episodes) as Cal Ragg
2007, Decoys 2: Alien Seduction as Sam Compton
2005, Supernatural(1 episode) as Samandriel(2 episodes) as Samandriel / Alfie(1 episode) as Matt Pike
2001, Smallville (1 episode) as Randy Klein

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