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Being in a relationship with a famous celebrity can quickly make your status stand out. The same goes for Veronica Montelongo.

She is an aspiring actress who rose to fame after marrying an American real estate developer and public speaker. Armando Montelongo . He has notably appeared on the reality show Flip This House.

Veronica Montelongo biography

Nation of birth:United States of America
NameVeronica Montelongo
birth nameVeronica Montelongo
Nick’s nameMontelongo
Professionreality star
Working forflip this house
net valuemillon
Salary$ 100 000- $ 200 000
Famous forflip this house
Married toArmando Montelongo
DivorceArmando Montelongo

Early life and career of Veronica Montelongo

Veronica Montelongo was born in the United States of America. Her exact date of birth has not been revealed, but as for her age, she appears to be in her 40s. Details about her parents and siblings have not been revealed either. She is of American nationality and belongs to the white ethnic group.


Montelongo began her career as a home hobbyist, then she and her ex-husband Armando Montelongo received an A&E TV show offer titled Flip This House . Armando Montelongo, Jr. is an American real estate entrepreneur and public speaker. He is the founder of “Armando Montelongo Companies”, a real estate investment firm.

veronica montelongo and Armando Montelongo

The A&E TV show, which first aired on television in 2005, documented home buying and renovation. They both were able to flip a good number of houses for a good amount of cash during the time.

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The show also featured Armando’s brother David Montelongo and his wife, Melina Montelongo . The duo, however, left the show after two seasons due to sibling disputes over house elections.

The duo stayed together for 14 years but without any kid, before Armando filed for divorce in June 2011, which was finalized in April 2012. At first, they haven’t revealed the real reason for their divorce, though many associates assumed their personal differences were the main issue. .

In 2012, her divorce case made headlines in the media due to her alimony payments and settlements. In August, Montelongo even wanted her ex-husband locked up if she didn’t abide by the divorce agreement.

But, veronica montelongo is married at the moment, as rumor has it that she is dated and married Morales.

Did Veronica Montelongo get engaged to John Morales?

Due to a lack of information about her date of birth, we cannot point to what age she got engaged to John Morales. Similarly, it also difficult to gather info about John Morales too. They both seem to like to keep their life private.

Veronica Montelongo and John morales are now husband and wife. Both seem to be engaged for over seven years and married in 2017. After she divorced Armando, she chose John because of his business mindset of renovating and selling houses.

Veronica Montelongo get engaged to John Morales

Veronica Montelongo and her new baby

She didn’t have any child with Armando. Both couples were married for 14 years but didn’t conceive any child. After she engaged with John, it is said that Veronica became pregnant and gave birth to their son, John. Both of them have a son, and they seem to enjoy raising their son.

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As of now, the son seems to be around the age of 4 years old. We assume this because she has not shared any details about her sons.

Veronica Alimony

As for Veronica Montelongo, she seems to have earned around $147,500 from her divorce compensation. So even though she ended up divorcing her longtime husband. She ended up making quite a good amount of cash for herself.

He must pay $4000 every week plus $250,000 over the course of five years, according to the deal. Armando is currently happily married to his current wife, Whitney, with whom he has a kid. As of now, she is currently working as a real state agent still flipping houses.

Net worth of Veronica Montelongo?

Her net worth is around $4 million. She earns her wealth by working as a real state agent around her locality. Even though she has received quite good fame, her work is still local. Therefore, she still has more distance to cover if she wants to go global with her business strategy.

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