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Chillband Activity Trackers

Chill Band smartwatch has met all consumer expectations, even the most demanding. Without a doubt, it is a great choice for any smartwatch lover. This brand has been manufacturing its own watches for a while now, with the highest precision and quality on the market.


  • Chill Band smartwatches are high-quality products, with different functions, movements, and features. The firm has a large collection, where you can find the watch or band that best suits your needs.
  • Smart bands with good value for money offer a large number of functions so that nothing escapes you in your day-to-day. They count steps, have different programs for various sports, measure heart rate, have an alarm, can notify you of calls and messages, and much more.
  • Evaluate if you want it to have a screen or not. Remember that with it you can monitor what you are doing in real-time. We will delve into it later, in the purchase criteria section.
  • If you want it with integrated GPS, you have to know that they will be more expensive and their battery will have less autonomy. In exchange, it will offer you more exact measurements and other information in real-time.

What you should know about Chill Band smartwatch

CHILL BAND Smart Bracelet Fitness Activity Tracker
Chill Band smartwatch

Chill Band smartwatches have a long history in the market. Today, it is one of the best brands in the world. It is due to the manufacture of watches with very advanced technology and great precision. In addition, it has a wide range of models with different characteristics.

Use the Chillband Activity Tracker to stay on top of your fitness level. The Basic Tracker features an LED screen that provides an accurate reading of steps taken, calories burned, distance walked, and time active. It also monitors your sleep and has multiple alarm settings, including one that lets you know when you’ve been sedentary for too long.

An anti-loss function for your phone and call notification add even more convenience. Works remotely with your camera and has gesture control. The Tracker Plus Heart Rate has all the same functions as the Basic Tracker but also includes dynamic heart rate monitoring, with a heart rate panel on the inside of the band. The Tracker Plus receives text notifications–with an iPhone® it will scroll the message on the screen, and with Android(TM) it will give you a text sender ID.

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Basic Tracker does not receive text notifications. Both come with an 11-3/4″ USB charging cord. Compatible with iOS and Android. One size fits most. 9-1/4″L. Silicone, plastic, and metal.

Editorial evaluation: 

Stands out for having a good value for money. In addition, it has a hand washing program. Therefore, it reminds you to wash your hands every so often.

This model has a comfortable and waterproof design of up to 50 square meters. It can monitor your heart rate or sleep. In addition, this bracelet detects stress levels in your environment and gives you tips to relax.

The more expensive Chill Band smartwatch model allows you to receive important notifications and respond to messages quickly.

What is a smart band and what is it for?


smart band is a smart bracelet that, in general, weighs very little, has a sporty design, and offers you useful information about your physical activity. They also include sleep monitoring, measurement of your heart rate, and, as a general rule, when you link it to your mobile, you get notifications of calls, messages, and different applications.

The most affordable ones connect via Bluetooth to the mobile phone and to some older applications, with which you get more complete information. The most expensive Chill Band smartwatch can incorporate a GPS as a standard. This implies that you can collect exact information about a route taken without having to carry your mobile phone with you, something that you would need with those who do not carry it.

What differences are there between a smart band and a smartwatch?

You have probably read the words smart band and smartwatch at some point. Now that you have become interested in smart bracelets, it is convenient for you to know the differences between the two. Next, we offer you a table with which you can consult the main characteristics of each one.

DesignDiscreet and smaller design than conventional watches.Design similar to that of conventional watches.
NotificationsThe notifications you receive can only be consulted.In some of them, you can respond to received notifications.
FunctionsThe most affordable ones connect via Bluetooth to the mobile. Some may have GPS.They can incorporate Wi-Fi, GPS…
Mobile connectionThey do not need to be connected to the phone at all times. The data can be synchronized.They must be permanently connected to the mobile.
AutonomyGreat autonomy from the battery.Its autonomy is less than that of the smart band.

Chill Band smartwatch with integrated GPS or without it?

Most great-value smart bands don’t have built-in GPS. This means that to record a route in which you want to know in which areas you are doing physical activity, you must take your mobile phone with you so that it can be reflected and thus obtain additional information or, failing that, something more exact.

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Some significantly more expensive options do have integrated GPS, thereby making it easier for them to record distances, speeds, and times with the addition of collecting the exact places you have passed and consulting them at the moment. However, battery life is drastically reduced when you activate this mode.

How is the battery charged?

charging the smart band

They usually contain a USB cable that connects the bracelet to a computer or to a plug. This is connected to the cable that comes with the smart band and from there it is plugged into a USB port on the PC, or into a power outlet through an adapter.

The batteries of these devices usually last a long time. It is common that they can offer autonomy of even weeks without having to recharge it. Obviously, the duration of it will depend on the functions that you activate and use. However, the autonomy of bracelets with integrated GPS is usually much more limited.


Obviously, it is a factor to take into account. Luckily for you, there are a large number of smart bands available on the market other than the Chill Band smartwatch. In fact, you can buy one of these quite competitive smart bracelets for prices around 30 or 40 euros. It all depends on what you are going to use it for.

The more expensive options have more technology and somewhat more developed sensors. They can even have an integrated GPS, which can help to obtain much more precise and not so estimated measurements. As a general rule, they also have a greater number of options. Whatever it is, you will receive useful information and you will be more motivated.


We reached this point where you have to decide whether or not you want it with a screen. If what you want is to collect all the data and then synchronize it with the mobile and the corresponding application, it can be a good option.

Now, if you are one of the people who prefer to consult data about the activity you are carrying out, it is best to opt for an option with a screen. Perhaps they are much more practical since the fact of receiving information can help you in physical exercise. In addition, being able to read notifications is also a plus point.


smart band like the Chill Band smartwatch with a good quality/price ratio can offer a large amount of information. With it, you can spend hours and it will accompany you to count your daily steps, your most intense physical activity, your hours of sleep, and your heart rate and will even warn you when you spend too much time still. And these functions you can get for little money.

Remember to value everything you have been able to read here. Check the compatibility, all its options, the design, its weight, the resistance, and others. You are facing a useful tool to carefully monitor what you do in your day-to-day. Thanks to this, you are likely to feel much more motivated due to its functions.

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