Samsung Bluetooth Speakers: Complete Buying Guide

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The market has been flooded with state-of-the-art speakers. Being practical and powerful, they are devices that adapt very well to any condition of use without sacrificing audio level. However, the ones that stand out the most are the Samsung bluetooth speakers. Thanks to its great sound quality, it allows users to live the experience of a cinema, a concert or a disco in their own homes.

However, when buying and choosing speakers, there are sure to be some terms that can be confusing or that we do not understand. Therefore, below, we help you understand the fundamental characteristics of the Samsung bluetooth speakers. Surely, at the end of this article you will be more than convinced to acquire one for your home.


  • Samsung is one of the best known high-end brands in the world. Their products are renowned for their quality and durability, and their bluetooth speakers are no exception.
  • Many questions often arise when determining the sound quality and durability of a loudspeaker. Therefore, it is important to know some of the concepts that define the sound of a bluetooth speaker.
  • When we are about to buy a Samsung bluetooth speaker, we must consider certain criteria, to make sure that it really suits our needs: battery, connectivity, design and sound.

Samsung bluetooth speakers on the market: our recommendations

When choosing speakers, it may be a long process and it may take us a long time. Therefore, below, we present some of the best Samsung bluetooth speakers, so you can choose the one that best suits your space and your needs. If you are looking for a quality device with excellent recommendations, read on and choose the one that is right for you.

Samsung Sound Tower MX-T70 Altavoz Bluetooth 2.1 Canales Booster

Samsung Sound Tower MX-T70 Altavoz

The Samsung sound tower speaker MX-T70 has everything perfect for a party. Thanks to its bi-directional sound and its 2.1 audio channels, everyone in your party will be able to hear the music perfectly even without being close to it.

Thanks to its multi connection bluetooth connection (or multiple connection in English), everyone can play their favorite songs. In this way, you can include the tastes of all the guests, making your party a real success.

Amazon Brand – Umi Wireless Headphones W5s Bluetooth 5.2 Headphones

Samsung HW-T400 soundbar

The design of this Samsung HW-T400 soundbar is perfect for a modern home. Despite its simplicity, this speaker hides 2.0 sound channels, a built-in subwoofer, and Dolby Digital audio.

This type of Samsung Bluetooth speaker is perfect for any type of situation, whether it’s listening to quiet music in the background or watching an action movie. Its surround sound allows you to expand the listening area both horizontally and vertically. You can place a  smartphone on the NFC and play your favorite music in an instant. In addition, its built-in Subwoofer allows you to enjoy powerful bass.

Samsung HW-T550 Sound Bar – 320W Sound, 2.1Ch, Wireless Subwoofer

Samsung bluetooth speakers HW-T550 Sound Bar - 320W Sound, 2.1Ch, Wireless Subwoofer

This Samsung HW-T550 sound bar with a wireless subwoofer included, has 2.1 sound channels, Dolby digital, and Bluetooth multiconnection. In addition, it has a game mode, which makes it perfect for playing video games.

This bar works by optimizing the audio track of each content through automatic analysis of its original source, achieving a clear sound. Its Bluetooth allows you to connect two mobile devices simultaneously. In addition, it has DTS Virtual, which makes it possible to transform the soundbar into a 3D surround system.

Shopping guide: What you should know about Samsung Bluetooth speakers

When buying, it may be a bit difficult for us to choose which type of speaker is more convenient for us. In addition, to explain their benefits, companies use certain terms that can be a bit confusing. Therefore, next, we will see some of the things you should know about Samsung Bluetooth speakers.

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What types of Samsung Bluetooth speakers are there?

Samsung offers various types of speakers. Although they are not the portable type, since many of them are not battery operated, so they must be connected to an electrical source. Despite this, each one has certain characteristics that make them of very good quality.

Samsung presents a series of the same model, but with different versions and with certain qualities in each one. Therefore, we can see that there are many similar models of the same product, although they have different characteristics. These are some of the series that Samsung presents of its Bluetooth speakers:

  • Soundbar or Hw series: They present a variety of sound channels, and they are ideal to connect with the television. There are multiple versions, which incorporate features such as Smart Sound, Q-Symphony, or SpaceFit Sound. Also, they are sold with certain accessories, such as more speakers or just the sound bar, depending on the version.
  • Sound tower series: It has two-way sound, it is waterproof and it has a multi-device connection, which makes it perfect for any party. Currently, there are two versions, 2020 with karaoke mode, and 2021 with led lights.
  • Multiroom Series: This series offers a smaller design to be located anywhere in your home. His only variation between versions is his design.

