Richard Camacho: Journey to Fame

Richard Camacho

Richard Camacho is a Dominican-American singer, songwriter, and dancer who rose to fame when he successfully auditioned to become one of the five members of CNCO. The quintet for CNCO was selected after rigorous auditions on the Latin American reality show “La Banda”. 

The top 5 candidates in La Banda became the founding members of CNCO. Camacho, one of the members of this Latin pop band, warmed to music from a very young age, specifically from the age of three. The urge to sing and compose songs as well as the dance came effortlessly and soon became second nature thanks to entertainer parents, one of whom excelled at music while the other was a master dancer. 

Before Fame

Richard Camacho performed with his CNCO bandmate Zabdiel De Jesús as part of an upcoming and competing band.  

CNCO’s very first single, “Tan Fácil”, hit #1 on Billboard’s Latin Airplay and also became the top-charting single on iTunes’ Latin Singles chart. The group’s first studio album to be endorsed by Sony Music, “Primera Cita” also coveted the crowning glory of almost every top-notch Latin album. 

His popularity on La Banda has translated to over 750,000 Twitter followers and more than 2.7 million Instagram followers. 

Richard Camacho: Biography and Early Life

Richard Camacho was born on January 22, 1997 in Santo Domingo. The Dominican Republic and spent the early years of his life in the Central American Republic before immigrating to the United States. He lived with his family in the Bronx, New York City.

Camacho’s parents had three sons and he was the eldest with a younger twin named Yashua Camacho who also became a professional singer. At just three years old, he showed a love for the performing arts. His father, an acclaimed musician, and his dancer mother, strongly encouraged him to improve his singing and dancing skills.

Family Life

Richard Camacho has two younger brothers, one named Dairan, while one is a fellow singer Yashua Camacho, who also competed on La Banda. He has a daughter named Aaliyah Sofia with his girlfriend  Yocelyn Alexander. He was born in New York but spent most of his childhood in the Dominican Republic. His father is a musician and his mother a dancer.

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He and his younger brother Yashua, who shared his passion for music, spent time together honing their raw talent. Richard Camacho and Yashua, when they were teenagers, auditioned together for the inaugural season of “La Banda”, a music competition created by Ricky Martin and Simon Cowell.

“La Banda” is a Latin American singing competition conceived by Ricky Martin, an internationally renowned singer, and Simon Phillip Comwell, a British entrepreneur, album producer, philanthropist, and reality TV judge. Simons SYCO Entertainment, Ricky Martin, and “Saban Brands” owner Haim Saban have teamed up to direct the inaugural season of “The Band”.

The underlying goal of staging the music show was to select a handful of exceptionally talented young singers who would form a legendary Latin American pop band, the CNCO.


The Book –Richard Camacho + You

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  • Ch. 1 Going Back
  • Ch. 2 Resuming my career
  • Ch. 3 Should I give up?
  • Ch. 4 Dreams Come True
  • Ch. 5 My Dream
  • Ch. 6 I need a cure
  • Ch. 7 Who?
  • Ch. 8 I don’t know
  • Ch. 9 Not sure
  • Ch. 10 Yes!
  • Ch. 11 My brothers are here!
  • Ch. 12 Fun Time
  • Ch. 13 Pool Day
  • Ch. 14 Confession
  • Ch. 15 Primera Cita
  • Ch. 16 Already?
  • Ch. 17 Dime Tu
  • Ch. 18 De Cero
  • Ch. 19 Why this?
  • Ch. 20 Watching Our Music Videos, Important Question
  • Ch. 21 Meeting a new fan
  • Ch. 22 Mission Success
  • Ch. 23 Don’t do it
  • Ch. 24 Club
  • Ch. 24 Club Part 2
  • Ch. 25 Trouble
  • Important Announcement-Richard Camacho
  • Ch. 26 Run!!!
  • Ch. 27 Hide and Seek
  • Ch. 28 Spies
  • Ch. 28 Spies Part 2
  • Ch. 29 Thanks to our breakup
  • Ch. 30 Partying
  • Ch. 31 La Cruda
  • Ch. 32 Back to you
  • Another Announcement
  • Ch. 33 Together Again
  • Ch. 34 The Worst Day
  • Ch. 35 Confession
  • Ch. 36 Celos
  • Ch. 37 Preparing Pt.1
  • Ch. 38 Preparing Pt. 2
  • Ch. 39 Roasted
  • Ch. 40 Mea and Chris
  • Ch. 41 Bonus Chapter
  • Ch. 42 The Model
  • Ch. 43 Where?
  • Ch. 44 The Little Visit
  • Ch. 45 The Bad News
  • Ch. 46 Telling The Girls
  • Ch. 47 Damn
  • Ch. 48 The Tribid Pack
  • Ch. 49 The Plan
  • Ch. 50 The End

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Richard Camacho: the Dominican-American Singer, Songwriter, and Dancer

Yahshua, Richard Camacho’s brother busted out in the 2nd round of the “La Banda” show, which first aired in 2015, but Richard sailed through to reach the “Middle Rounds.” After clearing the penultimate leg of the middle round, Richard Camacho successfully bid for selection as the second member of CNCO from among 12 great participants.

The grand finale began with flares, where each finalist shared the podium with international singing sensation Pitbull and sang some of his hit songs.

Richard impressed the judges by deftly demonstrating his ability to sing any genre and play a few instruments efficiently, as well as being adept at dancing and composing music.

Thus, the quintet of Christopher Velez (Ecuador), Richard Camacho (Dominican Republic), Joel Pimentel (Mexico), Zabdiel de Jesus (Puerto Rico) and Erick Colon (Cuba) formed CNCO on December 13, 2015. The American band CNCOs which means “five” in Spanish, Debut single “Tan Facil” climbed to #1 on Billboard’s Latin Airplay.

Richard Camacho is a Dominican-American singer

Soon to land a record deal with the Sony Music Latin label, CNCO has been hailed as the next big thing in the Latin music industry. The newly formed band performed live at Univision’s farewell party in Times Square, New York, which was broadcast in the United States.

The Latin American music band received multiple awards at the 2016 Univision Youth Awards. CNCO also won numerous awards at the 2016 Latin American Music Awards.

Richard Camacho has lent his vocal chords to many songs by CNCO, including “So Easy”, “I Would Like”, “To Fall in Love” and “Hundred” to name a few.

Quick useful information

  • Richard Camacho was the 2nd finalist on The La Banda Show to be selected as a CNCO band member.
  • He sang the Sin Bandera track “Enter My Life” for the La Banda audition.
  • He announced that he would continue to compose and record songs with his younger brother Yashua if he was eliminated from La Banda.
  • Basketball is Camacho’s favorite sport
  • favorite food is pizza.
  • Richard camacho instagram


  • Birthday January 22, 1997
  • Dominican nationality
  • Famous: Pop Singers
  • Sun Sign: Aquarius
  • Tags: Aaliyah Sofía Camacho Alexander, Richard Camacho Puello
  • Born in: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • Famous as a Latin pop singer
  • Family: Siblings: Yashua and Dairan Camacho
  • City: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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