What are the advantages of a Samsung Bluetooth speaker?

Samsung Bluetooth speakers have certain features that offer a unique sound experience. This is what sets them apart from other speaker brands. However, it is important to know what kind of advantages and disadvantages they have before buying them.


  • Interconnectivity between different devices
  • Good quality sound, with a variety of channels
  • Installation with few cables, thanks to a simple design
  • They have different technologies such as artificial intelligence or Smart Sound, which improve the user experience
  • Minimalist design that allows installation anywhere in the home


  • Signal saturation, due to the high use of BlueTooth and wi-fi signals in the home
  • They can be expensive

One of its most outstanding advantages is the Smart sound technology or intelligent sound, which adapts the sound to the environment. That is, it analyzes the acoustic signal of the environment and optimizes the sound based on the space since furniture, curtains and even the number of people in a room can affect the sound. This innovative technology provides the possibility of quality sound in any circumstance.

What is the Integrated Subwoofer technology offered by Samsung?

One of the technologies offered by many speakers is the subwoofer, which is responsible for reproducing low sound frequencies so that they can be heard in a clearer and more emphasized way, optimizing the bass parts. Subwoofers usually come separately from the speaker, meaning they are separate devices. However, Samsung integrates them into most of its sound equipment.

Subwoofer technology allows the sound to be undistorted, offering cinematic audio quality. In addition, another of its many advantages is that it saves us a lot of space and money, as we do not need to purchase a separate subwoofer.

Samsung, too, offers different technologies to get the most out of the built-in subwoofer. One of them is the Bass Boost mode, which emphasizes the bass much more, providing a better sound experience.

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How to connect Samsung Bluetooth speakers with other Samsung devices

How to connect a Samsung bluetooth speakers

All the speakers already mentioned work via Bluetooth. Therefore, it is important to know how to connect them. Samsung has an application to connect all its devices and be able to use them simply through your mobile phone. This allows you to connect all your Samsung devices through it and you can control them from one place.

In this way, you can connect the TV and your Samsung Bluetooth speakers to the application and control them from your mobile. Thus, you can change the volume or even play your favorite song while being away from the speaker.

Purchase criteria

When shopping for speakers, it can be a bit confusing to determine the quality and which one is right for you. For this reason, we present the most important purchase criteria that can make the difference between a good and a bad choice. Analyze them carefully and you will be able to clearly see which is the right Samsung Bluetooth speaker for you.

Sound quality

The sound quality of a speaker is essential. If the device does not have good audio quality, the audio may be distorted or even difficult to hear. Therefore, we must ensure that the speaker offers the best possible level of sound experience.

There are many ways to tell what kind of sound quality a speaker has. However, one of the most common is through the channels, through which the sound comes out. The greater the number of channels, the better the quality.


When buying Samsung Bluetooth speakers, the design is an aspect to consider. We must consider that its size and style fit our space. The design of a speaker affects its sound quality, so we must ensure that it is the perfect one for us and our space.

The models offered by Samsung easily adapt to any style, since they have a simple design making them very versatile. In addition, Samsung has different models of different sizes and designs with similar sound quality.


Another important factor to consider is connectivity, as there are different versions of Bluetooth. Although all versions can connect without problems, there are certain advantages that only some offer. Next, we will show you some of the most current:

  • Bluetooth 4.0: It is one of the oldest, from 2013, and allows the connection between small devices. In addition, it has a technology of lower battery consumption.
  • Bluetooth 5.0: It came out in 2016. It increases the amount of data transferred from one device to another with a distance of up to 240 meters. This version also has the same low-power technology as the previous one.
  • Bluetooth LE Audio: It is the newest version, from the beginning of 2020. It has a much higher data transmission speed. In addition, it transmits a better level of audio and several devices can be connected simultaneously.


As we have already mentioned, Samsung Bluetooth speakers have certain characteristics that make them unique, since they provide a surround sound experience. Some of them are related to audio quality, while others are linked to connectivity and remote control of the equipment.


Samsung Bluetooth speakers have different features that distinguish them from the likes of the Marshall speaker brand and others on the market. For this reason, the Korean company makes quality and durable equipment available to us, providing a unique experience to all its users.

It is important to keep in mind what our requirement is or what we are looking for when buying a Samsung Bluetooth speaker. In this sense, we must consider several characteristics, such as example, the number of sound channels and the options for their remote control.

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